Dennis, April, & Lorraine- Chapter 2

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When Dennis came back to his apartment from his college job, April and Lorraine were both out shopping. This didn't surprise him, of course. What DID stun him was the fact that Jake greeted him in the buff. That sight jolted him back to the memory that he heard his roommate admit to being bisexual yesterday.

"Jake, I know that you swing both ways, but I'm straight! Not that I mind you sucking my cock, but meeting me at the door in the nude is a bit MUCH, don't you think? I mean, I doubt that you want your secret out to the public, given how hard you have tried to hide it," Dennis observed.

"I don't give a fuck about that anymore. Look, I'm not exactly a rocket scientist here, but I'm smart enough to know that I've thrown away much of my life in pointless fear of exposure. I really want to act on that side of myself. I doubt that we could have a relationship, since you're not into guys, but just think of this as one friend doing another a favor," Jake explained.

"Well, close the door, and I'll let you give me head. That should suffice for now, right?" he urged his friend.

"Sure, why not," his roommate agreed.

Jake quickly shut the door and got on his knees in front of Dennis. Unzipping his classmate's jeans, he put his mouth around an actual cock for the first time in his life, fulfilling his frustrated fantasy of fellatio. It was circumcised, so the process of starting was simpler than it would have been otherwise. Fortunately, Dennis kept his dick VERY clean.

As for Mr. Peck, his reaction to the blowjob that Jake had begun to give him was shockingly one of arousal. He knew that it didn't come from having a man suck his dick, because he never had sexual thoughts about guys. The mere fact of a mouth on his manhood was the stimulus for him. Jake's pierced tongue felt incredibly pleasurable to his sensitive cock, especially the head of it.

"Damn, buddy, that is fucking great!" he groaned in response to the deep-throating he got from his roommate.

Jake's mouth was too busy for him to reply, but he seemed pleased to have excited Dennis. The latter grunted his delight in the blowjob, indicating that his cock didn't seem to care about the sex of the person sucking it. He just liked the feeling of a tongue and the suction on his meat.

Mr. Peck experienced more stimulation still, as his buddy proceeded to rub his balls and lick the head of his dick. Evidently, he was doing whatever he needed to get his classmate off. It worked too, as Dennis noticed with his cock twitching again. That was the familiar signal that his manhood was going to explode. Well, this should save me from having to masturbate in the future, he thought.

Finally, after several more seconds of a throbbing hard-on, Dennis Peck shot his load down Jake's eager throat. His friend even made sure to lick the surplus seed clean from his meat. He obviously enjoyed the taste, as demonstrated by his enthusiasm for eating cum.

Dennis started to pull his pants up again, when April and Lorraine opened the apartment door and saw his shrinking cock. April winked at him, sending him a non-verbal message that she knew what he had done with Jake. This naturally caused Lorraine to giggle at her girlfriend's gesture. Clearly, they hadn't changed their minds about sharing their lover with their roommate.

"Seems that somebody won't need to touch himself anymore. After all, you have 3 companions now, ALL of whom are eager to satisfy you. Just think of us as your little harem, Dennis," April teased him.

"I hope your cock isn't too relaxed, baby. I want my share of your cum. So does April, I'll bet. Is there anything that we can do to make up for our inconvenient absence, lover?" Lorraine asked suggestively.

"Actually, you could make love to April. That should get the little general back to attention," Dennis urged her.

"Well, if it gets me a salute, why not? I suspect that Jake would enjoy seeing that happen too," Lorraine agreed.

She then grabbed April, hiked up her skirt, and revealed a pair of crotchless panties that her girlfriend wore. Kissing her roommate aggressively on the mouth, she slipped in some tongue to tangle with hers. That was when she eased a couple of fingers inside her classmate's pussy.

Her pinky being free, Lorraine pushed it suddenly into April's sphincter. Between those digits, she planned to finger-fuck her girlfriend until her excitement aroused a response from Dennis. She started to double the pace at which she penetrated her friend with her extremities. Seeing her chance, she abruptly pulled her pinky from her roommate's butt and slammed a whole fist into her cunt.

April squealed in some pain at first, not having expected this from Lorraine. However, she had to admit that being "fisted" was rather delightfully forceful. This kind of rough sex was a new element to her friendship with the blonde. She wondered if the girl was always this wild. Of course, any such thoughts were limited to the moments when she could actually think at all. With an entire hand buried in her womanhood, rational thoughts were difficult indeed.

Dennis, watching one of his girlfriends ravish another so ruthlessly, caught himself stiffening once again. Seeing that Lorraine wore a pair of shorts, he got on the floor and surprised her by removing them. She understandably chose to let him undress her bottom, focusing instead on fisting April. As she slid her hand in and out of her friend's pussy, she felt her own thighs and cheeks being spread apart. Once again, she welcomed the cock that had motivated her to screw her classmate in the first place.

"As you can tell, Lorraine, I was right," he whispered as his dick thrust deeper into her, doggie-style.

"And some girls complain of their guys being typical males? It seems to work out well for me," she taunted him.

He had trouble saying anything in reply to that, as his manhood now busily involved itself in taking the blonde from behind. It didn't help that she was still fisting her brunette galpal. Soon, however, she had to stop using her hand. Concentration failed her, due to the dick in her cunt. His constant thrusts increased her juices, which had begun dripping from her hole. In a few minutes, all Lorraine could think about was the cock ramming her pussy with brutal eagerness.

April, neglected, got up and walked over to Jake. Pushing him to the floor, she sat directly on his dick. Since she was soaking wet, there was no trouble letting him inside her cunt. She simply started riding him, letting his desperate meat go into her hole. This was pure lust on her part, needing to be fucked and acting to satisfy that urge.

While Jake found his cock being ridden by April, Dennis continued to pound Lorraine relentlessly. Their long-desired spontaneous orgy was actually in progress at last. Jake was particularly happy, since he was getting to fuck one of the girls and had already managed to swallow his buddy's cum.

There was a key difference, though. Dennis obviously controlled the agenda with Lorraine, energetically reaming her cunt with his dick. She didn't mind it, either. Nothing pleased her more than having her man bang her so aggressively. She loved to receive his hard cock as he shoved it further into her womanhood. This made her effort in fisting April well worth the exertion.

Jake, for his part, was glad to feel April's tight pussy around himself. Every time that she went back down on his dick, he thought he was about to explode. Somehow, she had enough control of the situation to keep him from shooting his seed into her just yet. As he was not the type to get hung-up on power, he didn't object to her taking charge of the action. In fact, it was a relief to be free from that worry, the old fear of letting loose too soon.

Dennis was more of a dominant guy, of course, so his thrusts were more vigorous and determined. It was just a part of his nature to slam his girlfriend's cunt so hard. She found that so arousing that she came at last from his cock buried in her front door. Not content with this orgasm, he kept screwing her from behind.

She was nearly exhausted when he FINALLY shot off his load, sending his seed toward her womb. All of her remaining energy was used up when she climaxed again. BOTH of them lay there, fatigued as well as satisfied by their group encounter.

Meanwhile, Jake had a lot harder time holding himself back. He exploded into April, leaving her a bit frustrated. She hated to be a hard-ass about the matter, especially since she realized that Jake was a "moneyshot man". He had spent himself in a single, massive load. There was nothing left for a 2nd round. This left her with no choice but to approach her poor, worn-out beau for a little relief.

"Dennis, baby, can you please get me off? I'm still horny and everyone else has cum. That's NOT fair, lover. If you can't get it up, can you use your tongue?" she begged him.

"I'm not a creampie guy, you know. However, I think that some anal might give me a last boner for the day. Spread your cheeks and let me dry-hump your ass. Even if I don't get hard again, there is still a good chance that you'll cum, honey," he instructed the brunette.

"Sounds nice and kinky to me. Here, fuck my butt. If buggering me doesn't get you off, NOTHING will," she agreed.

Dennis immediately placed his sore dick between April's buns and started rubbing it there. As they hoped, that activity was enough to prepare him for one last romp. He enthusiastically pushed his cock inside her backdoor and began to fuck her in the ass. Despite the pain from taking a man's hard-on in her sphincter without lube, she completely enjoyed herself.

Lorraine and Jake both watched their roommates engage in anal sex and found that it excited them as much as usual, even if they couldn't act on their arousal. Wiped out, they simply stared as Dennis exerted his last strength butt-fucking April. They knew for sure that he had more stamina than even they anticipated. This was good news, since everyone present wanted some of Mr. Peck's pecker.

After about 10 minutes of sodomy, April had a serious orgasm that drained her of any calories left from lunch. Dennis, seeing his last opportunity, came in her ass. His seed now leaking from her bowels, he pulled out of her tush and collapsed on the floor with the rest of them.

"So, anyone have plans for dinner?" Jake asked, now QUITE hungry.

"I could eat a whole herd of buffalo right now, so I'm willing to listen," Dennis announced.

"How about Mexican? If we can pull ourselves together enough to go out, I know of a cantina that serves fantastic enchiladas," April suggested.

"That's a SERIOUS if, given our workout just now," Lorraine laughed.

"Even so, I like that idea. Let's go in together on some Tex-Mex," Dennis encouraged them.

"That sounds like it will fill my stomach pretty well. We are a kind of family now, so we might as well get used to pooling our money anyway," Jake commented.

"Then it's agreed. Vasquez's tonight for dinner," April repeated her proposal.

"Sounds delicious, April. ALMOST as tasty as you, in fact," Lorraine teased her.

"Thanks for the compliment, girlfriend. I'll be sure to let you sample me again, since you find me so damn appetizing. For now, though, let's have some actual food," April shot back, as the four of them got dressed and headed for Dennis's car.

Maybe it's time to call "shotgun", she thought. After what Dennis just did for her, she wanted very much to be in the front seat, so she could sneak in a grope or two as "thanks".

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