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First time with a Rugby player

(Part 1 from 1)

I’m British and lost my virginity to a South African rugby player. It was really hot and sexy.. I was 18 years, very petite build, about 5’1 feet, weight 102 lbs, have long blond hair and shiny green eyes. Pieter was in Leeds visiting friends of his who played rugby for the local club. He was handsome in a rugged way, very tall (6’4), weight 220 lbs, had an army haircut (dark brown), and very strong build. He was 10 years older than me which I made sure he did not found out.

We met at a party my brother, Oliver (who also played rugby at the club) held for the rugby players at our house. My parents were in New York visiting my uncle so it was just my brother and I at home. Pieter arrived with his friends around 7 o’clock, and quickly the guys went outside to barbeque (the South Africans calls it ‘braai’) the steaks. I immediately ogled Pieter when I first saw him. I found him extremely sexy and hot! My brothers’ girlfriend, Jessie, I and four other girls who were there with their boyfriends stayed inside to make the additional dishes. As we prepared the food, the girls chatted among themselves about their boyfriends, and the demands to be a professional’s rugby player’s girlfriend. I just listened and tried to come across as if I’m interested while I set the table. After a while the conversation leads to a discussion about sex.

The girls began to brag about the benefits of dating a rugby player since they have never-ending stamina, and most of time huge packages. I could not contribute to the conversation since I am still a virgin, and never even seen a real erected penis before. I decided right there that I want to lose my virginity to Pieter. When I do not know, but when I first saw him I could not keep my eyes from him. . I was memorized by him for some reason. He was very big, muscular and so manly. Not the type of guy I thought I will be interested in but for some reason he attracted me like a lion to a herd of buffalo..

After a while Olivier and the rest of the group came inside having already finished barbequing. I was sitting next to Pieter. We talked a bit, and he told me he was in England for two weeks before he is going back to continue his rugby career. He played professionally as well, and come from a little town somewhere in the Northern Cape. I told him I was 21 (don’t think he believed me), and started to flirt with him, first subtly by just playing coy, but then later more aggressively by caressing his left hand while I talked to him. He seems to get the message as he pays more attention to me than his friend sitting on the other side of him. I just could not take my eyes of his strong arms, and shoulders.

The evening progressed well with the alcohol flowing freely, and I could not help but feel more daring and adventurous. Pieter liked his beer, and seems to handle it better than the rest of guys as he appear to be the most sober. Most of the people left by midnight, and my brother and his girlfriend disappeared to his room after a while. Me and Pieter still sit and talked in the living room. After a while he began to kiss me. It was such a sexy kiss as he just took my face in his hands, and softly suckled my upper lip, then my lower lip, and then kissing me full blown where he let his tongue explores my mouth. I sigh as I let him kiss me, and put my arms around his neck. After a while he stopped kissing me, stood up and scooped me up in his arms and carried me up the stairs towards my room. He lay me down gently, and starts to kiss me again. First he started kissing my neck, my cheek and then again my lips. As he kissed me he slowly begins to open my top, caressing my breasts through my bra. I lift myself up and help him taking of my top. He clip open my bra, and immediately starts kissing my breasts, sucking my one nipple and moving to the other, and then back to the first one. He moved down my stomach, kissing my naval area while his hands stay on my breasts, playing with my nipples.

After taking off my shoes, my jeans are taken off with one swift movement. He begins to caress my pussy through my panties, making me moan hard. After a while he takes it off, and immediately buries his face into my shaven pussy. He licks my clit, sucking it slowly, making me so wet. He insert one finger, then two and after a while three into my pussy. My pussy are so tight, it started to hurt when he inserted his third finger. When he wanted to push it deeper he felt my hymen, and he frozen immediately.
‘You’re a virgin...

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It was more a statement than a question, and he looked worried.
‘Yes I am, and I want to do this. Please do not stop.’
He just looked at me, and then he continued kissing my clit, and fingering me (although not so deep). I started to moan harder as he began to move faster, and I push my pussy towards his mouth. He licks me hard, sucking me dry. Then I felt something unbelievable.
‘I am coming!” I screamed as he kept sucking my clit.

It’s like a wave of pleasure engulfing me, and I moan hard of pleasure. Pieter suck me until I stop shuddering under his touch. He then stand up, and look at me while he takes off his shirt. He has the most sexy and muscular body ever, with a hairy chest, and huge arms. He then opens his jeans, unzip it, and let it slip a bit so that his boxer shorts are visible. He then slips his short down so that his dick spring free. I looked with big eyes towards it. It’s so huge and thick. He was fully erect. He kept looking at me, and seeing my reaction, he thought he must placate me
‘I will be gentle, I promise.’

I just nodded and opened my legs wider. He climbs in between my legs, holding himself up with one arm, while he leads his huge dick towards my small pussy with the other. The tip reaches the opening of my pussy. It felt so big. He slowly starts to push the tip in, opening me up. He stops when he sees my eyes closing of the slight pain I’m feeling.
‘You OK?’ he asked concerned.
‘I am OK. Don’t stop.’ I sighed.

He pushes in further until the whole tip is inside me. It opened me up totally. He waits until I feel comfortable before he started to push in further. I moan harder as his dick goes in deeper and deeper. He looks at me as he penetrates me further, making sure I do not have to must pain. He stops when he reached my hymen, and I looked up at him. His eyes were gentle as he looked at me, reassuring me. Pieter pushed in and break my hymen with one final hard push. I scream of pain, and Pieter keeps still so that I can adjust. After a while I look up at him, and nodded my head. He pushes deeper into me until he reaches my cervix. He can go any deeper as he is now, and it still feels funny and weird having something so deep inside me.

I lay still under him, adjusting to his huge dick inside my petite pussy. He starts to thrust slowly at first. Pushing back his hips so that just the tip is inside me, and then going in deep. He holds himself up with his arms, moving as if he is doing pushups on top of me. His dick moves deep inside me, the tip pushing against something inside me that makes me feel the most enjoyment I ever experienced. ‘It must be my g-spot’ I thought as I begin to moan harder. Pieter sensed the change in my mood, and begin to thrust faster and faster. I whimper so load as I feel his balls slapping against my ass with each thrust. It is ecstasy! His arms are place next to my head as he thrusts into me, and I hold onto it as it feels he is thrusting harder and harder into me. His dick pushes against my cervix which is a little painful, but also the best feeling in the world. I feel my orgasm approaching again, and I begin to scream as the wave hit me the second time. Pieter keep moving above me with the stamina of a stallion! He keeps thrusting into me throughout my orgasm, not losing his rhythm once.

I look up at him and see his eyes are closed, and that he is biting his lower lip. He did not utter anything throughout the session, just a groan here and there. My boobs bounce around as he is thrusting hard and fast into me. He looks so sexy above me, his face so serious, his strong, muscular body moving with such energy, and his strong arms keeping him up, flexing and moving as he thrusts. I begin to feel another orgasm approaching and I begin to moan harder again. He feels my pussy muscles convulsing again, and he begin to move even faster, taking me hard and roughly. I feel his dick swelling even thicker inside me, and I know he is about to come to. For a second I wanted to tell him he must pull out because I am not on the Pill, but the pleasure was so overwhelming, I decided I want him to come inside me. I scream as a come again, looking up at his face. He just looks straight towards the wall and gives one massive thrust into me, and then I begin to feel something warm flowing into me. He looks down at me and keeps his dick deep inside me as he squirts his sperm. It felt like ages until he stopped coming. It was the best feeling ever.

After a he was done coming he lowered himself onto me, and kissed me softly, before he rolled off from me. He got out of bed, got dressed, and kissed me one last time before leaving. I laid there and still felt his sperm inside me for the next few days.

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