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Deer Hunter Hunters

(Part 1 from 1)

It's deer season in Ohio and so it is that time of year my wife and I ride around and check out the deer camps spread through the country side. We always talk about stopping and her giving the hunters a good time, just fantasizing as we go. She has been a hot wife for six or seven years now, but has only fucked three other guys, with me watching her fuck one of them.

It is Sunday and we always go for a ride on Sundays, just cruising through the country and enjoying the day. So on this Sunday, we are riding a back road and come upon this camp with two hunters standing by a fire. There is a light snow on the ground and the temperature is in the twenties, but the sun is shining brightly.

They look and throw up a hand to wave and of course my wife flashes her wide smile and waves back. I said fuck it, let's stop. She just rolled down the window and asked if they knew where a local sportsman club was, but they said they were not from Ohio and not familiar with this particular club.

I pulled up into the lane and we got out to chat a little and see how they had done hunting, not that we cared. They were drinking beer and we had our own little mix we had been sipping on. They were maybe in their thirties, we are in our fifties but look younger and act younger. We chatted a few minutes and my wife said she was chilly and the one guy said it was warm in the camper and my wife said she would like to see the inside of it. They disappeared inside and I talked with the other hunter about things and it was like five minutes and pretty soon the camper started rocking and I could hear my wife's familiar moan.

I looked at the one hunter outside and said let's check this out. We opened the door and my wife was completely naked and on her knees. That hunter was pounding her from behind and I looked at the other guy and simply said my wife is one horny bitch. He sort of looked at me in disbelief, but I assured him this ain't the first time and it won't be the last.

We both watched her get pounded and pounded hard and she was screaming like I haven't heard in a long time and I soon found out why. When he came in her, she took it deep as she wants that cum inside of her, as much as you got. When that guy pulled out, I knew his dick was big just watching, but it was huge when it was out in the open, Maybe the biggest dick I have seen and I am sure the biggest dick my wife has fucked.

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She rolled on her back with cum running down the crack of her ass and looked at the other guy and just said well, you just gonna stand there or are you gonna fuck me? He looked at me and I said have at it and so he dropped his pants and his dick was almost at complete attention, though not as big as the first one. He got down and fucked her missionary style and she had her legs up in the air and in about thirty seconds, he delivered another load of cum inside of her. She absolutely loves it when guys cum in her.

Well big dick's dick never did go down and he wanted more now. He asked her if she could take it up the ass and she said she would try. Now she will fuck you up the ass, but this is a different story here what with this mammoth rod going up there.

She sucked on his dick just to moisten it up and licked it up and down his shaft, cleaning her juices and his cum as she did so. She then went to her knees again and said give it to me big boy. He lined his dick up with her asshole and worked on getting it inside of her. He had to stop a couple of times and start again but when his cock finally went in about half-way, my wife let out a scream of ecstasy, not the scream of pain I thought she might release.

And he started pounding her and she screamed for more. My dick was stiff as a board so I dropped my trousers and knelt in front of her and she took my less than average dick fully in her mouth and sucked it hard as she could. I could not hold back nor did I want to and let loose a huge load into the back of her throat. Like the good cock sucker she has been in our thirty years together, she swallowed every drop. I backed away and she looked at the other hunter and said to get underneath her. He obeyed and laid on his back while she lined up his dick with her pussy. With all the cum and the stretching from Big Dick, his dick slid in easily and she was getting a double-header and loving it.

Both of them pounded on her a lot longer than the first time and soon, Big Dick started pumping faster and deeper and he began to shoot his second load deep into my wife's ass. About the time he pulled out, the other guy started cumming from below her and she pulled his ass up close to her to make sure he was in as deep as possible so she could get all his cum inside of her.

She rolled off that hunter and just laid on her back, cum running everywhere. I got some paper towels and did the wiping up myself as she was totally spent. I helped her up and she started to get dressed and one of the hunters said they always talked about something like this happening, but never really imagined it would. They were both married too, but I don't think that mattered much at the moment. My wife finally got all her clothes on and we said we had to go and they walked out with us to the truck.

As we drove home and talked, we were both so excited and could not believe we had done this after so many years of riding around talking about it. My wife was sore both front and back, but she would have done it again in a heartbeat. This was far and away, the best sex my wife has ever had and probably the most excited I have ever been. Anything else from now on will probably be a let down.

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