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Fantasy Island

(Part 1 from 2)

This erotic story was written as a joint effort by two lovers (forbidden lovers) over a period of 13 months. It is a fantasy story rather than an actual recalling – unfortunately it remains a fantasy to this day – with any luck though…

(He writes) So, it starts with a long leisurely naked canoe ride with you lying naked in the front of the canoe facing me, allowing me to enjoy every curve of your naked sexy body. You tease me with a simple caress of your breast, or a tweak of your nipple. Then your hand slides between your open legs. You enjoy watching my cock thicken and stretch out towards you. It's almost too much as I can see and hear the wetness as you slide your finger in and out.

You start to really enjoy yourself when you're jolted back to reality as we run ashore on a beautiful beach, our beach, at least for the next few days. We proceed to empty our gear which surprisingly there is very little of since we brought very few clothes and the ones we did bring aren't meant to cover much. There's just enough light left before sunset to setup camp and go for a quick swim. We race to the water, eager to cool off and heat things up. I win the race - my prize is getting to watch you wade into the water. I love the way you move, the way you smile as you move towards me.

The water flowing freely around our bodies feels absolutely fabulous. You wrap your arms around me and give me a very passionate and long overdue kiss. Your hands slide down to my ass and you pull me towards you so you can feel my thick cock grind against your clit. I pull your chest to mine, loving the feeling of your breast with aroused nipples against me. But then, you slip beneath the surface, grabbing my cock and pulling yourself towards it. You suck for what might have seemed like an eternity had it not felt so damn incredible. When you come to the surface, I grab for your cunt, desperate for more. You recognize the look in my eyes – the “I want to fuck you” look and move to nearby, waist high boulder in knee deep water.

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You lean over the rock. What a glorious sight, your ass in air, your legs spread, your beautifully shaved, dripping wet pussy waiting for my throbbing cock. But I can’t sit back and enjoy the sight any longer. I rub the head of my member up and down your slit before I slide into you. The sensations are incredible, your ass slapping against my body, your cunt enveloping my cock. You moan with horniness and ask, no, order me to grab your breasts. I wonder why I didn’t think of it first with your exposed breasts begging to be fondled. I start with two hands on your breasts but one quickly moves to your clit. You seem to like that as I hear a subtle “fuck me” escape your lips.

I start fucking you faster. Your moans urge me on. It feels so fucking unbelievably good. Since your teasing me in the canoe, I’ve stretched my patience. And now, finally, I was inside you, fucking your beautiful cunt, hearing you say “holy shit that feels good” – pure ecstasy! I switch hands, licking the sex nectar from my fingers. Leaning over you, I grab your shoulder, thrusting harder. As your moans get higher pitched and closer together, I can feel an explosion building in my balls. You grab your breast as you approach your climax. The look on your face is priceless – you want to cum so badly. So close, and then I feel you contract around my cock and you almost scream, “Fuck, yes” as you cum violently. The tightness of your pussy pushes me over the edge as I spray the inside of your cunt with my cum. I keep thrusting and I keep cumming. The teasing and extended wait seems to have built up an endless reservoir. I pull right out as I thrust. There is cum all over your ass. I keep thrusting and we keep cumming for over a minute. Finally, we collapse on the beach, spent, exhausted, and totally satisfied.

(She writes) The night chill arrives and finds us cradled in each other’s arms, legs entwined. Were it not for the warmth of your breath about my neck, we would have wakened in time to set up camp in twilight. The moon has just made its appearance above the nearby standing of pines. We remain where we are and marvel at the silhouette it creates. You sense my chilling discomfort as even the running of your hands over my skin doesn’t manage to ward it off. You decide to get us settled for the stay with your first task to collect some firewood and mine to locate the ideal and softest spot for our makeshift version of a tent. It’s easy to find wood as the surrounding bush is laden with fallen branches, and likewise soft spots are plentiful on the opposite side of the beach where the sand changes to young tender grass.

As I lay out our bedding and arrange the shelter just so it covers our upper bodies yet enables us to still enjoy the view of the moon, stars and water I catch sight of the most glorious view of my day. Your back is to me and you have just started the fire and have squatted to tend to it, leaning into it and blowing to encourage its flame. I can see your relaxed cock and balls dangling in total comfort and freedom. The warm of the fire beckons you to stay there longer than usual and I watch as you occasionally reach down to handle yourself. Whether the warmth of the fire or your own touch, I see your member rise and your balls tighten. I wrap myself toga style in a sheet and make my way quietly behind you. Our hands meet on your lengthening cock and you gladly let me take over. The feel of my body against your back sends a warm chill through both of us and I remove the sheet for us to share. I set you off balance so that you gently fall back so I can have my way with you. You lay back with only Ben erect. Oh how you want to fondle me, to enjoy my aroused tits, and you are certain of the wetness of my pussy - but I insist that you experience only my touch so not to let you miss even a fraction of the enjoyment. I place a few stakes in the sand at arms length apart for you to hold to keep your hands in place, as they were relentlessly attempting to roam over my femininity. I teasingly threaten to tie them if need be, all the while thoroughly enjoying each attempt.
I begin your treatment with the caress of your chest stopping at your nipples to suckle for just a moment. My hands and vision can’t stay away from your groin as you begin to thrust your hips as in a form of begging for a touch, a lick, a suck or a fuck. Moans escape your clenched teeth along with the lightest whisper ‘fuck me, please’. I’m not yet convinced that you have been teased quite enough so I rise above you and straddle your body while bending at my waist allowing my hands to pass ever so lightly over your body. As I stretch forward to reach your knees, my hair brushes your ever so pleasantly enlarged cock, sending you into slow hip thrusts again. The sight of my juices glowing in the firelight thrills you while tempting you to let go of your stakes – I urge you otherwise and you reluctantly obey. I drop to my knees and allow my warm lips to wrap themselves around your shaft. An uncontrollable thrust rams your hardened cock further down my throat almost making me gag – I quickly recover without missing a beat and in rhythm we proceed to bring you to the edge where you almost expel yourself. As difficult as it is for me to pass on the decadent taste of your cum, I slow my suckling and you regain your control and I begin to loosen the control of my own heightened sexual desires for you. I position my now dripping cunt over your erection and slowly lower my pelvis until your thickened cock is fully engulfed at which point I slowly begin to rise until only the head of your member remains in contact with my pussy. I continue with this slow pace and we both completely enjoy the sensation as I gradually rotate myself until I am facing you and I lean forward for a long-waited for hard kiss which presses your cock against my wall in total delight. This time I win the race! I cave in total abandonment to the cause of bringing you ultimate pleasure while selfishly benefiting from every last twitch.
As I regain my composure I am amazed that you’re not wrought with frustration for the wait. I spread your legs and you bend them at the knees. I nestle myself between them while allowing my hands to wander and my mouth to find its way back for more action. I can feel your pulse in your cock and know that your end is drawing near. I moisten my thumb with my cunt juices and gently insert it up your anal canal bringing you increased ecstasy as I continue to suck and nip at your cock wanting to taste your cum. My tongue circles your head before your final plunge and release, which fills my mouth to overflowing as your warm cum runs down my chin and drips onto your balls. I place my hand on your boys and the rubbing sensation of the sand mixed with your cum brings you some newfound pleasure and Ben shows no signs of waning. I too am ready for another orgasm as I plead for some anal action and you gladly oblige while quickly mounting me from behind and collecting my juices on your cock just before thrusting your cock into my waiting hole. We rock together in absolute erotic pleasure as we arrive together for our final orgasm of this our first day in Paradise.

While making my way back to you after my response to the call of Mother Nature and succumbing to the lure of the moonlit lake, I noticed the outline of someone standing over our tent – over you. As I paused to confirm what I was seeing and contemplate an appropriate response, I couldn’t help but note that this was a feminine figure as I could see her long hair falling down her back and ending just above the curve of her buttocks. As she saw my approach she didn’t flinch nor show signs of threat and to my approval didn’t exchange any words. As I neared her I could see her more clearly through the moonlight and was pleased to observe that she too was naked. She was a slender, lean build with the exception of her fleshy native ass. As she swept her hair over her shoulder exposing her perfect breasts it became evident that she had already become aroused. I came closer to her side and stopped to look at what she was watching and immediately understood her condition.

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