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Farm Boys, Part 2, Sharing With Buddies

(Part 3 from 3)

I wondered what they were up to but I started to take off my sweaty shirt and my dirty pants. I tossed then to John. He reached down with a stick and tossed them in the back seat of the car. I was completely naked and at their mercy. 

“We think you need a bath. Do you agree?” 

I looked up wondering what was in store for me then I nodded and said. “Yes Sir, I need a bath.

“What did you say again cock sucker? 

“I need a bath. Sir.”

“Say please give me a both.”

I said once again. “Please sirs, I need a bath.” Then I waited and lowered my head.

“All right. We are going to give you a bath.” 

Then the 3 boys encircled me as I remained on my knees. They each undid their jeans once again and pulled out their cocks. I suddenly I felt one of the boys starting to piss on me. I was startled as first and I quickly lowered my head as not to get any piss in my face. Then the other two boys started to shoot out a steady stream of their golden warm piss. I first closed my eyes at the humiliation and shock thinking these are the same hot young men that I had just satisfied with a good orgasm. Now they were pissing on their cocksucker, cock slave, cum sucker pussy mouth slave. They were like animals marking their territory. I found my cock starting to get hard again. I was surprised because this had never happened to me before. I had tasted a few remaining drops of piss from a cock before I sucked it, but never had anyone pissed on me. I felt the piss running off my chest and down my abs and onto my hard cock. One of the boys aimed his cock directly at my cock as he pissed. They slowly walked around by naked body continuing they pissed on me until they drained their piss. Piss was running down my backside and down my ass crack. Each of the boys was taking their turn aiming at different spots on my body.

“Look at that slut. He is getting hard again. He likes this. Fuck we have a prize here, boys. This one is going to be the life of our next party. What do you say? Shall we have him serve at our next barn party boys?” John said as he finished his last squirt of piss on me.

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“Hot damn yes! That’s a good idea. We could use some good entertainment. I know the other boys would like it too. It will be our treat. Yeah, that is a good idea.” Josh and Abe joined in. 

“OK fucker, listen to us! We are going to have our monthly stud party at our Old Barn on the back acre. You know the place. It will be next Saturday night. One of us will stop by and pick you up about 9 PM so rest up your mouth and empty your stomach cause you are going to suck so many cocks and drink so much cum you will be full for a week. Wear some old jeans and a tight t-shirt to show off that hot body of yours. Bring along a jock strap too. You are in for a good time.” John said as the other 2 boys laughed and got back in the car. 

“Hey, leave me my cloths… and how do I get back to the road?” I said as Abe started the car to leave. 

“Head that way about ½ mile and I will leave your cloths on the fence gate. Have a nice walk, fagot!” They all laughed as the boys headed down the dirt road. 

I knew where I was because I had walked down this road several times to go to the Old Granger Lodge for parties. Now I was all alone, still partially wet and humiliated from their piss ritual and naked as a J Bird. My cock was still semi-hard thinking about the good time I had sucking the 3 hottest studs in Catholic High. I could not go home still hard so I stood right there in the middle of the piss-stained dirt road and jacked off my cock. I was so hot that it only took me a few strokes to cum. My cum shot about 3 feet then I was relaxed. 

I walked down the road feeling the sun drying my body sweats and piss from my master’s piss. I felt proud that I had been chosen to entertain at their next party. I guessed they liked my blowjobs and I loved sucking cock. It had become an obsession to me. I enjoyed making other men happy as they used me to deposit their sperm in my willing mouth. I had grown to love the taste of men’s cock and their cum. I knew I was still young but enjoyed making older boys and men happy. John was right, I was a cock slave and I wasn’t ashamed of it at all. I was looking forward to seeing what wall install for me next Saturday at their “Barn Party” I had heard rumors about a private male club but now I was about to find out what went on there. 

I was about to the end of the road when I spotted my cloths hanging from the fence just like John promised me. Thank goodness they let me keep my shoes on even though the piss had run down inside them. I was walking up to the fence when suddenly a car stopped right at the end of the road. I hurried to get my cloths but I head a voice calling out to me. 

“Stop right there. Don’t move!” The voice said.

I looked up and much to my surprise and embarrassment, was the local county patrol car with two officers. “Oh brother. How am I going to explain this?” I thought to myself.
I quickly stopped as I heard one of the car doors shut and one officer walked over to me as I was reaching for my cloths.

“I said ‘stop right there!’ What the fuck are you doing plum naked out here? Are those your cloths on the fence?” He said. “Well, get em and come with me. I didn’t say for you to put them on, I said ‘get em.’ Now stand down here so I can see you.” He said as he turned and smiled at the other officer in the patrol car. “Looks like we got ourselves some fresh young pup here. Jerry. Shall we let him let him go or see what kind of mischief he has been up to?” The patrolman said to the other officer in the car. The other officer still setting in the car yelled back to the officer. “Get him in the car and let’s take him down that dirt road to check it out.” 

The officer standing by me was a good looking man about 45. He had a solid build and looked very sharp in his tailored County Officer Uniform. His hair was dark except for a few speckles of gray hair. He had a strong face with a slight clef in his chin. As he removed his dark glasses I could see his dark brown eyes. His smile was consistent but grinned mainly from the right side of his mouth exposing a pearly white set of teeth. He stood with one hand on his holster and the other on his hip, as he looked me up and down. If I hadn’t already been naked I could swear he was undressing me. I found myself enjoying his hungry stares and feared I would start to get aroused in his presents. He motioned for me to come towards the car as he opened the back door for me to get in. I tried to cover my cock as I walked towards him but he quickly pulled them from by hands and threw them in the front seat with the other officer. I immediately hopped into the back seat of the car. The other officer, Jerry, turned towards me and looked down at my cock also. I was too embarrassed to look him straight in the eye. I sensed he was younger than the first officer but couldn’t tell too much about him yet but I feared I was about to find out more about both of them.

To be continued...

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