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Doctor Nurse

(Part 1 from 1)

My name is Kacy, I am a nurse working 7pm to 7am when this good looking doctor followed me to the supplies room. Itís a quiet shift, so there are not too many people around, but enough to make it a little bit dangerous.

The doctor followed me to the corner, and that's when I pulled him towards me, making out with him, touching him, breathing so heavy because I am so turned on. He pressed up close to me and I could feel his huge bulging hard-on through his scrubs. I pulled at his pants until I had your hot hard cock next to my skin, and thatís when I dropped to my knees.

I was licking him up and down his shaft, moving my hot moist tongue all around his cock, and then taking him in to my mouth and sucking him all the way up and down. He was so excited that this hot young nurse is pleasuring him. Again and again I am licking and sucking him until he could feel the pressure starting to build because he knew that he was going to have the most amazing orgasm of his life. The doctor canít stand it, he wanted to feel my hot wet pussy on his dick. He pulled me up and twisted me round and bend me over the table. He pull down my scrubs and pushed aside my pink lacey panties to make room for his huge cock, then he pushed in to me without hesitation.

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I was so ready for him. The doctor thrusted me really hard, again and again, while pushing me down. I am helpless and completely at his mercy. He was turning me on so much that it doesnít take long before he felt me spasm around his cock, one orgasmic wave after another. I am moaning loud from the pleasure, but he had to pull me back and cover my mouth so as to not arouse too much suspicion from passers-by.

The feel of my pussy tightening against his cock is too much for him to bear, and he also exploded, his hot cum pulsing in to me. He never felt anything so powerful before. After a moment to catch my breath, I pull up my scrubs, and turn to leave. I gave him the smile that says, yep, Iím your dirty slut, you can have your way with me anytime you want!

Thinking of this experience has definitely driven my appetite for sex out of control! I can feel that tingling in my vagina right now that tells me Iím going to have to go and masturbate!


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