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First time I had sex with my Mom

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : this story is completely fictional. Never try to do it in real live!

Hey my Name is, Mark,
This is my story of how my mom and me had are first SEX incounter!

It all started one day when I got home from School.
See first of all I am a only Child and my dad divosed my mom.
So I have been the man around the house! Lately I have been taking notice of my mom. She has Buetiful boobs and a perfect ass. See as I said one day when I got home from school my mom was wearing a part see through bikini. My mom always taught me about sex she said its not a bed thing but to be very careful. So it was not unnormal when We see each other in like bikinis or me in my bokers. But she had this new bikini it was GREAT but I made it seem like I wasn't paying attiention. So I just greeted her gave her a kiss. (Oh man she smelled sooo Good) I just want to have sex with her then and there.
But i made my self to walk on. That night me and my mom watched a video we both like the Violent movie with a little porn and sex in it.
So it was no sweat when acouple of nude women walk across the screen.

But I wasn't paying very much attion to the movie I just was thinking about my sexy mom. While we watched the movie I started to get very cold so I grabed a blanket and of course my mom wanted some of it too. So after awhille we bolth got very hot So when I told her that she said just take your pants and shirt of that's what i am going to do. I was alittle nervouse I think my mom saw that so she said "if you want to" but I really want to so I deciended to do it.Half way through the movie I was getting really hard my cock was just rock hard thinking about my mom. When the movie was over my mom and I talk about. I deciend to ask her why she divosed my dad. She said " becuase he didn't make life all that easy and are sex wasn't going that well I have wanted another man in me" He was my chance " did he ever put his Cock in your pussy? " Not really" umm... Mom how about me and you have sex. I mean um.. Well I am 15 now and I reallly don't know very much about sex and um.. " son, I can't that would be wrong and I would feel very wrong about doing it" oh mom I could be a great help. See let me pinch your boob. "No Son don't Tempt me" "Son don't come any nearer" Mom I know u want it! See doesn't feel good."Oh yes don't stop oh suck on them baby. By now my cock was rock hard And my mom saw it to. She said " Oh i see your dick Take it out of it's case.
Ok her it comes."O my gosh that thing is huge" let me rub it . I started to moan slowly it felt so good!Oh I and going to put it in my mouth now,Oh do it oh dang this feel so nice . Ok baby we had better stop before something happed and we both feel sorry.

Oh no I want to suck your Pussy ." No" Yes oh WOW!! oh your juices are great oh. My mom started to moan.Oh mark baby don't stop oh suck hard push your tongue deep in me! uh. Oh mark stick that big cock of your in me. here it come oh baby let me put it in. Uh this feels good now ram me with all your might O God this feels good Oh ram me baby make me SCREAM! Oh mom I am going to CRUM should I take it out "NO" but I might get u pregnant oh who cares Ok here it cum. "I let it all rip it felt so good " Oh now put that pecker in my ass hole. Ok mama I started raming her with all my might she sarted to SCREAMINg O Ram me baby make me Cum. Oh God harder harder. Finaly after was like 1 hour we stop kissed a long kiss on the lips and went to bed together.

A couple of days after I had sex with my Mom. I came home from being out with friend. And found my mom laying face flat on the Floor she said I need a docter quicke so I drove the car around and took her to the Hospital. After what seem like 5 hours She came out. I asked her what was wrong she told my to sit down. She started be saying" Remember when we had sex acouple of days ago well while we had sex and you cumed in side of me. Well when u did that it go me (PREGNANT)"

I sat there stunned What the Heck. I know but I am going to have a baby. Now u can't tell anyone that we had Sex not even your best friend. I don't want either of us to go to jail. We will just say " I was seeing another guy and we had sex And I got pregnant. ok. Ok mom.

Thank you Dear now lets go home and get ready for this baby!!!

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