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First time with Rebecca. Inocent Catholic School Girl.

(Part 2 from 2)

I kissed my way from her feet all the way to her thighs; she still had those sexy thigh highs on with the bows. As I reached the bottom of her skirt she knew it was time to let me see her. All of her. So slowly she opened her knees, showing me her beautiful little slit. 

Josh- “Omg Becca. You have the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen. And you are gushing wet. And you shaved it you bad girl… (It really is to!!! I love it!!)”

Becca- “hehe (giggling as naughtily as she could.)”

I went right to it, licking up and down her thighs sucking her sweet juice off her legs, smelling that amazing aroma of her twat. I had never tasted a pussy so sweet and young before. It was incredible, my dick was as hard as when I was watching her from the closet. I let my tongue run circles around her pussy, then laying it softly down across the entire length of her slit. She was soaking wet and licked up ever drop.

Becca- “Omg Josh.. holy fucking shit.. oh it feels so good!!!! Lick me Josh!! Omg lick it!”

I reached up and touched her for the first time, she was warm and wet and so soft. Her young little cunt felt amazing. Her whole body twitched when I touched her lips. I let one of my finger slide between her lips and up over her clit. I could tell she liked that. 

Josh- “You like having your pussy rubbed Becca? Does it feel good when I rub your wet clit? Your pussy is so hott. I love it, and you taste so good. I’m going to make you cum ok Bec, just lay here and let me do it, you will know when it is coming, and so will I….”

Becca-“ Omg Josh, YES it feels so good, I had no idea it would feel like this. Do you really like how it tastes? It is nice that I shaved it? Was that good?”

Josh- “Ya I love your smooth little pussy. Time to cum baby… “

I rubbed up and down her legs and I went crazy on her little pussy. I licked all around her clit and her cunt hole. I suck her lips into my mouth and puller her hood back softly so I could very gently tease her clit with my tongue. I stopped teasing her then, and let my tongue send her into ecstasy. 

Becca- “Omg Josh that amazing, oh fuck.. oh god.. (her breathing got heavier and heavier)…. Omg….. omg…(she moaned louder each time, forgetting how nervous she was, she was consumed my me) Josh my stomach feels weird.. holy shit.. I feel like I’m going to explode! OH FUCKING GOD!!! (Her legs here shaking violently and her whole body was moving up and down, hips bucking around as I kept with her every move. Not letting my tongue away from her clit.) UHHHH!! UMHHUGH!!AHH OMG!!! FUCK!!! FUUUUUUCK!!!!!!”

She lay there limp for about 5 minutes, getting her breath back, panting and twitching while I teased her pussy some more with my tongue. I licked up all the new juice that leaked out when Becca came. If she had the energy to lean up and look at me should would have seen the same proud happy look on my face that she gave me earlier.

Josh- “So what did you think of your first orgasm Bec?”

Becca- “mmmmmm.. it.. it ww..was.. amazing.. (tired and motionless)”

Josh- “I’m glad you liked it, I love eating pussy Bec, and as you can tell, I’m very good at it. Next time will be even better though because I will finger you at the same time as I’m licking you clit.”

Becca- “Whats that?”

Josh-“ Fingering is when I stick 1 or 2 fingers into you and fuck you with them, it feels so good and I’ll probably get you g-spot, but don’t worry about that now.”

Becca-“ Oh that sounds so nice, I can’t wait for you to do it. Why did you wait?”

Josh- “Because Bec, you’re still a virgin and I didn’t want to take that away from you with my fingers, I want to pop your cherry with my dick, like it should be. Like I have been fantasizing about for the longest time.”

Becca- “Oh god Josh I have been thinking about that too.. I want you to take my virginity Josh, I want to feel you in me, I want to feel… your dick.. in my… my cunt.”

She seemed to gain all her energy back when I said I wanted to fuck her. She wanted to be taken so bad; she wanted to have me steal her virginity from her. And she was done waiting. I agreed. Waiting is over. 

I took her skirt off, slowly, so both of us were completely naked together. We set in the bed for the longest time touching each other and exploring every inch of each others bodies. I laid her down slowly while I kisser her and rubbed up and down her body, playing with her tits and her pussy, pinching her nipples gently. I felt her moan in my mouth when I did that. I left her lips to kiss her neck and shoulders; her skin was incredibly soft and smooth. I could taster her skin and her sweat on my lips. I got to her chest again and sucked gently on her nipples, nibbling now and then sending jolts of energy through her body. 

Becca- “Josh that feels so good. Your mouth on my nipples is making me wet again. Turn over and lay on your back Josh… my turn”

Little Becca got up on top of me and let her body fall against mine. Her breasts felt heavenly against my chest as she kissed me deeply. Her hair was all down in my face, and I could feel her breath on my face and neck as she started nibbling on my ears and kissing my neck and chest. I finally got to let my hands run down her sexy back and over her ass. It was amazing. I love Bec’s ass and I left my hands there for a long time, rubbing and slapping her lightly every once and a while, I could tell she liked it because she giggled and moaned every time I did it. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and let my finger slide up and down over her ass hole. It sent her into a frenzy when I did that, and she bucked her hips and kissed me more roughly. She was rubbing her lips over my dick now, getting it all wet and hott. I was so hard and wanted to break her open so bad. 

Becca-“ Josh”

Josh- “Ya baby.. what is it?”

Becca- “I want to do it now, I want you to take my virginity. But I am a little scared, is it going to hurt?”

Josh-“ Ya a little, but I’ll be very gentle with you, stay on top and go as slow as you want, do what you think feels good.”

Becca-“ Ok.. are you ready? I am going to let it go in now…”

Josh- ‘Yes Bec, just sit back slowly and it will slide in, I’ll need to break through the first bit but once you feel it go just take me in and leave it for a second so your pussy can get used to having me inside on you.”

Becca- “ohh.. ahhhhh! Jooosh.. omg…!!!!!”

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She slowly let my head hit her slit and open her lips. I felt her hymen and she broke through it and gently let my dick slide into her. I could feel her juice and probably a little blood drip down my dick and my leg. Her body fell limp onto my mine and she squealed a bit. 

Becca-(whispering) “oh Josh, it hurts.. Your dick is stretching me so much!”

Josh-(her pussy was so fucking tight my head was spinning) “I know Bec.. It will hurt for a little but it will feel better soon. Just go slow. Reach down and rub your clit like I showed you before and it will make the pain go away faster.”

She did what she was told and began rubbing her clit and rocking back and forth over me. After a few minutes I could tell the pain was going away and it was starting to feel good.

Becca- “Oh god Josh, this feels so good.. I love having your dick in my pussy!!”

Josh- “Oh I kno Becca.. Your little virgin pussy feels incredible! You’re driving me wild; you’re so tight and wet!”

I could feel every inch of my dick sliding over her tight pussy walls. When my head hit the back of her pussy she would rock forward and take me almost all the way out then all the way back in, she was doing good for the first time but I was aslo helping her along by holding her ass and rocking her myself. Then she really surprised me.

Becca-“ Hey, get up, I wanna do something I saw in the porn I was watching last night. The guy looked like he really liked it.”

Josh-“ oook” (not sure what she had planned)

Becca- (getting on her hand and knees at the end of the bed while I stood behind her.) “So what do you think of this Josh, does my…. My ass look hot like this…?”

Josh-“Oh fuck ya you little slut, you asked for it now!!!”

Becca-“Good, give it to me Josh!!!! MAKE ME YOUR SLUT!!!”

Becca- (I got up behind her and rammed my dick hard into her waiting sore cunt.) “AHHHHH! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” 



I plowed her cunt fast and hard then, it was hard to go fast because she was so tight but I fucked her just the same. It made a loud noise when her ass slapped against me every time I pounded my dick into her. 

Josh- “Reach up under and rub your clit like a good girl! Oh Bec I have wanted you for so long! I can’t believe I’m actually here fucking you little virgin cunt!”

Becca- “Oh yeah Josh.. I’m not a virgin anymore!!! IM YOUR SLUT NOW! UHHH AHH UGHH OH GOD YEAH!! FUCK YOUR SLUT JOSH!” 

I flipped her over on the bed and put her legs up against my chest and put my dick back in her. Now I could see her sexy pussy and see my dick going in and out of it. I was making her big tits bounce and shake and her hair was all over the place in a big mess. Her face was red and flushed, as was her pussy, engorged with blood from all the attention it was getting. It was then I saw the clit massager was still sting to the side of the bed. 

Josh-“ Get your clit massager Becca…”

Becca-“ Yes Josh. (reaches over and picks it up) what do you want me to do with it?”

Josh- “Rub you clit with it while I drill you tight pussy!”

Becca- (turns it on and starts rubbing it around her clit) “oh yeah, hmmmm.. ahughh oh that feels really good Josh.”

Josh- “Oh Becca, you feel so good around my cock. I’m getting close!”


When Becca came, she squeezed so tight around my dick I couldn’t hold it back any more. We both came together.


After I came in her, truly taking every part of her virginity, we fell against each other on the bed panting and moaning, my cum leaking out of her pussy. 

Josh-“You’re going to be real sore tomorrow, I’ll stay with you and take care of you tomorrow. Common babe, lets get you cleaned up…. “

I carried Becca in my arms to the shower and gave her a hot bath. Took her back to her room and dressed her and put her to bed. After I got out of the shower I got in bed with her and put my arm around her. I kissed her very softly and lovingly. 

Becca-“I love you Josh, I always have… (Starting to cry)”

Josh-“I love you too Becca.(kissed her and watched her sleep until I dosed off next to her.)”

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