Educating wuhan lady about sex

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I visited a massage parlour in wuhan few months ago. a young lady age 24 was serving me. she had just arrived wuhan less than 2 weeks ago with the purpose of earning more money. unfortunately, business has not been good and she was lamenting the low income.

She was inexperienced in massage. i had to "tutor" and "guide" her about massage strokes, techniques, etc. from our conversations, i then discovered that she was also inexperienced in sex.

I assertively asked her to lie down face down and demonstrated some massage strokes on her legs, buttocks, inner thighs and back. she enjoyed it and responded positively.

I deliberately moved my hands near her vagina from the back, she was surprised but didnt resist. i asked her if it feels good, she simply nodded.

I flipped her body over and showed her how to lick and suck breasts/nipples. she moaned after my sucking got heavy. at the same time, my hands wondered various parts of her body freely.

My finger entered her super wet vagina, only to wet it further. she became very aroused and started to rub her legs herself. i deliberately withhold penetrating her to make her desperate. she wanted me to wear a condom. i refused and threw it away. i insisted that i shall teach her good sex without condom. before she could say or resist, i swiftly mounted my cock into the moist love tunnel. it was her 5th or 6th intercourse. so, she was practically still a virgin, raw and highly inexperienced in sex. i rocked her slowly, escalating her excitement.

She actually tried to stop my penetration initially with feeble strength and i conquered her half-hearted reistance very easily.

Soon, she was enjoying the sexual tempo and started moaning loudly and audibly expressed great sexual satisfaction.

Her tight hole and freshness make my dick super hard and highly motivated to keep my prey. i pumped her hard concurrently with very skilfull sucking of her nipples.

She just engrossed in the sexual enjoyment. very soon, i was about to cum. i informed her that i will shoot inside. she was frantically trying to remove my cock. her attempts were again feeble and half-hearted.

I ignored her pleas or efforts to terminate the intercourse. instead, i held her very tightly and apply a tight grip on her body. i straddled her tongues to suck my nipples, arousing me greatly and instantly.

Very soon, i started shooting sperm deep inside. she was so wet that she didnt even realised or felt my sperm flooding her hole. she became worried and i assured her is fine as her menstration was barely a week ago.

She kissed me on my lips as we parted. few days later, she called me, hoping to meet me. unfortunately, i had flown to beijing.

Apparently, she kind of like my sexual tutoring and was obviously hoping for more. i promised her that i will return to wuhan after xmas to teach her more. she was so delighted.

Actually, i am yearning the great sex with her and looking forward to a merry xmas in wuhan, with sexual excitement ahead !!!

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