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First Time Sucking

(Part 1 from 1)

Well i was at home and all dressed up while the wife was still out of town.The night before the two men had gotten into the house and had their way with me and i liked it and had told them to come back today. It was about eight pm and i was wondering if they were coming. I was watching another porno flick when they showed up. I let them in and right away they were all over me. I told them to go slower but they did not listen to me. They started to feel me up and down iwas getting excite and they new it. She sure is horny today isn't she. And i was as i was looking forward to getting fucked again by them and sucking their cocks. They both got undressed and and stuck out their cocks to be sucked. i got on my knees in front off them and started to play with them.

I first put the taller guys cock in my mouth and started to run my tounge up and down his shaft. He was getting harder and i was going crazy on his cock when i glanced up and the other guy wa filming me sucking and having a good time. We changed positions and he got behind me and slowly slid his cock into my ass which i had lubed up earlier.He started to slide in and out and that sensation came over me again and i was pushing back on his cock. He said to his buddy well haven't we turned into a over night whore.I looked back at him and said yes i have and i want you to fuck me every day. The shorter guy that was filming us was hard as a rock and wanted his cock sucked so i said come here. He jumped off the chair and stuck his cock in my mouth.

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I was in in hevan again and loving it. i could not believe that just two days ago i was just a guy dressing up in women clothes to a full fledged fucking cock sucking whore. The guys were going at it when they switched sides and started up again. All this time the camera was going on and i was being filmed. The short guy shot a load in my mouth and got up and went to check the camera. The tall guy was getting ready to shoot his load up my ass when he grunted and let go it felt good. I was laying on the floor when the short guy said lets go to the bedroom. We all went in there and went at it again i was hard as a rock. we were all having fun i was sucking on the tall guys cock and the short guy was fucking me again. we were going at it pretty fast when the short guy stopped i tried to look back but the tall guy just held my head and i could not see the other one. Then i felt him slide back into me it felt different it was almost as if he had gotten bigger. I was getting close to cumming myself when the guy in my mouth shot a load down my throat. He pulled out but kept holding onto my head.

The other one was still fucking me and was really going at it with a vengence. I then caught a glimse of him on the chair and was trying to get a look at who was fucking me. When all of a sudden the person spoke to me. It was my wife i struggled to get free but the tall guy had me in a position and i could not move. so the wife just kept on fucking me. She started to talk to me and said i thought you were crossdressing but i did not think you were into sucking and fucking. All the time she was still fucking me and i still had not came. I hired these two guys to find out if you were just a crossdresser or a faggot. As i am here fucking you in the ass after they have and you have sucked down two loads from each of them i can only conclude that that you are a fucking whore. I hope you love me fucking you up the ass as this is the way it will be from now on you faggot. I will wear the pants around here and you can dress full time with stockings and frilly clothes and make up.

We will go out everywher togrther and and you can be my bitch. And since i don't have a cock and you seem to love sucking one the boys here can come over anytime and be serviced by you. How do you like your crossdresser role now you faggot bitch. Just then i shot out a large load all over the bed and collapsed on the bed. Well i guess she has given us our answer and that would be a yes. with that the two guys came over and were jerking off over me they both shot out at the same time and i tried to get it all but missed. The wife came over and wiped it up from the sheets and then stuck it in my mouth and i started to suck on her big dildo.

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