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First Teenage gay experience, Part II

(Part 1 from 1)

He had pulled his cock out of my ass and the neighbors bed room light came on. scared the hell out of us, we both jumped up and took off running.

We ran through a couple of back yards before crossing the street to go back to Tom's house where the tent was. We didn't wait around to see if they saw us.

When we got back we got in the tent and were laying nude on top of the sleeping bags laughing about getting caught.

As we were laying there Tom says we can never tell any of the other guys about what we did out there. I agreed that it would always stay between the two of us.

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I rolled over closer to him and reached down and put my hand on his cock, it was limp as was mine from the scare we just had. I squeezed his balls and started stroking his cock. This was the first time I had ever touched another guy.

Now Tom thought I was going to just jack him off but no way. I took his hand and put it on my dick and told him to get busy getting me hard. After we were both hard I told Tom it was my turn. He goes "what do you mean?" I told him to turn over, "what is good for one is good for both." Tom rolled over and I spread his cheeks. I licked my finger and started to rub little circles around his hole, slightly putting pressure on it to get my finger in. It wasn't working well and I told him to relax.

Knowing he wasn't going to loosen up much I starting rubbing the area between his ass and his balls and then started rubbing his balls to see if that would loosen him up a little. He did relax somewhat and I finally did get one finger in to work his hole. It took for ever but i finally got two fingers in and he was moaning, I don't know from pain or pleasure, I didn't really care at that point I was so hot and was trying not to come all over him.

Finally I put the tip of my cock against his hole and started to work it in. It was tight but I got the tip in and I just waited until he adjusted, then I pushed the rest in with one stroke. He pissed and moned for a minute and then relaxed enough where it started to feel good for him. I slowly started to pump his ass and as he got lubed up I started to pump faster and pull in and out further. It felt like nothing I had ever felt before, it was fantastic!

I started going faster and faster, I knew I couldn't last much longer and then I eruped, I didn't think I could have that much cum in me, but I keep pumping it out and I keep pumping his ass as deep as I could get it itn. His ass just started to naturally milk my cock with ever deep stroke. Once I was done ejaculating I slowly pulled my cock out and rolled over.

We crawled back into our sleeping bags and called it a night. This was a night for a lot of first, but was not the last night of expirmentation. Stay tuned!

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