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Evil Teacher

(Part 1 from 1)

It was the first day of high school for Alice and her brothers Josh and Mathew. They had heard that their teacher was evil. They were SO scared. Finally its was time to MEET her and get to KNOW her. When they got there it was time.... When they walked in and shook her hand. she had this devilish smile. They found their seats.

They had a POP QUIZ on the first day of schoundiesce said what the hell to her on accident. She madly yelled to them WHAT DID YOU SAY? Alice quickly said nothing miss sorry and tried to run but was caught by her undies and cried in pain as Ms. Thomas dragged her. The teacher grabbed a wooden paddle. Alice begged to not be spanked but Ms. Thomas hit her through her skirt twenty times, panties fifty times and bare bottom SEVENTY FIVE times HARD. The girl begged to be released and after she ran to the bathroom crying. Her brothers sat there in silence afraid to get up.

The mean lady yelled BETTER BE GOOD YOU BRATS!! Or you will turn out like her GETTING 145 SPANKINGS!! Mathew said u might have been a little too hard on her. SO WHAT IF I WAS SIT DOWN NOW bitch! YES MA'AM RIGHT AWAY he said. BITCH he mumbled. I WARNED YOU they lady shouted get over here NOW. He obeyed. This time she STRIPPED him and threw him outside the school! He banged on this window and begged to be let in while girls were feeling him and taking pics. Some of them TOUCHED his parts and tried to KISS him.

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He was SUPER embarrassed. He knocked on the front doors but they were locked! After about two HOURS he was let in. When he asked for his clothes back Ms. Thomas gave him ashes and dust! He looked so shocked! He said he would do anything for more clothes because they girls were STILL feeling him. But the teacher said NO CAN DO with a huge grin on her face!! He fell to his knees because of the HUMILIATION. Then came lunch. Mathew got so many spankings his ass was bright red. When he went to sit he was still naked and word got around quicker than than the speed of light! He got dragged to the GIRL'S bathroom a billion times and got swirls in DIRTY toilets from girls!

During class Josh said to stop or else.. The teacher yelled OR ELSE WHAT. She also stripped him tied him and Mathew after she put them in thongs with their ASSES on display! The class laughed and Mathew and Josh begged them to not take pics of it. But they heard about 59 camera's clicking from there classmates' phones. Then they were also spanked. Ms. Thomas instructed Max and Jordan (two of their classmates two remove them and hang them on the flagpole. WAIT they begged please NO were in thongs it will sting so bad but they mean teacher just duck taped their mouth's shut.

When They were about to be hung Ms. Thomas said wait I need to get my phone and record this she said with a huge smirk. And begin Max said. It hurt so much the could hear the muffled screams. They were let down and put into tightly whities. The student's poured in Josh's undies a cold Pepsi, jelly, 4 jelly donuts, cold turkey meat and milk.

They put in Mathew's ice, more Pepsi, pizza, ham, and water. Ms. Thomas said ready boys? They both moaned no more were begging you. TOO BAD she replied and yanked the undies up. She hearten all the stuff slosh around and was pleased. They groaned please no more are asses are really really freezing.. Will you be good she said smirking? We promise. As you wish she said and dropped them. The stuff oozed out. It was time to go she said see you tomorrow boys and left. Wait we still need clothes Josh said..

To be continued...

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