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First time with my aunt

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

iam from delhi and at the time when this incident happpened, i was 18 years old. since i first saw my aunt makin love with my uncle, i had this fantasy of fuckin her. she was around 42 year, fair with luscious figure.

one fine day, i got a phone call early in the morning from my aunt tellin me to come over at her place as her husband was leavin for mumbai to attend a meeting. the plus point was that both their sons were in a boarding schools which leaves the two of us alone.

as i gleefully reached her house, she welcomed with a big hug n a kiss on my cheeks. she then offered me chilled waters n went to have a shower. after 5 mins or so, she callled me to get her bath robe as she forgot to take it. when i entered her room, OMG! she was scantily covered with the little towel and i could see her butt cheek from the behind. as i went back to my room, i could not get her of my head and jerked off thrice in a row.
for many, it would have been unforunate bt fortunate enough for me to gt caught jerkn off by my aunt. as i was jerkin off for the third time, my aunt suddenly entered my room. she was shocked to see me in that situation and stard fixedly on my boner.

next moment she turned back to leave my room and as she was doin so, she tld me to meet her in the kitchen.

as i nervously went to the kitchen, she offered me a peg of scotch on the rocks tellin me it would make me forget the embarassing situation. after a couple of drinks, she asked me how many times i wacked off thinkin of her...hesisistantly i said thirice. she smiled and asked me again how many times i could, on hearin me say atleast 3 more times, she began to undress sayin that she always wantd to tutor a youg guy. she then took my dick n started suckin it until i came hard in her mouth, moaning and twitchin...she then took me to her bedroom and straight away started the tutorials...(to be contd) best s yet to come

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