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Doing my ex-daughter in-law

(Part 1 from 1)

My ex daughter in law, Jill, has been separated/divorced from my son for over a year. We stay close with her since she's the mother of our granddaughter and both my wife and I think she's a nice person. Jill will, on occasion, come down to our place and stay the week-end. She's 5'4" tall and used to have a nice figure. Since she got married, she let herself go and weighed up toward 200 pounds at one point, though lately she's been trying to get her weight under control. She's doing some exercises and I can see some improvement and some of her shape coming back.

One evening she was visiting and my wife was not at home or expected back for a few hours. Jill and I are just sitting around doing nothing with the TV on and I asked her how long it's been since she's been in our tub telling her I'll go run her a hot bath (we have an over sized bath tub that she'd always enjoyed). I start the tub, putting in plenty of bubble bath and light a few candles. I tell her "why not relax in the tub with one of your books you like." I then fix her a nice size drink, lead her by the hand taking one of her romance/sex paper backs she's always reading, and deposit her in the bath room. Fixing the bath pillow for her, telling her to drink up it will relax her, I tell her I'll be back to check later and leave. I'm hoping the warm bubble bath, the drink, and her romance novel will get her relaxed and a little horny.

I listen outside the door and hear her get undressed and climb into the tub. I wait about fifteen minutes and then knock on the door. She calls out "I'm OK". I say "good, now cover up with bubbles or whatever cause I'm coming in." I wait about ten seconds and go thru the door. Of course I'm completely naked and have a semi-hard on, not one that's sticking straight out, but one that's definitely showing that I'm a little exicited.

She looks shocked and doesn't know what to say or do. She just covers herself as much as she can with her hands and wash cloth. I tell her to relax I'm just here to wash her back. I immediately climb into the tub and she moves as far forward as she can. Sitting behind her, I spread my legs out along each side of her and, taking the wash cloth from her hands, I soap her back up and begin washing/rubbing her back. After a little washing, a let the wash cloth drop and begin just rubbing/massaging her back (even though Jill's a little heavy, she still has nice skin). I take a sip of my drink and hand her hers telling her to drink up, it will help relax her. She downs the whole glass. I then start letting my massaging hands wander around to her sides, not all the way around to her breasts but enough to touch their sides.

Telling her to lean back, relax, and that I won't do anything she doesn't want or need, I continue to massage her neck and shoulders. She finally leans back towards me and begins to relax. At this point, I take the wash cloth and start to rub the front of her body, her tits and her stomach. I, again, let the wash cloth drop so that I'm actually fondling her breasts making sure I play a little with her nipples. I expand my rubbing going down her hips and to the top part of her thighs, then the inner thighs, then her pubic hair area. She's tense at first but once she starts to feel comfortable, I start rubbing more of her pussy.

After a few moments of lightly stroking her pussy, she lets out a small moan. I then start to concentrate on her clit, giving it a lot of attention with a circular motion. Her clit has swollen somewhat and I feel it firm and about a quarter inch in size. Jill, always being a very talkative person, starts to moan more loudly. I see and feel her hips starting to move with my hands and I see her legs starting to bounce up and down splashing water everywhere. She keeps this up for a while then yells "Oh my! Oh my!" over and over. She then grabs my hand and presses it as hard as possible against her clit and pussy, moving it up and down really quickly. She straightens out her legs and yells very loudly "OH SHIT!, SHIT!, SHIT!". I assume this is her way of telling me that she has just had a good size orgasm. She stops pressing my hand against her and I stop the rubbing. She just completely relaxes and sinks against me. I hand her a drink and say "here, this will help".

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I let the water out of the tub and, taking her by the hand, help her out of the tub. I dry her off completely and after drying me, lead her into the bedroom and onto the bed. She's a little hesitant but sits and then lies down as I gently show her that's what I want her to do. I immediately begin sucking and playing with her nipples, hoping to get her back to being aroused. When her nipples begin to firm up, I slide my hand between her legs, feeling how she is still nice and juicy and begin to rub her pussy and clit once again. She responds immediately giving out another moan and raising her hips to my hand. I reposition myself down between her legs and give her pussy a long slow lick from the spot between her ass hole and pussy all the way up to her hair (she's got a nice croup of fine black hair). She gives out another moan, louder this time. Noticing how white and smooth her inner thighs are, I lick and kiss them moving up toward her pussy. I can see her juices just sitting in her pussy but, before I go to get them, I start to suck on the spot to each side between her pussy and upper thigh. I suck hard on these two spots, kind of like a was giving her a "hickey" but not hard enough to mark her white, smooth skin. She responds by spreading her legs even farther apart and I postion her feet on the top of my shoulders to help hold her open. I then dive my tongue into her pussy, and scoop out as much of her juice with my tongue as possible. She tastes warm and sweet and she squirms as my tongue goes inside her. I start licking her pussy lips up and down the length of her pussy making sure I touch her clit as I go by. I insert my tongue as far into her pussy as I can giving her a good tongue fucking, she starts moaning and breathing a little heavier. I slide up to her clit and suck it into my mouth and flick it with my tongue while I suck as hard as I can. She starts gyrating her hips, her breathing becomes very heavy with short breaths, and I know she's getting close to cumming. I keep up the sucking of her clit and she lets out a with a loud "YES! YES! YES!" as she cums. I quickly leave her clit and go back to her pussy, licking out as much of her sweet juices as I can.

I sit up and tell her to roll over and get up on her knees. She does this and I press her back down so her chest is down on the bed which makes her hips, pussy, and ass rise up. I take my hard cock and insert it into her moist pussy, pushing it slowly all the way inside her and holding it there (I don't want to cum inside her since I don't have a condom on). As I slide into her, she lets out a gasp and sucks in a deep breath. I don't know if this gasp is due to my size (I'm over 6" in lengh) or because she's not had a cock inside her in quite awhile, either reason, it makes me get even harder. I slowly pull my cock all the way out, wait a few seconds and insert it again slowly going as deep as I possibly can. She gasps again. I hold my cock inside for about half a minute then slide it out. Her warm pussy and her great reaction to my cock is getting me close to cumming. I take my cock and slide it along her ass hole and up her ass crack, then, spreading her ass cheeks with my hands, I start sliding it with more vigor. Apparently, realizing that I'm trying to cum, Jill presses her ass back against my cock in sync with my thrusts. After a while, I start to cum letting out a couple of grunts so she knows it's happening. Squirting my juices up her back, I pump a few more times to get empty. Seeing my juices lying on her back, I tell her to stay still while I get a towel to clean her off. After wiping her clean and tossing the towel onto the floor, I say to her "turn over if you want me to make you cum again".

This is when I get a surprise. Jill usually does things at a slower than normal speed but when I asked her to turn over, she flips herself over onto her back, grabs her legs with her arms, and while holding her knees with the bend of her elbows, pulls her legs up so her knees are up next to her head. She does this in one fluid motion. I didn't know she could move so quick or that she was this agile. This position has her ass and pussy sticking almost straight up in the air. It's such a great view that I tell her "I'd love to have a picture of this pose". Obviously, she wants me to give her another orgasm.

I move in close and while she is holding her legs up, immediately run my tongue up and down her pussy lips, she's as juicy as ever. I take my tongue and tease her clit, then slid down all the way to her ass hole and tease this hole. I then go back up and tongue fuck her pussy, getting my tongue in as far as I possibly can. I keep this combination of movements up for a little while playing my tongue in all three spots.

I then keep my tongue up near her clit, which has now swollen so it stands out almost a half inch, and tease this area, staying off the clit directly as much as possible. I insert the thumb of my right hand quickly into her pussy, it goes in really easy since she is so wet. I start to fuck her pussy with my thumb repeatedly, going all the way in and then pulling all the way out in quick, firm thrusts. She starts to push herself up to meet my thumb on every thrust. I continue to tease her clit area with my tongue while reaching my left hand up between her legs to one of her hard nipples and start to roll and squeeze the nipple in between my index finger and thumb applying a good amount of pressure, almost a pinch. All this time I'm still fucking her quickly with my thumb and using my tongue around her clit. On one of my thumb withdrawals, instead of going back into her pussy, I stick my thumb in her ass hole going in as far as I can. It slides in easily since my thumb is covered with her pussy juices and a lot of her juice has run down over and past her ass hole. With this first ass fuck, she lets out a loud gasp. I continue to tease her clit with my tongue, start pinching her nipple harder, and begin fucking her ass with my thumb taking it all the way in and removing is all the way on each thrust. I hold my thumb out for a few seconds each time before jamming in back in. On each jam, Jill lets out a moan/grunt.

After keeping this up for close to a minute, Jill yells out at the top of her voice "leave it in and start sucking!" Of course, I oblige. I jam my thumb in her ass one more time leaving it in all the way, pinch and hold her nipple once more real hard, and start sucking on her clit. With her clit swelled like it is, it's easy to pull it into my mouth, suck hard, and play with it with my tongue at the same time. In just a few seconds, Jill yells out "YES! YES! YES!" over and over and her pussy just floods with juice. I expect she'd tire and push me away but she just keeps cumming and yelling. After what seems like a couple of minutes, she yells "NO MORE!" and pushes my head away. She lets go of her knees and her legs drop on me. My thumb is still up her ass and I slowly remove it while she gives out one last grunt.

I go and clean up and eventually Jill does, too. I tell her that if she wants me to draw her a bath in the future, just ask. She says she'll definitely be taking me up on that offer. Later my wife comes home finding us in the living room, Jackie on the computer checking email and me flipping thru TV channels trying to find something worth watching. Mary asks "What's up". Both Jill and I respond "nothing much" not giving any hint about what had been up earlier. I can't help wondering how nice it would be to have both Jill and Mary in bed with me at the same time.

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