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First Time With My Sister

(Part 1 from 1)

 When I was 15, my sister was 13 and we were both going through puberty. I had dreamed and jacked off thinking about getting inside my little sister's tight pussy, and when my parents went to Hawaii for two weeks, my dream would come true.

A day after my parents left, I went to take a shower. Halfway through my shower, I realized that I had forgotten to get a towel. I called to my sister to bring a towel and she opened the bathroom door. To my surprise, she yanked the shower curtain away and she was staring at my semi-erect 7" cock. I could see her hard nipples through her tight shirt and I knew that she was horny. She told me that was cock was bigger than she thought and she said she wanted it inside her tight virgin pussy.

I then got out of the shower and we headed to her bedroom. WE got on the bed together and we started to kiss each other passionately as I fondled her nice tits. I then took off her t-shirt and I realized to my surprise that she wasn't wearing a bra. I then sucked on her tits and hard nipples and she let out soft moan. While doing this, I managed to slip her panties down to her ankles and slip a finger into her wet pussy. She said she wanted my cock in her pussy now, and with that, I slipped my bulging cock into her box. I eased my way into her and she yelped in pain and pleasure as my cock went deeper and deeper. Once I was all the way in, I started to go faster and harder as my pelvic bone was smacking against her hips. She started to moan louder and I could feel her vagina squeeze my cock as I knew she was soon going to have an orgasm. I also knew that I was going to cum soon as my cock was about to explode. I then shot my load into her pussy and then pulled out and cummed on her tits.

This was too much for her to handle and she yelled "Immmmmmmm Cuuuuuuummmmmmmiiiiinnngg" as her juices began to flow. I put my head in between her legs and licked her pussy, getting all the juices that I could as she spasmed violently on the bed. We then collapsed on the bed and fondled each other. We knew this was just the beginning and we were right as we fucked each other every day until our parents got home, and even when they did, we fucked each other everyday anyway.

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