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Extreme Insertions

(Part 1 from 1)

Jenny was already stripped, down on the floor, masturbating wildly. Her boyfriend Charlie was supposed to come over within the next hour, and she wanted to get herself off before he came.
Her blue eyes sparkled with life as she stuck the 4-inch hairbrush handle into her pussy, making it grind up against her g spot. She came all over it, got off the bathroom floor, and walked to the sink, shaking. Jenny washed it off, grabbed a shampoo bottle, and took another brush with a flat handle. She placed them, and the original brush, on the bathroom rugs and ran into the kitchen, pulling some carrots, a hotdog, and a can of whip cream out of the refrigerator. She also took a spoon and a carton of ice cream. For fun, she got two open beer cans and a large, plastic, naked baby doll. Maybe she would do it today.

She ran into the foyer on the way to the bathroom and was surprised to see Charlie standing in it, already. She almost jumped, being naked and carrying a large assortment of items. He smiled at her and, without a word, quickly became undressed. She ran into the bathroom and placed the items on the floor, sitting down next to them. Charlie, naked as well, came into the bathroom. 
"Hey babe," he said, lustfully. He sat down next to her and began to rub her clit, knowingly. She gasped at what he did, and how forward he was being.

"Charlie..." she moaned. She then quickly pulled away. He looked at her, frowning. Jenny said, "I'm sorry I haven't been able to... fit you in me yet." She was referring to his monster 14" cock that was as wide as her foot. She blushed, looked down at the objects, and said, "I was hoping we could practice today, trying to stretch me out. Using these things," she motioned to the objects around her. He raised his eyebrows and nodded, smiling. This was bound to be fun.

"Show me how you like it."
She nodded to him, and grabbed a few carrots. She pushed them in and out, the top of the carrot going in first. She moaned, almost coming, and then got to business. He watched as she played with herself, rubbing his own cock.

Jenny pulled the carrot out and placed in the hairbrush handle she had been masturbating with earlier. She pushed it in slowly, moaning. She let it rest, and then placed the brush with the slim handle in next to it. She moaned louder, and Charlie had lust in his eyes. He took the heads of the brushes and pushed them in and out, synchronized, double the Pleasure for her. She groaned happily, and motioned for him to stop. Her tight pussy was soaked.

She curled her fingers around a carrot, pulled the brushes apart, and pushed in the carrot, large part first. Her pussy was in pain, but she ignored it. Charlie helped, stuffing in the carrots, one after one, until Jenny felt white hot pain coming from her pussy area. She started to pull them out, but Charlie, quickly, replaced them. He placed a finger along with the carrots, tickling her from the inside. She pushed against him, and he slid in his finger once again, amongst the hairbrushes and carrots. She shrieked, throbbing, and he pushed the hotdog in with the numerous other items, sliding it in and out a few times. She came all over the items, and he pulled them out, one by one, after a minute of letting her scream from the pain, her pussy stretched farther than it ever had been.

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She panted heavily, as he finished, and he bent down, eating her out, sticking his hot tongue into her. She moaned happily, humping his face. He felt so good.

Charlie pushed the head of the whip cream bottle into her pussy, and noted how much larger it had become. Once it was almost all the way in, he pushed it up against the top wall of her pussy and heard the faint hiss of the can letting go of the cream. She moaned, lustfully, at the light, filling sensation, pushing again her pussy, better than she ever imagined. Thankfully for Charlie, the can was full, and the whipped cream kept pushing into her until it began escaping out of her pussy. Charlie pulled out the can and pressed his face into her pussy, licking out as much of the cream as possible. She giggled and pressed against him. He pulled out when he had cleared away as much as he could, and pushed his fingers into her, licking them when he had scooped some out. She swiveled against his fingers, pushing against them, begging for more. He coated the wall of her pussy with cream and got a hold of the ice cream and shampoo bottle. He took a dollop of ice cream and pushed it into her, packing it into the back. She shook at the coldness of it inside of her, biting at her. He continued to fill her up with vanilla ice cream as she lay down on the warm, bathroom rugs. She shuddered and shook as her bottom turned numb. Charlie licked at it as it tried to escape, and finally, violently, pushed the shampoo bottle into her. She screamed as the broad shampoo bottle bottom pushed her out, her pussy lips farther out then they had gone before. Charlie insistently pushed the ice cream farther back, the shampoo bottle sliding in completely. He pushed it in and out until it became easier to slide. Jenny had her hands entwined with the rug, releasing some pain. It popped into her completely, and she shrieked, splaying her legs out so Charlie could retrieve it. He pulled, and with a slurp, the ice cream and shampoo bottle came out quickly.

Jenny panted for a while, then opened a beer can and drank it. She handed one to Charlie and was taken by surprise as he stuffed the can into the ice cream, whipped cream mess. She sat up halfway, a tickle in her lower body, and moaned. The can popped back out. She looked over at the objects covered in her white mess, scattered along the floor. The baby doll caught her eye.

“Charlie,” she said, weakly, motioning to the item. He looked over, nodded, and smiled. Grabbing the plastic baby doll, he carefully worked it into her huge pussy; head first, as she moaned in agony. The 5 inch long head slid in quickly, then the shoulders disappeared, soon the chest and legs disappeared as well. Only the feet remained sticking out. Jenny cried out as if in labor with a real baby. “Pull it out, please pull it out,” she said quickly.

Satisfied, Charlie pulled the baby doll out and watched Jenny’s stomach collapse down. He smiled again. “You think you can take me now?” he asked.
She nodded, and turned around baring her backend. “Doggystyle,” she whispered.

He pushed his huge, hard dick up to her flamed pussy. She braced herself, and he slipped in quickly. She groaned loudly, as he increased ever so slightly in his long, lustful, virgin strokes. She cried out his name over and over again as he grabbed her hips and thrust to her. She couldn’t believe the wonderful feeling of him inside and over her, protecting her, his hot chest against her back. Suddenly, he pulled out and sprayed her back end with his cum. He then, unexpectedly, began to work into her asshole. It was unlubricated, and she cried out as he slipped into her. He also pressed his entire fist into her pussy, eliciting a scream from her as he worked both his cock and his hand in and out of her. Her entire body shook as she cummed again and again. Charlie came into her ass, sighed, pulled his fist out, and laid down on top of her, his dick still in her ass. She lowered herself to the floor, her bottom throbbing, stretched to the max.

He began running his hands down her side, sending her into a fit of shivers. He smiled, got up, pulled out, and washed his monstrous dick off. Jenny lay on the bathroom floor, naked, in ecstasy.

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