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Desiree and Her Daddy

(Part 1 from 1)

This story is completely fictional. Any resemblance to real life people is strictly coincidental as all characters in this story are of my imagination. Enjoy reading and please, don't try this at home.

"Desiree, please hurry up. We don't have all day. Your hair should have been done at least an hour ago. C'mon now, you're going to make us late," Adam yelled up the stairs to his daughter. Desiree, just about to turn 18, was exercising her usual tardiness. "Just one more minute, dad!" She snapped back. Finally, descending down the stairs in nothing more than a short, white cotton skirt and a tight red spaghetti strap tank top, Desiree was ready. 

"That's what you're wearing?" Adam asked his daughter. Desiree was drop dead gorgeous, sporting very long, lean, tan legs that went for days & a very flat, tan stomach. Her chest was also something to be proud of with her perky 36C's that created just enough cleavage to make her appear sexy and not trashy. Besides that, her face was to die for. She took after her mom with her long blonde hair, deep green eyes, high cheekbones and very full lips. 

"Yes, dad, this is what I'm wearing," she replied, annoyed at his stupid question. Adam was a single dad, 35, and very attractive. He had light brown hair and bright blue eyes with a smile that all of Desiree's friend's mom's seemed to like. He didn't usually mind Desiree's clothing. He liked it that she showed her body off. The more she showed if off, the more he got to see. But he liked it when she wore her tiny skirts around the house, not out in public for everyone to enjoy. "Whatever, Desiree. At least bring a coat. You might get cold going out half naked."

With that, the both of them loaded into the car. They were on their way to Dan's, Adam's friend, house to check on his pets while he was out of town. Since Dan had a large house, Adam thought it'd be better to just stay there for the weekend until he got back.

Throughout the car ride, Adam kept glancing over to his daughter's lap, noticing the hem of her skirt rise more and more above her knee as she shifted to put the last touches of mascara on her already long & beautiful eyelashes. Instantly, his cock began to bulge in his pants at the thought of what kind of panties she was wearing today. When doing her laundry, he loved going through her lingerie, noticing all her different types of underwear. She had satin and lace panties, panties with just a hole for the crotch area, and numerous types of thongs. Desiree broke his train of thought when she unbuckled her seatbelt and turned around in her seat, reaching into the back.

"What are you doing?" he asked, glancing in the rear view mirror and seeing his daughters tiny snatch barely covered by a thin strap of her thong. Her pussy lips weren't very big but they were long, pink, and slightly covered with blonde pubic hair. "I'm trying to find that CD I just got. I think it's back here." As she squirmed deeper into the backseat, her ass rode up higher in the air, allowing Adam to see what he had been trying to see for the last year and a half. The tiny string of her thong casually going deeper into the folds of her cunt. At one point, Desiree put her knee up on the back of the seat, reaching to grab a CD near the back window. Her legs parted and so did her beautiful pussy. Adam watched as her lips separated and her wet, pink, inner lips were exposed, the thong strap still in the middle of it all. "Can't she feel a BREEZE?" Adam thought to himself as he licked his lips and shifted himself to hide his hard 9 inches.

Desiree finally found what she was looking for and sat back around in the front seat. Adam didn't say a thing, his mind still on his hard cock, trying to get the image of his sexy teenage daughter's wet inner pussy lips out of his head. Desiree didn't say a word either, still angry that her dad had told her she was naked. What did he know anyway? All the girls at school dress like this, and besides, she had seen the way he looked at her. Even though it was her own father, she was sure he was aroused by her good looks, tight body and sex appeal. Why else would he buy her those tiny tanktops, but then throw a fit if she wore them in public? Desiree decided she'd test her dad.

"Daddy, how come you think I look naked?" she asked suddenly.

"Uhm.." Adam studdered slightly, wondering if she knew about the show she had just given him. "You're covered, but you certainly show a lot more skin than necessary, don't you think?"

Desiree smiled and said softly, "Yeah.. but some guys I know kinda like it."

"Oh," said Adam, now sure that she had seen him staring in the rear view mirror, looking straight at the folds of her pussy and drooling as he imagined himself sliding his tongue deep into her pussy, spreading her asscheeks with his hands.

"Well.. don't you like it, Daddy? I mean, you never mind buying the clothes for me as long as I only wear them around the house when none of your friends are over." Desiree laughed inside, knowing her father was spinning circles in his head, trying not to let her see that she was very, VERY right. "I like it that you think I'm pretty, daddy. I like it that I can make you happy by wearing that stuff. Do I make you happy?"

Adam thought about his raging dick & said quietly, "Very happy. I just.. " he cleared his throat and tried to get control of the situation. "I just don't like you wearing tiny little skirts with skimpy underwear on. Damn, Des, you've got dental floss for panties." He looked at her and smiled, trying to make her laugh.

"Do not!!!" She laughed. With that, she pulled up her skirt and exposed the top of her thighs, waiting to see if her dad was going to watch. Sure enough, although he was trying to hide it, he looked over out of the corner of his eye, wanting more. Desiree pulled it up until her thong and the bottom of her stomach were visible. "Look, dad! That's not dental floss. It covers pretty much everything."

"Yeah right," Adam said, staring at his daughter's crotch, noticing a shine to her inner thighs and a damp spot on the white fabric of her thong. "Turn around, I bet it doesn't cover much back there!"

Desiree turned around and showed one of her tight little ass cheeks, perfectly rounded and tan. She slapped it playfull and said, "Guess you're right there, dad!" Adam laughed and slapped her asscheek a few times. She gasped at how hard he hit her, and loved every second of it. "Oh, I think you've got a nice handprint on your cheek now, Des" Adam said. He reached over one more time and began softly kneeding her ass, softly rubbing and squeezing, pretending to care about how he had just assaulted her ass when all he wanted to do was slap it again, this time with his dick.

At first, Desiree wasn't sure what to do. She loved the sensation her dad was bringing over her. Even though she was beautiful, she had only been with one boy. She was a prude, and she knew it, and teasing was usually enough to get her off, but this time was different. She wanted more, wanted to feel those strong hands on other parts of her body, whether they belonged to her dad or not, she didn't care. Slowly, she started pushing her ass upward into her father's hand until he squeezed her ass hard and didn't let go. She spread her legs slightly and shifted upward again, allowing her father's hand to graze against the middle of her legs.

Adam immediately pulled into his friend's garage, turned off the car and shut the garage door. He looked at his sexy daughter sitting next to him, her legs spread and already covered in her own juices, staring back at him. "Come here" he said in a low voice, and Desiree turned and came toward her dad, ass first, still on her hands and knees. Adam groaned at the sight, rubbing the outside of his pants for a moment, feeling the heat rising from his own groin. Gently, Adam grabbed Desiree's right leg and put it over the back of the seat, spreading her legs wide. He moved closer to her opened twat so that Desiree could feel his warm breath on her pussy. Grabbing ahold of her thong and pulling it out of the way, Adam rubbed his tongue against the opening of his daughter's cunt, tasting her sweet pussy for the first time. He had dreamed about this and jacked off to those dreams.

Desiree squirmed slightly, still unsure of what was happening, but began to grind her hips on her dad's tongue. Adam flicked the tip of his tongue against her clit and then licked from the crack of her ass, up her slit and flicked her clit again. Reaching up with his large hands and spreading her ass cheeks and her pussy lips at the same time, he buried his face between her legs, using his tongue as a scoop and shoveling all of her juices into his mouth and all over his face. Moaning loudly, Desiree put her right knee on the dashboard, spreading her legs even wider. Loving the way her dad's facial hair stubble prickled against her tiny cunt lips. 

Adam slowly moved infront of her, raised her shirt a little and kissed her stomach all over. He couldn't believe he was actually touching his own daughter. She was so sexy, he just couldn't keep his hands off her. Desiree sat back down on the front seat, smiling a little at her dad who's face was dripping wet. Reaching down, she grabbed the front of her tank top and pulled it over her head, exposing her perky tits and large pink nipples. Adam's smiling face became very serious again as he grabbed at her nipples, twerking them, rolling them inbetween his fingers and making them even harder than they already were. "That feels good, dad," she said, moving onto Adam's lap. Desiree unzipped his pants, allowing his very hard cock to make an appearance. Adam cupped her tits in his hands, pushed them together, and licked from one nipple to the other as Desiree stroked his rigid dick. 

"Fuck me, daddy. Fuck me," Desiree whispered, looking down at her father as he sucked her left nipple into his mouth and teased it between his teeth. Pushing her tits harder against her dad's face, Desiree lifted herself up, her pussy only grazing the top of Adam's cock. Still squeezing onto his daughter's plump titties, Adam leaned in and kissed his daughter hard. She slightly opened her mouth as his tongue slid in, swirling their tongues together. Adam slid his hands down her little sides and onto her shapely hips, rubbing them gently for a moment while they kissed. Finally, Desiree pulled away for some air while Adam continued to suck and kiss her neck. "Ohhh, that feels so good, daddy.. " she moaned, arching her neck. Adam quickly gripped her hips and pulled the weight of her entire body onto his dick, hearing his daughter scream of pain and pleasure. Still latched onto her neck, Adam pumped his cock in and out of his daughter's tight twat, feeling the pussy walls he had just licked cling to his cock. 

As Desiree's tits bounced in the air from the forceful fuck she was receiving, Adam buried his face in his daughter's cleavage and grabbed her ass for all he was worth. Desiree was practically screaming when her dad reached behind her and pulled her hair. Watching his daughter arch her back was too much for him, especially when all he could see were her big tits bouncing in his face. Feeling like his balls were about to explode, he felt Desiree's pussy start to spasm and jerk, squeezing his cock even harder than before. "I'm cumming, daddy....... Oh God, I'm fucking cumming!!!" she wailed as she humped his dick until the last spasm. "Baby, I'm almost there.. " Adam said, not wanting to pull out of his gorgeous daughter or her dripping wet tight pussy. "Don't stop daddy. Don't STOP," Desiree moaned in his ear, still humping her cunt onto his dick, pressing her tits hard against his chest. Pulling his daughter's pussy lips wide open and looking at the hot pink walls of her cunt, Adam cummed deep inside his daughter's snatch, continuing to fuck her slowly until they heard the garage door start to open.......

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