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First Fuck

(Part 1 from 2)

Note : This story is complete fictional! Never try to do it in real live!!!

It all started one night while I was watching TV. My daughter at the time was 13 and was starting to bud into a young woman. She had a cute little shape and when she walked her little ass swayed from side to side. I never dreamed that what was about to happen ever would but it did. My wife is a nurse at the hospital and goes to work at 8:00pm till 4:00am in the morning, So Cathy and I are home alone together at night. 

I was lying there watching an R-rated movie with strong sexual content when my daughter walked in. She asked what I was watching. Startled, I hurried and shut the VCR off so she wouldn't see, but it was to late. Cathy told me it was okay and that she wouldn't tell mom. She also said that sometimes when she's by herself she has watched some R-rated movies.

Then she asked if she could watch it with me. At first I almost said no, but then as I looked at her standing there next to the bed in her white silk pajama's something came over me and I said sure why not. Cathy crawled on the bed and lay down next to me as I started the VCR back up. 

Like I said, the movie had a lot of strong sexual content in it. It didn't really show everything like a porno, but it got its point across as to what they were doing. For example, the man and woman were standing there naked kissing, the man had his back was to the camera so you couldn't see his cock. As they kissed, it showed her start to kiss down over his chest as she dropped to her knees in front of him giving you the impression that she was sucking his cock.

As we watched the movie, Cathy started to squirm and I could sense my daughter was becoming aroused. Then she turned and faced me and asked what "BJ" meant. I told her BJ meant blowjob, then I asked if she knew what that was; she answered "No". So I explained to her that it was when a woman goes down and gives a man pleasure with her mouth by licking and sucking his penis. She just looked at me with a strange look on her face.

"Does mom do that?" she asked

"I wish,” I said in a smart-ass tone

Our eyes made contact and as I looked at her I felt the urge to kiss her. As we lay there looking into each other’s eyes, I noticed her lips part as though inviting me to kiss them. I placed my hand behind her head and drew her lips to mine. As are lips met she closed her eyes and we kissed each other, not as father and daughter, but as man and woman. After kissing for awhile she whispered 

" Would you like it if I gave you a BJ ?" what could I say I was so turned on and my cock was rock hard and throbbing. 

"Are you sure you want to?" I asked, she nodded yes with a smile on her face. 

She reached down and uncovered me, revealing my hard cock for her to see. Cathy moved down and positioned herself so that her head was on my belly. She was lying sideways with her head on my belly. She lay there for a few minutes examining my hard cock.

Slowly she started to pet my cock. The feel of her hand stroking my cock felt wonderful. Then she stuck her tongue out and let it lick over the head of my cock; this sent chills up and down my spine. She did this for a few minutes then I felt her lips engulf the head of my cock as she took it into her warm mouth.

The feel of her young lips around my cock was sensational; I had never felt anything like it before. I just lay there enjoying every minute of it. She continued to suck me and as she did I watched her. I noticed her little ass begin to move back and forth in a slow fucking motion. 

The more I watched her ass moving, the hornier I got. Then she drew her legs up and was now curled up in a ball next to me as she continued to suck my cock. I was just on the verge of exploding when suddenly she stopped sucking and she just lay there with my cock in her mouth. I wondered what was wrong as I continued to look down at her lying there.

Then I felt her hand tighten around the shaft of my cock. Then her lips began to tighten, squeezing the head of my cock in her mouth. I looked down and saw her toes start to curl up and her whole body stiffened. Her little ass jetted up and out and I thought to myself " God, is she fixing to have and orgasm?”

Then I heard her moan and grunt just as her little body began to tremble and shake. "Ohh my Godd, she is, she's having and orgasm, she's cumming in her panties" I thought to myself as I watched her intensely. Knowing she was having and orgasm plus the feel of her hand and mouth around my cock drove me over the brink and I exploded shooting my cum deep into her throat.

She lay there for a minute then she crawled back up and lay her head on my chest. She was still trembling and was out of breath, her face was flush as I leaned down and kissed her forehead. 

"Are you okay?" I asked

"Yea, just a little dizzy, that was weird, I've never felt anything like that" she said

"Did it make your pussy feel good?" I whispered


We lay there for awhile watching TV and the more I thought about her having orgasm while sucking me the more excited I became. I wanted to see and touch her tender body so I laid her back on the pillow and kissed her. As I kissed her I reached down and slid my hand up under her pajama top and started to fondle her breasts. Her nipples became hard and erect as I toyed with them. I slowly unbuttoned her pajama top and opened it revealing her tiny breasts. She just lay there and watched me as I played with her small firm breast.

I kissed down her neck, then leaned over and took one of her nipples into my mouth and began to gently suck it. She closed her eyes enjoying the feel of having her nipples sucked. I let my hand drift down over her belly then I slid it down into her panties.

Seeing she was only 13, she still didn't have any pubic hair so her mound was soft and bare. As she felt one of my fingers touch the top of her slit she gasped and moaned with delight. As I started to move my finger around the top of her slit in a circular motion she spread her legs letting my fingers slide down deeper into her wet pussy. By now she was breathing heavy again and I could tell she was becoming aroused.

"Let me take your panties off so I can see your lovely body" I whispered 

She just lay there as I took hold of her pajama bottoms and panties and pulled them down. Her bare little pussy looked so inviting. I slowly spread her legs apart revealing her tiny pussy to me for the first time. As I looked down at it I could see it was dripping wet with her creamy white love juices and cum.

I couldn't help myself I just had to taste her pussy, so I leaned over and lowered my face between her legs. The sweet aroma of her pussy filled the air as I kissed her pussy lips. Then I let my tongue lick up and down the full length of her slit. As she felt my tongue touch her clit, she twitched and I heard her gasped. 

Slowly, I began to eat her tiny pussy, kissing and licking her little love bud. I let my tongue slide down and into her love hole and I wiggled it around. The feel of this drove her wild and she lifted her little ass up off the bed and pushed her pussy up into my face.

I reached up and played with her breasts as I licked her pussy faster and faster. Her pussy was so wet that her juices were dripping off my chin onto the sheets of the bed. Then I felt the muscles in her legs tighten and her body stiffen, she arched her head back and began to pant. I could tell she was about to have another orgasm so I began to tickle her clit with the tip of my tongue.

"Ohhhhh Goddddd" she moaned as she climaxed.

I laid there and licked the cum from her pussy. My cock was rock hard and throbbing as I crawled back up and leaned over and kiss her. She could taste her cum on my lips as we kissed and I felt her tongue lick across my lips licking up the wet juices from her pussy.

"I love you daddy" she whispered as she put her arms around my neck and gave me a hug

"Then close your eyes and lay still and let daddy fuck your tiny pussy" I said in a low voice

I lowered my cock and she felt it slide between her pussy lips, she moaned as she felt the head of my cock at the entrance of her little love hole. I applied a little pressure and the head of my cock penetrated her tiny opening. She let out a little yelp as she felt her little cherry pop and my cock sink deep into her wet horny pussy.

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