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First time gay oral sex

(Part 1 from 1)

So I was in my senior in high school. We went a freshmen basketball game cuz there nothing to do and it was a thursday night. We had a good time the game. After the game we went his house stop to buy some pizza. Once we had gotten to his house nobody was home. So we went to his living room and ate there.

After a few minutes when we finish eating he asked if I wanted to watch porn cuz he wanted to badly. I said umm sure I guess. So we went to his room because the computer wasn't connected to the living room tv no more. So we went to his room and he goes to a website. We see some gay guys and he click on cuz we was just wondering how it looks to see guy having sex. So we watched it but we didn't like it so we went to the Latin category and watched 2 girls eat each other. My friend got so hard that he took his penis hard to jerk it. Once he took his penis out I had gotten realy hard and I took mines out.

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He look at mines and said asked if I ever had any sex with a guy. I said no. So he said if he'll let him suck me. So I said sure because i was really hard. He started to suck me it felt good. And then I saw his penis. I grabbed it and started to just see how it felt. After like 5 minutes of sucking he told me that's it my turn. I had gotten nervous.

He put it in my mouth and I started to suck it. It felt good having it in my mouth. He came after 10 minutes of me sucking him. I went back because the cum I only swallow the one that stayed in my mouth. So after he came. He started to suck me and I came. He swallow the whole thing. I was surprised. Do after that. We both just looked at each other and just then I left.

So since that night me and my friend have had oral sex a few more time. Now it feels soo good to have his penis and cumin my mouth.

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