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Farmer And Drifter

(Part 1 from 1)

I live in a remote area of the U.S. and there's really not much to do but, work. I live on a small farm alone 
where I have a few animals and grow some veggies (some are special). I made alot of money investing awhile 
back. My nearest neighber is about 15 miles down the way.

 Living here does get lonely, so what 
I do is alot of wackin and such. I really like to eat cum for some reason there's nothing that turns me on more. 
I like to get up some days and do nothing but, get crazy with myself. Get up have breakfast drink some wine
or booze, ya know get a good buzz to loosen up the butt muscles. I made plaster casts of my dick and some other 
guys dicks and I let cucumbers grow in them until they fill the casts, now I have cool natural cocks when I 
can't get any real ones.

 I fuck myself all day long while looking at porn on the web. I cum as many times as possible
swallowing every load. I like lying on my back with my legs up and shooting at my face and mouth. There's nothing 
better than having so much hot cum in your mouth it spills out onto your cheeks. One time I saved my cum for about 
two days ( 10 loads) in a jar and poured it on face and drank it. I once had a drifter walk through and ask if
i could hire him for a couple of days to make a few bucks. He was 23 and in shape(i was thirty) . So I let him stay and help
me clean out one of my barns. 

We had a great time working and tellin jokes. The second night I treated him to 
some single barrel whiskey I had. We ate dinner got wasted tellen crazy stories. He passed out sitting in my 
rocking chair, and man was I horny as fuck. So I let him sleep for about a half hour then I made my move.
I wasn't worried about him waking up and freaking out because he was really fucked up and even if he did 
he couldn't hurt me i've been traing in the martial arts since I was 8. Reaching around from behind I gently 
unzipped his pants and slowly pulled his member out. It was about the same size as mine about eight inches.

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I got it out without any problem and it slowly started to grow as I stroked it. After about ten minutes of 
strokin it and myself, just when that first little bit off cum starts to ooze out I went around to the front of 
the chair and took his warm throbbing cock deep into my throat. I was doing this for a minute when I 
realized his hand was on the back of my head helping his cock pump into my throat. I was so horny it made
me suck his cock harder and harder.

 I loved the feeling of cock slamming deep down into my throat. And so did he, he did so much he screamed as he busted the bigged load right in my throat. He did this by standing
up and grabbing my head with both hands and fucking my face like a tight ass. I choked and cum flew out of my mouth 
onto his dick and balls, so licked it all off of them. And with my mouth still covered in his hot cum he pulled me 
to give me a huge tounge kiss. He said he'd never done anything like this before and especally never tasted cum. He
said it wasn't bad and didn't understand what the big deal about swallowing was. So I got him on his knees and was 
ready to show him how to swallow one of my loads. I let him suck just the tip for awhile and then I explained how to
relax the throat muscles so I could fuck his shit up (gently though). He choked quite abit at first then it was like he 
was a natural born cocksucker. 

I fucked the shit out of his manly throat and just like he did grabbing with two hands
i slammed his mouth and bust deep in his throat. Making him also choke up cum onto my body, I ordered him to clean
up the cum and he happily did. After doing so he arose to give me a kiss with a mouth half filled my cum and we slipped
our tounges together in the cum. Then we were spent for the moment. We agreed on going to bed, then I invited him
into my bed. Little did I know I created a sex fiend. I slepted until I felt a finger trying to explore my little poopchute. 
I let him finger it for a while until he thought he could just slam his engorged cock in it. So I stopped and explained 
to him, that could work for me because my ass has been streched from all the toys I have used. But, his virgin pooper 
would need some working on. 

We played with butt plugs, balls on a string, and some small dildos. Then I brang out 
some of my new homemade guys. His jaw dropped as he said your gonna put that where? We relubed and started to 
do some serious toying. I'm talking we eventually got up to 4 inches diameter. Now to let the muscles cool down
before we fucked each other we used the double ended dildo and calmly rode for a while. When we felt good and worked
up we decided it was time. I let him slide his already cummy dick right in my ass. He fucked me with only a few inches 
at first and then slammed all eight or nine in me. I let out a yelp which scared him but, I reassured him it was alright 
by grabbing his ass and helping him push his cock into my gaping asshole. I told him to stop before he came so he wouldn't
cum. I let him go to town on my ass for a good while, it was great and what made it even better was that he was strokin 
my dick. Just before he came he stopped and told me. At this time I jumped behind him and gave it to him. Alittle at
a time I knew he was new at this. 

His ass was so damn tight I almost couldn't handle it, and him moaning like a little girl just made it worse. I stopped and let him put his dick back in my now huge hole. I said "fuck me like the
dirty bitch I am" And man did he. He fucked me like he was on speed. Fucked and fucked until I felt all his hot 
cum spray into my ass. It felt great, all warm inaside me. After he was done he quickly shoved his face in my ass
and started to suck his cum from my body. Now this really put me over the edge and what really did was his speical 
cum filled kiss again. 

After the kiss he said "fuck me I want to taste your cum" . So I did what he wanted, fucked his
ass until blowing my load into it and sucking the cum and the finishing kiss. He ended up staying for weeks and 
fulfilling all possible fantasies.

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