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First Time Bi

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 Back in my old neighborhood, I had a treehouse in the woods near my house, I had several x rated magazines hidden there which of course I would use daily to go and masturbate with, I was usually alone but on occasion 1 or 2 friends would be there also, we never touched each other just grabbed a mag masturbated with our backs to each other and when we were done we would just clean up and hang out the rest of the day like nothing ever happened.One afternoon that would change forever........

There had been a relative who passed away,  so my parents kept me home from school,  I didnt have to go to the funeral parlor so I did what I normally did and went to the treehouse,  I of course was alone being it was a school day and all my friends had school that day.I was just sitting around the treehouse and of course it was only a matter of time before id got out the mags and masturbated , being alone I decided I would undress completely being I knew nobody else would be around , I undressed folded my clothes and stood in the doorway of the treehouse looking out into the woods , I was amazed at how exciting it felt to be standing there in the doorway completely naked except for my sneakers , after standing there for about 5 or 10 minutes I could see that nobody was around so I decided to climb down the tree and walk around outside naked , the feeling of being naked outdoors was incredible, I was so excited that I knew if I touched myself I would explode instantly.

I gradually moved further and further away from the treehouse and started walking around some of the less beaten paths knowing that my chances of being seen were slim and none if I stayed off the popular trails.After about twenty minutes of walking around I heard some noise coming towards me I ducked into the bushes off the trail and saw a guy about 20 something years old walking his dog go by me about 10 feet away just as he and his dog got directly across from me his dog stopped and stood looking into the bushes like it knew I was there, his owner laughed and said we have no time for you to chase squirrels today and kept walking down the path after about 5 minutes I decided it was safe to move on, I decided I had pushed my luck enough and headed back towards the treehouse, when I got near the treehouse I looked around one last time to make sure nobody was around while I climbed up to the treehouse , I heard a dog barking that seemed fairly close , I took one last look and scrambled up the tree real fast and just lunged through the door , what I saw was scared me half to death......

Sitting in the treehouse was the guy who had been walking his dog , when he saw me he smiled and said welcome back, he had a few mags out and was laughing asking me if this is what I came back for , he grinned and looked right at my erection and said nope you wont be needing these and laughed loudly , he just sat there grinning and asked me how my walk around the woods naked was, he smiled and said you know you have to be careful about the squirrels in the bushes , I immediately knew he was aware I was in the bushes when his dog stopped by the path.

When I asked him if I could get my clothes he just grinned and said wouldnt you rather finish the job at hand , he just looked at my still very erect penis and said I should do what I had intended to do before he interupted me, when I just sat there looking at him he said he wouldnt mind joining me if I didnt mind , without waiting for me to say anything he undid his jeans pulled them down and off in one quick motion , he wasnt wearing any underwear and I immediately noticed his huge erection, it slapped up against his stomach , I couldnt believe how big he was , when he saw me staring he just smiled and said 8 inches long and 4 around, when I just continued to stare he laughed and said you ever seen one that big , I just stammered and said no, never, he smiled again and said why not move over closer and get a better look at it , I looked at him and he said come on it wont hurt to get a closer look , I dont know what I was thinking but I just moved closer to him and sat right next to him , he smiled and asked me if I liked being closer to it , when I didnt answer he reached for my erection and grabbed it gently and said I can tell you do, my first tendency was to pull away from him but he quickly grabbed my hand and said its okay it doesnt hurt to touch someones hardon.

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It felt amazing with his hand around me like that just sitting there holding me , I looked at him and he smiled and just said go ahead it wont bite,  you can if you feel it, I just sat there wondering what to do, he then just reached over grabbed my hand and put it on his erection , smiling and saying go ahead im sure you'll like how it feels, when he released my hand I didnt move I just let my hand rest on his erection , he smiled and said im sure it feels alot different then what your used to , I just nodded my head and he laughed and said why not give it a few pulls , without a word I did just as he said and started running my hand up and down his long hard erection, I must admit it felt amazing , he was so much longer and quite thicker then I ever imagined someone could be , he just grinned,  watching my hand saying you like how it feels dont you , he just said I can tell your enjoying it with that he let go of my erection and just leaned back and started telling me what to do , when to speed up and when to slow down and then to stop and just hold it for him , then he'd tell me to start again , this went on for quite sometime , all the while I just kept thinking about how amazing it felt in my hand.

He had me start stroking him again and he started to move his hips to meet my jerking , all I could do was stare at his cock sliding through my hand , he asked me if i'd like to try something different , when I looked at him he smiled and said would you like to kiss it , when he said that I started jerking him faster , he smiled and said if you do it i'll do it for you to .He smiled and said go ahead he begean pulling me by the arm and I just started to lean forward without any resistance, he put his hand behind my head and held me about two inches from the head and told me to kiss the head like I was kissing a girl.He laughed and said this was much better though, he pushed me down and I got my first face full of his cock , he kept saying go ahead and kiss the head , he was more demanding and I pulled my head back some and saw the head pointing at me,  I just leaned forward and kissed the head , when I did he moaned and said see that wasnt so bad was it , when I said no he laughed and said well then do it again this time stay there awhile , I leaned back down and kissed the head again and stayed there , he was moaning a bit and told me to kiss the shaft and u started to work my way down the underside of his erecetion , he was moaning and saying how good it felt to have someone kiss his erection , he then told me to use my tongue and and lick his shaft and balls which I did , the more he talked the more I wanted to do what he wanted , I worked my way back to the head and started kissing it again he laughed and said I think its time you sucked it , he just told me to open my mouth and suck the head like it was a lollipop, I opened my mouth and took the head in , to my amazement I loved the feeling of his cock in my mouth instantly.

He started pushing my head down slowly telling me to take more , I did as he asked and found myself slowly going down on him further,  all of a sudden I went to far and felt myself gag , he laughed loudly and told me to go slow so that id be able to adjust to his cock going further into my mouth, I just stopped at that point and held in my mouth , then he told me to bob my head up and down not going further down then I had already, it felt amazing going up and down his hard cock , hearing him groaning and telling me how good it felt , the more he told me how good it felt the more I wanted in my mouth and I fought off the gag reflex and continued taking more of him in my mouth , he started moaning and groaning louder telling me to bob my head up and down faster, at that point I really didnt need any encouragement I was going up and down his shaft so hard and fast and he was moving his hips around like wild , all of a sudden he screamed he was cumming and tried to pull my head up and off his hard cock but I resisted and kept about 4 inches in my mouth as he exploded , I felt a warm stream several times I couldnt swallow fast enough and it just came out the sides of my mouth leaking all over his hardon and thighs, I continued sucking him as best I could finally what seemed forever he stopped cumming but that didnt stop me from keeping him in my mouth and sucking him.He finally leaned back and said he hadnt gotten a blowjob like that before.

He just looked down at me and smiled at me as I still held him in my mouth , he then grabbed me by the arm and pulled me on top of him , he grabbed my backside and pulled me up telling me to sit on his chest which I did he just smiled and said its your turn now , he pulled me closer to his mouth and started kissing and sucking my erection after about 1 minute I shot off swallowing every drop.After I came he continued sucking me I couldnt belive this had all happened I started to come back to my senses and started to pull away from him , when I pulled myself out of his mouth he just grabbed my backside and said he wasnt done yet and immediately took me back in his mouth and continued sucking for a good while till I came again , after that we just kinda laid there naked for about a half hour or so. When we finally sat up he was hard again he just looked at me and asked me if I would suck him again,  when I said yes he stood up and pulled me to my knees he stood near the doorway looking out at the woods and told me if I had never stood by the doorway naked he never would have met me.

He just looked down smiled and told me to suck him again..

My amazing first time but not my last...

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