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Devil's Head

(Part 1 from 1)

I live near a border town with New Brunswick Canada and when ever I get the urge to do some gay cruising I go to a little park with hiking trails called Devil’s Head. The part of the state that I live in is very rural and has limited opportunities for meeting like minded men. The only real chance of meeting another man for sex is either at Devil’s Head or the Rest Area at the edge of town.

I’ve had success at both locations but prefer Devil’s Head because it provides more privacy. I have found that all of the men that I have met, and “been with,” are all Canadians. Most of them are older and married and I assume come over to this side of the border to find some action and to get serviced. Being a total gay bottom I don’t have any problems with fulfilling their needs.

The last guy that I was with at Devil’s Head fit the bill and was an older white guy of average build and height. It was early Fall and it was a nice sunny warm day. As I turned into the entrance to the park I noticed a man sitting in his car in the parking area that the dirt access road passed through. I looked his way as I passed by and headed down the road to another small parking area where the hiking trail begins.

I pulled my car straight into the space, turned off the engine and rolled down my window and waited. It wasn’t very long before the the car I had passed at the entrance drove by me and checked me out. He went further down the quiet road and turned around and then came back and backed his car in next to mine. Like me he turned off his car and rolled down his window.

I couldn’t help notice that he had Canadian plates on his car which indicated to me that he was there for the same reason I was. So far so good I thought. Without hesitation he said hello and started with idle chit chat. We talked about the weather and and he asked me questions about my car. He asked me if I came there often and I answered that I did when ever the urge struck me.

He got out of his car and asked another question about my car. Following his cue I exited my car and answered his questions and allowed him to take the lead with the conversation. He told that his name was Paul and I told him my name was Kenny as I shook his hand. He asked me if I enjoyed the hiking trail and I honestly answered that I had never hiked it and mostly came there for companionship.

I must add that while we talked I would steal a glance at his crotch every so often hoping that he would pickup on my interest and meaning. Not wanting to make a mistake and be overly forward with my intent to this total stranger I let Paul continue to lead the conversation. I saw my chance when he asked me what I did. Turning my glance to his crotch I answered that I did it all.

Going for broke my new friend rubbed his crotch with his right hand and boldly asked me if I sucked cock. I answered that “yes” I did and that it was one of my favorite things to do and then I asked him if he wanted to get sucked off as I moved towards him. He answered yes and began to undo his belt and unfasten his blue jeans.

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“Here, let me do that” I said as I stood in front of him and moved his hands out of the way and finished opening up his jeans and lowering his zipper. I reached down inside his pants and slid my hand into his underwear and grabbed his semi hard cock. To my surprise and delight I discovered it to be very large and cut with a big mushroom head. Bingo, my favorite I thought as I stroked his fast hardening cock.

Nice I said as I dropped to my knees and got eye level with his beautiful dick. “You like” he asked as he pushed his jeans and underwear past his hips completely freeing his large cock and low hanging balls. “Um mm,” I moaned with my approval as I moved my mouth to his cock and kissed and licked that awesome cock head before putting it into my mouth.

I was immediately rewarded with the taste of his pre-cum as I began to work as much of his cock into my hungry mouth. Like most of the other men I had met, and serviced at Devil’s Head, I could tell that my new friend was very excited and as such probably wouldn’t last long before he came. Although I figured that he wouldn’t last long I took my time as I got into a rhythm and worked his big cock in and out of my mouth.

I fluttered my wet tongue on the sensitive underside of his dick on each stroke and gently cupped his cum filled balls with my right hand. Every once in awhile I would glance up and look at Paul staring down at me as I expertly sucked his cock. He indicated his delight with little moans and the occasional “that’s it, suck my big cock.”

At one point Paul told me to suck his balls which I was more than happy to do. I kissed and licked them before taking each one separately into my mouth while stroking his cock with my hand. They were what I call low hangers and were full of the object of my desire, his hot, juicy cum. Paul moaned his approval as I gently sucked on his hairless balls and worked his enlarged dick.

After a couple of minutes I moved my mouth back to his awesome cock and began to suck on him again. Paul asked me if I would swallow his cum and I slid my mouth off his cock long enough to answer “of course.” Knowing that he was just about there and getting anxious to taste his man milk I reached behind him and grabbed the cheeks of his ass as sucked on him with all my heart.

His cock seemed to get harder, if that was even possible, as I worked my head back and forth along his large shaft. I knew that my reward was about to be released when Paul grabbed the top of my head and began to move his hips in time with my hungry mouth. No sooner had Paul uttered that he was going to cum that his cock began to spurt its load into my mouth and down my throat.

I moaned with delight as I began to swallow is delicious sweet sperm. I still had a hold of his ass cheeks as his, more then, ample load spurted into my cock loving mouth. Paul held onto my head as I continued to suck on his cock making sure to get every last drop of his cum into my greedy mouth. Only when I was sure that I had gotten it all did I let him slip out of my mouth and leaned back to one last look at his beautiful cock.

“Wow” Paul said as he put his softening cock away and fastened up his pants and belt. “That was great” he added before before thanking me. “No, thank you,” I replied as I stood up. “Believe me it was my pleasure. Come back anytime and be sure and tell your friends and neighbors I added as he got into his car and drove away.

I got into my car and headed out of the park thinking that I had another successful trip to Devil’s Head. To me there is nothing like giving head at Devil’s head.

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