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Deep South Breeding

(Part 4 from 5)

We all enjoyed it, watching the teenager twirl and skip around the confined area of the motel room and needless to say, the guys were jacking off as they watched it. Exchanging talk and grinning. After five minutes or so Lori stopped breathlessly, grinning broadly and waiting for applause. I smiled and nodded but already we were under way. My heart thumping after seeing her dainty figure bounce around in that leotard. From the back of the room one of the men stood up. He was one of the few that wasn’t smiling and he came to the front with purpose. He was big and heavily muscled, especially his arms. I noticed late that his long black snake was swinging from his pants. Danielle gasped in delight as he took Lorissa by the waist, sat her firmly on the bed and shoved his cock straight and hard into her mouth. The teenage girl gagged instantly in surprise and her hands pushed at the mans thighs. Each of us in the room was slightly taken aback though it only lasted a moment. Tom moved, in filming away as the others gathered around. He had Lori’s dance on tape but now it was time for the aftermath. Already her body was tight and rigid, sitting upright and staring blankly forwards. Lips fast around the dark girth, struggling to accommodate it in her mouth as the bull eagerly screwed her pretty face. 

Quickly the others took off jeans and boots, eager to move in; waiting a turn. The tall, imposing stud had one hand behind Lorissa’s head, savouring her willing lips. 
‘Yeah bitch’ ….Suck dis’ you lil’ slut. Open up!’ he grunted, briefly fondling her tits while his big dick spread her small mouth wide and began slugging deep down inside her tight young throat. ‘Fuck yeah!’ He was choking the girl quite hard. I noticed her hand gripping the sheet in a tight fist before taking her hair he pulled out and allowed his victim the luxury of oxygen. Chest rising and falling heavily we could all now see the teenagers startled face, her chin wet with warm slaver. Eyes finally able to see the other erect black cocks all waiting to be sucked. Not to forget the bulbous head of the big negro dick hanging in front of her which impatiently spread her lips, stretching them once more around the big girth. Billy joined them in standing around her. Six black men holding their cocks towards her mouth and putting their hands all over her. Competing in vulgarity over orders. Lori blubbed as her mouth was crudely passed between the dicks, leaving spit stains on each and gasping increasingly louder and with obvious intimidation. 
‘Yeah Suck tha’ dick baby’. Even the old man rammed his cock back into her throat. Forcing the group into laughs as she began squeaking and choking, her hands clawing at the bed. Then as she gave up Billy a third then fourth took a longer turn. Lorissa’s mouth did sound deliciously juicy and to her credit she sucked as she was told. The beads around her neck patting along as she bobbed keenly under orders. Hair too swinging and slapping against her back. This was far more impatient than even I had perceived. 
‘You gonna let her have all the fun?’ tom grinned to his wife. Sensing that Danielle was available two went across the room and roughly demanded she blow them. Tom’s wife smiled, obliging as ever as she slid to her knees and willingly opened her mouth. Just as her new teenage friend, Danielle’s ruby lips spread dutifully around the first thick length. In moments she was sucking them off, slurping noisily. Grinding balls with her hand and drawing gasps and groans of pleasure. She loved it.

My eyes where on the teenager though. Those dicks were so hard, pushing at her lips and tits and slapping playfully against her cheeks. Lori’s big brown eyes where blinking, wet as she swallowed and drooled spit down her front of her leotard. The wet stains where there to see. It had indeed been dripping off the shaft of Alabama’s cock in waves but now Tyrone had a handful of hair and he pumped her small mouth nearly to the hilt. Lori coughed as he pulled it out swallowing and sniffing. Wiping her eyes with her finger. Her lips looking moist, small and wet as another pushed his cock in hard, causing the girl to gag again. 
‘Yeah..damn fine baby’.
‘Shit…damn Suck that dick!’. Jim took her behind the head and began shafting her face. It was too pretty a mouth to fuck like that and he grinned at me as he did it. Black owned. Her breasts rocking together in the leotard. Gulping and slurping as vigorously as Danielle. She looked comfortable, hands on his thighs and wetness in her eyes but got used to the roughness quickly. This was a learning curve and deep down she was enjoying the attention and encouragement. Billy moaned and sighed as Lori used her mouth and hand on him. She slid back and forth his super hard cock, looking to the camera for Tom to snap away. It was a nice, wet blowjob. 

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With her bottom lip trembling Lori took Alabama once more, pushing her head back and forth so that the bulbous, head of his cock crammed into the back of her throat on each stroke. Her pretty mouth hadn’t done this before, nor had her lips sucked on the mostly cut heads of those Negro cocks. Today she was learning new things. The four men, gathered around the single bed felt her tits in turn as she blew them. Pinching the nipples and pulling them until it pained her. As his impatience grew the aggressive, silent male placed a large hand on top of her head, turning it and fucked hard side-on between her wet lips. Lorissa was enjoying his black meat slamming the inside of her cheek, spit beads dripped onto her shoulder and arm. Messing the front of her outfit. She was just a cheap cocksucker now.
‘Tell us what you like Hon’ Tom said from behind the camera while the group men parted and Lori with a dick in each hand sniffed at the lens. ‘Say… I.. love.. black ..dick for the camera sugar’.
‘I dick’ came the shell-shocked responded drawing grins and calls from the group. 
‘Yeah she sure likes it’ the thick Alabama accent exclaimed. 
‘Say…I wanna get fucked by black dick’ Tom continued with an evil smile. Lori wanked the two dicks simultaneously, jerking them upwards with her slight hands.
‘I..i wanna get black.. fucked…’ she said, her voice weak and trembling and eyes as pretty and wide was I remember. 
‘You want to?’ ‘huh? you do?’
‘Uh huh…uh huh’.

A beer can fizzed next to me, was consumed then crushed and discarded. 
‘You guys ready to fuck this little whore?’ Tom grinned to loud shouts and grunts of agreement. They had already cleared space on the bed and as I contemplated what was happening were working her onto her back and spreading her smooth thighs. 
‘Look at dis tight pussy’ Tyrone hissed into the lens. Crouching down he slid a finger beneath the crotch of the leotard then boldly pulled it to one side, leant in and put his lips over her snatch. Lori bucked and shuddered as he licked her. His tongue vigorously rubbing that young hole. Sharing grins a second joined him, tapping that teenage clitty with his tongue. It was too much for the inexperienced sweetheart who gave a small wail as she came. Smiles were all around as her hips lifted off the bed and flecks of virgin cunny juice squirted into the air. Panting heavily Lori bit her lip. 
‘That good huh?’ came the mans voice as he traced his tongue over the soft, bare lips of her pussy while gently stroked his erection. ‘Now baby ‘ he said ‘yo’ jus’ have a good ol’ look around an’ say which of these fine brothers you wan’ to fuck you first?’ Lorissa's eyes were wide and her look wavered on me as she went around the group. Each horny face longing for her body and hoping she would choose them. 

When she nodded and smiled at Alabama he whooped. Then the others got off the bed to give the thirty five year old Negro some room. Again the girl looked nervous and apprehensive as dragging her keenly beneath him he forced up and apart her legs so the lovely boots where pinned back over her head. His dick was one of the longest with a arching shaft and a light coloured head. There was no hiding his excitement. Lori looked up at him in awe and lightly began to stroke his arms. Gently in turn, he pressed the head of his cock against her and I watched the stiffness of his shaft meet the softness of her cunny. 
‘Ow…ow..ow’ Lori sighed as he found the spot; no pain in her tone but responding to the thrusts. It was clear he was playing but when he pushed purposefully Lorissa’s legs stiffened and her mouth fell open. Immediately her panicked eyes darted this way and that. This feeling of being penetrated and helpless.
‘Damn she tight…yeah!’ the deep south man grinned as Lori’s pussy lips stretched wider apart. She grimaced and a croak came from her lips.
‘That’s it honey’ Tom chipped in from his position kneeling on the floor. 
‘Fuck that pretty whore’ Danielle chipped in, kneeling on the edge of the bed and watching with derision. Suddenly the bed creaked into life and the big dick began to penetrate, withdraw then penetrate again. Lorissa’s cunt lips were spreading, parting and slowly accepting the big black cock. She gasped, holding her breath as the brown dick inched into her. Already a patch of juice had leaked from her body and had soaked his cock. 
‘Fuck yeah’ he grinned in triumph. 

‘That dick feel good inside you Lorissa?’ Tom grinned. ‘It feel good right up between your fucking legs. You know I bet that big black dick is sitting right in your womb’. Lori blinked and squeezed the mans arms. He was rocking against her, pushing her thighs apart while holding her useless legs in the air either side of his waist. On each thrust he worked deeper, a steady whimper from Lorissa as she was fucked for the very first time. On each stroke her breasts rolled in the leotard while in the sweat of the room the mob watched and jerked off. 
‘How dat’ white virgin pussy feel man?’ Jim asked. 
‘Good man… good’ his friend responded. With her arms clinging to Alabama’s neck his heavy black balls began to slap noisily on her smooth body. Robbing her virginity. On the opposite bed Danielle had take a similar position and was began fucked on her back by Tyrone. 
‘Fuck me you stud’ Tom’s wife cackled. You could indeed see the difference in the tightness of their pussies. Still I reasoned that Lori’s pussy wouldn’t be tight for all that long. Not now she was black owned. 
‘That feel good?’ Tom was saying trying to get words from Lorissa's mouth. ‘You like that?’.
‘Yes I do…yes I do..’ she managed to stifle as the blacks ass bounced between her legs, his balls meeting her with rhythmic regularity.
‘You know he’ll fuck you harder if you ask him’.
‘Ohh…fuck me..fuck me’ Lorissa mouthed the words that trailed high then low as she lost control. His cock driving gasps of air from her lips as it pumped into her hole.
‘Again honey’.
‘Oh fuck me’.

She came again, jerking beneath Alabama while her cunny squeezed and milked the big black invader. The speed with which his fat black balls banged and slapped between her legs couldn’t go on. 
‘Shit yeah… ah’m gonna cum’ he gasped the steady rocking of his body growing more potent. I could see the look on the girls face. Eyes staring up, wondering thinking about all that had happened to her. Tom was demanding. 
‘Shoot that Nigger seed right into her cunt…..put it in there!’ he gasped deliriously as the black on white streamlined, greasy penetration gathered pace on his video screen. 
‘Fuck..oh FUCK…yeah’. Alabama’s sack tightened and he blew his load deep drawing back then coming again and again. Then as Lorissa’s eyes widened and I realised immediately she had felt him shoot. 
‘You feel him come Hon?’ I asked, surprised by how dry my voice sounded. Alabama had finished gasping and drew himself slowly out. Lorissa nodded.
‘You telling she felt that guy dumping his come right into her tight cunt?’ Tom grinned.
‘I seeded her good’ came the reply, wiping the sweat from his forehead. ‘One good lil’ white fuckhole’. We all watched the ‘fuckholes’ cunt close behind his black dick. Seemingly so long a fuck that she seemed overly shocked when the next hard dick pushed her legs open and forced his way in. 

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