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First Teenage gay experience

(Part 1 from 1)

It happend one warm summer night. We were young teenagers and being from a small town there wasn't much to do during summer vacation.

There was seven of us neighbor guys who ran together during the summer. We would all get together at Mike's house and watche re-runs during the morning, go swimming at the quary in the afternoon, and camp out at night in someones tent in the backyard. We rotated tents depending on how many of us were sleeping out, usually at Mike's, he had the biggest tent.

When we sleeped out we generally had group jack off sessions. Charlie was the youngest and he liked to jack off the other guys when he camped out. Tom was the oldest and didn't camp out with us that much. Nothing gay went on, just youth exploring sex, jacking off together and getting on with the hum drum of being board.

Then one evening everyone was gone but Tom and me. Tom wanted to know if I wanted to camp out and we could use his tent and camp out in his back yard. Tom only had a small two man pump tent, but what the hell. We got everything set up and finally hit the tent about 10pm. We had stole some beer from his dad's garage refidgerator and were having a good time.

About 1am, Tom came up with an idea, he goes everyone in the neighbor hood was pretty much a sleep. He suggest we get naked and see how far we can get from the tent, and if anyone is up lets do some window peaking. So we get naked and just the thought gave us raging hard ons.

We go out and sneak around his house and the neighbors accrose the street were still up. We run accross the street and hide in the bushes. We tried to look through the windows but to no avail. We run through some yards a couple of houses down, our cocks bouncing in the warm summer wind getting horny as hell have a ball!

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Around the corner comes a car so we ducted behind some bushes between two houses. I was crouched down and I could feel Tom behind me. I could feel his cock touching my lower back as we crouched there. My cock just got harder with the feel of his cock on my back. After the car went by we started to stand up but Tom didn't back away from me.

As I stood there Tom moved up and I could feel his stiff cock between rubbing against my butt, Tom reached around me with his right hand and took hold of my cock. He started stoking me and then brought his left hand aroud me from the other side and cupped my balls.

I asked him: " What the hell are you doing?" He replied: "Don't you like it? We were going to jack off anyway, thought I would help you out."

Tom continued to stroke me faster and faster, it felt so great! He kept fondeling my balls at the same time and I told him I was about to come. He could sense it and as I started coming be pushed his cock tighter against my butt. I swear I shot a load 5' ft. out. I had never had that grate of an ejaculation.

After I finished coming and my dick started to go down, Tom tells me to kneel down, know remember we are out there in the open so to speak, we are not even behind the bushes anymore. Well I get down on all fours wondering what is coming next. Tom pushes on my back untill my chest is resting on the grass and my ass is up in the air. I feel him spread by butt open exposing my hole to the warm summer air and it felt great! Tom took the left over cum from his hand and started rubbing my hole slowly, it felt great, then he inserted one finger, that hurt, when I got use to it started to feel good. Then he inserted two fingers and that went a little better.

While he was fingering my ass he statred to rub my balls and cock utill I started to get rock hard again. After a bit he stopped rubbing me and then it came. He spread my butt apart with both hands and I felt the tip of his cock between my hips, he guided the tip right to my hole and started pushing it in. I resisted at first, it hurt, then I let it go in. The feeling was unbelievable as he started to pump my ass. I thought I was going to die with the pleasure I was feeling. The next thing I knew was him cumming in my ass. A few more pumps and he pulled out.

About that time the light came on above us, we must have made too much noise! (part II is coming)

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