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First Time Sucking

(Part 1 from 1)

I was at home and and wife was gone to convention for a week. I ocasinally dress up in her clothes when she is not around and this was a good time. I could be free to dress to the max as she was gone for a week. I started to get ready and shaved all the hair off my body. Then i went and got some frilly clothes of hers to wear. i next proceeded to get makeup on and the clothes. I put on a pair of low heeled shoes that i have hidden away as my feet and hers are different size. As i finish i get a porno movie out that i had picked up earlier that day at the book store. I turn it on and start to watch it and get a erection.

I then pull my panties down and start to jerk off i then get a dildo out and lube up my ass and slide it in. It feels good and i am getting into rythmn. When all of a sudden two men come out of my kitchen and grab me. I struggle but to no avail. One of them says i told you he was a faggot. The other says yea your right. With that they say we are going to have some fun with you now. I was scared to yell out as if some one did come they would see me like this and tell the wife. Well one of them says lets see what this sissy can do. I told them that all did was dress up and thats as far as it went. Well i think that if you want to dress as a woman you should be treated as one

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I did not know what they were going to do but my dick was giving me away. First the one said come over here and suck my cock like the girl you are. I said no and he through me down on the floor and and stuck it in my mouth anyway. It did not taste bad so i started to get into sucking him when all of a sudden he exploded in my mouth. I gaged a little and thiught to my self that was not to bad. Then the other one stuck his cock in my mouth and i really started to get into sucking it. He to shot his load in my mouth this time i did not choke on the load. they said you are really getting to like this aren't you? I thought to my self maybe i am a faggot after all.

Next he said well we should see if sissy here want to take it up her ass. I looked at him and said be gentle please. They stripped off there clothes and got the lube i had used earlier on the dildo. The first guy had a seven inch cock and slowly pushed at my ass and it slid in. He was going slow and it felt great and i turned around and said faster. His cock was rubbing against my insides and driving me wild. I never had felt anything like this and wanted more. at the same time the other man came around the front and stuck his cock back into my mouth which i eagerly took. I was getting fucked at both ends and loving it.

The one said my my have't you turned into the cock sucking fucking whore. I then realized that i was a cock sucking faggot whore. All of a sudden i shot out the biggest load i have ever had and it felt great. We had sex for about four more hours when they said they were going to leave and i better not call the police. when i caught my self saysing to them to please come back tommorow. They both came over and kissed me on the lips and said with pleasure.I felt like i was on top of the world at that moment when i remembered that i was still marrried and the wife would be home in four days. I thought to myself that i would deal with that then and untill then i was going to suck snd get fuck as much as i could till then.

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