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First time Bisex

(Part 1 from 1)

Well here it goes. My wife and me have a great sex life. we fuck each other almost every day sometimes multiple times. i have always been i guess you can say "curious." i have always wanted to ask her to do other stuff but have been nervous that she would freak out and be mad at me. so one night i finally gained enough courage. while having sex and fooling around i put her hand on my ass. she stopped and asked what i was doing?

I said i have wanted to see how it fell if you play with my ass as you suck me off. she was a little skeptical at first but she went along with it. she started sucking my cock and slowly started making her way down to my ass. she reached below my balls and it felt so good. she then slowly slid her fingers over my asshole and i jumped in pleasure. it felt so much better than i thought it would. since that night it has been a regular thing. she even went out and got toys to make it more interesting.

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My wife is a person that wants me and only me. after a while of joking around with her about getting another person involved she actually said yes. we spent time figuring out if we wanted a guy or girl then we both agreed that a guy would be better. i think it would be better for her to have 2 cocks to have fun with. we decided to ask someone that would not tell anyone else about our thoughts.

We picked a good friend of mine that i knew i could tell anything to. he was nervous at first but when he got to my house his thoughts changed when he saw my wife walking around the house naked. she is sexy as hell. she is 5'5 130lbs and c cup boobs and completely shaved. he instantly started getting hard. i could tell because he was wearing gym shorts and they started to rise!

After a few minutes my wife went over and grabbed his cock and asked if he was excited to see us. when she did that he got rock hard. what he did not know is that i have seen his cock before and i got off to seeing it. we all went into the bed room and started fooling around. both me and my friend were feeling my wife and doing stuff to her. i thought i would take it slow at first. next thing i know my wife is kissing him from his lips to his cock.

He started moaning. i was starting to get hard as well. after about 10 minute i reached over and started playing with his balls. i thought he would stop me but he just moaned louder. so i thought it was game on. i started kissing his neck and chest. my wife was still sucking his cock and he was fingering her tight pussy. after a minute i felt my cock being rubbed. he was stroking my cock pretty slow. it was so hot to have a guy stroking my cock.

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