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Doctor's Office : True Story

(Part 1 from 1)

This is an actual true story. I have nothing to gain by making a fiction nor have I written any other stories. The "incident" happened at the Specialist.


I went to my GP as i had a stabbing pain in my testicles. I also had a inguinal hernia a few yrs ago and figured it may have something to do with that. I am very shy and was putting this off for quite a while. I have an uncircumcised penis and its not really that big. I guess thats partly why I was hesitant.

When i seen the doctor, he checked me out and found no lumps. He sent me for an ultra sound, which in itself felt very intrusive but it had to be done. That came back with something "twisted" (i cant remember exactly what it was, something to do with nerves and my hernia op) it did say it on the papers though. I returned to the GP and then he sent me to a specialist at the hospital.


As soon as i went in he looked at the papers first while asking me exactly what I felt. I simply said some days its worse then others and asked me a few questions. Becasue he asked me about erections & ejaculating I did say yes, it seems to hurt but only sometimes. He drew i diagram of what he was trying to explain the problem may be.

Then he said "Ok, I'll have a look and we'll go from there. Hop up on the step near the bed"

I walked to the bed holding my gown as i knew my butt checks could be showing. I turned and stepped up on the small step with my back to the bed.

He then motioned for me to lift up the gown. I kept my undies on underneath so i pulled them down a little bit. This was the first time he seen me half naked so I was embarrassed. He did the 'normal' check (with gloves) feeling my testicles. Made me cough both sides then felt my pubic area. He seemed to think he felt something just above my right testicle. He told me to lay down on my back and said "You will need to take your underwear right off & undo your gown"

So i sat on the bed, took them off and left them on the floor. I casually undid the gown and had the strings beside me as sat upright. My gown was undone from the rear and as I went to lay back, he pulled it up past my belly button. He then did what seemed to be another 'normal' check feeling my testicles & lifted the gown up further near my chest. While feeling the scar from my surgery (right side above testies) he then rubbed my whole pubic/abdomen area & over my penis with his left hand, while feeling my testicles with other hand. He then told me to lift and spread my thighs. Proceeded to ask me if there was any pain. I answered yes & no.

He kept his left hand on my abdomen & walked to the end of the bed where my toes would be. As he moved, his hand landed on the shaft of my penis/pubic area. He then rolled it over my whole penis and grabbed my balls and lifted then up, cupping them in his hand. With his right hand he started to rub between the back of my testicles towards my ass hole. Basically pushing it gently for a good 20 seconds or so. All seemed well even though by this stage i was questioning this exam in my head. He stepped back around to the side of the bed, took his gloves off and said "I believe I feel something abnormal in your testicles and right over your scar"

I guess i was relieved but at the same time I still wanted to know the answer to my intermittent pain. He also said "Its quite hard feeling the area with a gloved hand, especially when even an ultrasound only found minor details" He asked if he could continue without gloves. I said yes as I was unsure what was left to do. So he went to wash his hands, came back then asked me to roll over (on my elbows and knees). This felt weird but im no Doctor. As I rolled over, the gown slipped right off my back with only my shoulders still in it. He stood there for a while before he put his left hand on my testicles, which were just hanging down and gently squeezing them. His right hand was just on my back. Asked if there was pain and at this time i said a little. He did say at different positions and certain exercises the pain could be more evident. He asked if I had any history of prostate problems in my family but I was unsure.

Let go of my testicles and walked to the back of me. He said he would have a quick check. At this point he got the gloves so i knew what he was going to do. But I noticed he only put one on his right hand. I couldn't see him as I was face down, I went to turn around and he told me to stay there. He was just behind me putting what looked like lube on his fingers. I felt his left palm and the back of his right hand spread my cheeks apart. His left hand without the glove was a lot warmer and I could feel where each finger was. He then held my right butt cheek out and with his ungloved left hand, used his fingers to spread my anal passage right open.

I could feel it stretch open and felt the fingers slightly poking inside me. It seemed like minutes before I felt a cold, slow finger go in. It slid right in with ease but felt really tight. I felt him move around in there & seemed like that part of the exam was finished as he was going over the same spots again. He withdrew his finger only to say "Spread your legs more" So i adjusted accordingly and before I could blink, I felt his bare hand open me up again. When he proceeded to put his gloved finger back in, this time it was warm but didn't go in as easy. I guess i was tensing a bit and there seemed to be less lube.

He made his way in very tight and I felt his finger inside me but it felt it was on the bottom part where my stomach/testies are. Im sure it was my prostate. He was moving over it slowly with some pressure. I have never had this done and actually jumped forward a little. He asked if I was in pain, I said "no i accidently moved". He assured me to just relax. So as I moved back a little to get comfortable, I assumed his hand would also. It didn't, I pushed back and felt his finger go in deeper. I glanced down through my elbows and seen I was getting semi 'aroused'. Not at all hard, but my penis was getting thicker.

Just when I was not embarrassed he then withdrew his hand again. He took his glove off and asked me to roll over. I turned over and put my hands over my penis but trying not to make it obvious i was covering up.

He explained to me about the prostate as I was laying on my back completely naked and mentioned sometimes the ultra sounds miss things and only I knew where the pain is etc. He then asked if I was ok with me showing him an erection as its something to do with the testies "getting tight" I didn't know if he meant a photo at home or there and then and if he would leave the room etc. So being quite confused & nervous i said yes.

He walked away, so i half put the gown on and he said "Just leave it off" He came back and asked me to move my arms to the side. So there I was on my back with my arms down and my entire genitals right in front of him. My uncut penis laying to one side which still looked kind of small. He still had no gloves on so I assumed it was going to be something simple Id have to do. He then proceeded to talk about random stuff nothing to do with the problem, standing beside me with his hands resting on the bed.
As i was speaking to him I was looking up thinking of what he asked, then with no warning I felt his bare hands on my stomach.

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I jumped a little as It was more of a shock reaction. Still he was talking about what I like to do on the weekends, my job, my dogs etc.

He slowly put both hands back on my pubic area. Eventually moving back and forth but not really touching anything. I remember this quite well because when I was talking about the school I went to, that exact moment when I told him, I felt his right hand slide over my penis. The bottom of his wrist was going up and down over the entire area while he was gently squeezing my balls. This went on for a short while before he started cupping my balls with his palm whilst his fingers rubbing between them and my ass hole.

My penis started feeling twitchy like during the prostate exam. He knew it and moved his right hand up from my balls. With his thumb and two fingers, he gently grabbed my shaft and started to pull it very slowly back and forth. We were still speaking of random things like this whole experience was not happening. I felt intimidated but knew I said I'd be ok about showing him an erection.

Eventually i got semi erect but would still be considered limp. He said "just close your eyes, tell me if you feel any pain and relax" As he must of known I was semi awkward. As soon as I closed my eyes I felt my penis grow between his thumb and fingers. That made him grab the shaft with most of his hand. It was so warm and I even remember thrusting slightly in the air, as if to say grab it all. He went for it and started puling back and forth. All the while my eyes closed laying there naked as I felt him stop at the base. I open my eyes and see him holding it near my pubic area and pushing down trying to retract my foreskin.

It seemed like the head was trying to come out. So with his left hand he gently started to pull the foreskin down. I seen the head of my penis slowly come out as he was rolling it down like a condom. As the tip was fully out, then the base of the head seemed to just pop out rather fast. With his right hand still pulling down, his left hand fingers where rolling around the head in a circular motion. At that second I got pretty hard. He moved his right hands position to grab what was the loose skin and now because its tight he had a much better grip on the whole thing.

As he moved his left hand back to my stomach he looked at me and said "it all looks healthy, apart from your pain of coarse". His right hand now was going up and down at a much faster pace and with more force. My penis has never been as hard as it is right now. He would stop after about 20 seconds and just rub around the head of my penis then straight back to a decent pulling motion.

He asked me if I could tell him if and where it hurts during the next little while. He then said "feel free to let go when you are comfortable" I asked him what he meant, he said "when you ejaculate".

Even though I was rock hard by now and going with it, I could not manage to ejaculate. He seemed more then patient to continue. I was even thrusting with the motion and with his hand around my cock, I said "I really don't think I can ejaculate". Still at a fast pace with no break he said "I can massage your prostate, it may make it easier but thats up to you". I figured it meant like a normal tissue massage so I said yes. Whilst still pulling me, he changed to his left hand and that actually felt faster and better grip. I was still gently thrusting up and down until he told me to hold still for a second and lift your bum up.

So I stopped and closed my eyes again. He stopped pulling me for a second whilst he moved my left leg up with my ankle in the air resting against the wall. He then moved my right leg so my heel was near my bum but still on the bed. So with a leg in the air and another pushed up to me and spread wide, he continued pulling me off. A second later I felt his right hand between my ass and my balls, gently pressuring it. His wrist was near the bottom of the bed, while his fingers stroking up to my penis. Because of the angle, he had to get closer to me, so he grabbed my thigh, dragged me over near the edge of the bed and pushed down on it until i couldn't spread my legs anymore.

It made my whole ass be more open and I guess, easier to get to. He never once took his left hand off my penis & quickly resumed the spot where his right hand was near my ass. It actually felt real soothing. Then I felt his hand turn upside down with his fingers now near my ass hole and palm near my balls. I was certain now this is the massage and figured this isn't so bad.

All of a sudden I feel his middle finger trying to get inside me. I opened my eyes to look down and he was looking at the entrance to my ass. I seen him try to stick his finger in, it got a bit further this time, maybe just past his fingernail. I just laid there looking at the ceiling and then felt him pull out. I just remembered he had no gloves on at all and figured he just thought of it to thats why he stopped. Then I heard him say "you have pre-cum, you must be relaxed now" He stopped for a brief second and pulled the skin down to my pubic area making my entire shaft real tight with the head of my penis real thick.

With the hand he was trying to finger my ass with, he went to the opening of my penis and spread it with his index finger. He was rubbing the pre-cum around the hole and eventually around the entire head. It looked and felt real wet and slippery now. It was so sensitive and with every circle around it made me moan a little. And as quick as he stopped pulling my dick, he began the motion with his left hand up and down again. I closed my eyes again as this was the first time I didn't feel weird.

He had pre-cum on his right fingers and I felt his wet middle finger at the entrance to my ass again. He slowly stuck it in but this time didn't pull out. I felt it go past his nail, the first then second knuckles. This is when he pulled back so slightly only to push straight back in. Further and further it went. Between that and my dick being pulled I started rocking back to meet his finger halfway to push it in further. It was still very tight in there but he said "squeeze your butt checks together" As I did, I felt his index finger go in to. I could feel my hole being stretched, almost felt it was being torn.

I released my squeeze and thats when he shoved his fingers right up until he could not go any further. When he was fingering me, it now wasn't going in and out, it was more just rubbing on my prostate. I opened my eyes and could not see his fingers at all they were that deep inside. I decided to squeeze tight again and I heard him say "this must feel good, no pain anywhere?" With the look on my face and closed eyes he didn't need an answer so I just mumbled very quickly "yes its good" whilst i wasn't holding my breath. I heard him laugh a little then started a quick vibrating/rubbing motion deep inside me.

I remember the feeling of him pulling my dick faster as he never used lube. It got hot real quick and every bit of skin was constantly being stretched but it never felt so good! At this stage I was about to explode but held back. He asked me for the last time if there was any pain. I said not at all. He then leaned into me and spoke softly while my eyes were still shut. "I think your erections are fine. If its OK with you and you are in fact enjoying this, do you want to relieve yourself in a satisfying way?" At this point of nearly ejaculating, I said "that would be fine" Then I felt the grip on my dick let go but continued his right hand fingering.

I opened my eyes to see what was happening. He moved from my side to the very back, giving the view of my anal passage right near his face. I seen him put his head down near his own fingers and put his left hand on my thigh. He bobbed down even further with his head between my legs now. I closed my eyes to feel a tongue lick my tight but cum filled balls, right up my shaft until his lips where at the head. His mouth finally over and it was a warm, tight and wet. Before he was halfway down I nearly dropped a load. I held back which was so hard. He stared just sucking half my dick and I started pushing my hips up so he would swallow it more. He instinctively knew what I was doing, so on the next way down, he swallowed the whole thing. Quickly back up and down again. This went on for another minute getting wetter and wetter with our natural lubricants.

The anal fingering got so intense he pushed so hard and lifted my bum up to his face just so he could swallow my entire cock right down to my pubes. I said Im about to cum, so he got real fast with the sucking and deep throating every motion. I started to move around a lot and his fingers and face followed like a magnet. He also knew it was coming. I said "oh oh here I cum..." He made sure my cock was all the way down his throat, he held his head against my pubes and waited while violently fingering me. Then BAM, I shifted my hips until I pushed his head up and unloaded a massive burst of cum down his throat.

I felt the squeeze and him swallow waiting for the next. Again and again I came deep into his throat with him swallowing every last drop. He continued to breath through his nose then removed his fingers from my ass only to tickle my balls. I must of been cuming for 20 seconds and as I tried to remove my cock his head was there to follow. He then removed his mouth hold and sucked the shaft all the way to the head. Took a breath whilst pulling furiously on my cock. It was so sensitive by now but felt the best it ever has. Because he kept pulling I had one more shot to unload, he mouthed my cock and took the last few before slowly making his was back up.

He was sucking so hard, when the head of my penis was coming out of his lips, it made a wet popping sound. I was truly in bliss as I lay there. He hopped back up and didn't need to ask how I felt, he knew it. He was smiling and said "I hope today was educational and you enjoyed it with no pain". I smiled and said "Ive never felt better". I got up slowly put my undies back on and eventually into my clothes.

He gave me his card and said, "any other problems, don't hesitate to come back and see me". I left feeling better then I ever had and realized If there is experience's like that in the World, I can put up with a small amount of pain..

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