Day two foe the sex training

(Part 1 from 2)

I told her it was time for me to show her exactly what a good lover can do for her. What a man who wants his partner to be completely satisfied can accomplish to fill her body with passion and desire. I told her: "Today, I'm going to give you multiple orgasms, if you followed my directions. She told me: "Tell me what you want me to do, I can't wait!" I had her position her completely naked body on the big armchair in her room. I moved each of her legs over the arms of the chair and adjusted her body so her ass was on the edge of the seat. And I began to give this beautiful young woman oral sex. I had her body positioned exactly how I wanted it. She smiled up at me as I stood in front of her just looking at her fantastic body. She smiled when she looked at my cock standing straight out at her. She asked me: "Put it in me baby! Fuck me with that hard cock. And she licked her lips. I told her: "OK you're in the right position baby! But I have other plans first, before we fuck our brains out." There's one last thing you have to agree too."

She smiled and asked me: "OK! What is it?" I told her: "If you agree I will bring you off like you have never dreamed about! It will as if your body had so many orgasms you might beg for me to stop!" She told me: "I would never ask you to stop giving me orgasms baby! I love the way you make love to me!" I told her: "OK! But I don't think you are quiet ready for this yet. But here goes. You have to let me tie your hands so you can't interfere with me giving you orgasms. I want to be sure you can't use your hands in the excitement. All I'm going to do is eating your pussy until I decide you are done. She agreed and I used the rope from the drapes. I tied her hands and ran the rope under the chair. The other rope was used to tie her feet the same way. The rope went under the chair.

Now as she sat there I knelt down in front of her and ran my hands up her legs and down over those very smooth thighs. I slowly stroked her pussy with both of my hands. I rubbed it and stroked it and ran my fingers in and out of her opening. I used a single finger to go deep into her body while the fingers on my other hand held open her pussy lips. I would talk to her saying: "You have suck a nice pussy. Look how smooth your lips are. Mumm baby you feel so tight my finger can hardly move in and out of your body. Look how my finger gets al wet when I bring it out of your nice pussy." I would insert my finger and then bring it out of her pussy and suck on it! One time I put the finger on her lips and she sucked her own juices. I talked dirty to her, saying:" Mummm I love to finger fuck your hole. I can't wait until I see your ass elevate your body up off that chair and watch you cum from my touch!" She moaned each time I told her I was going to watch as I made her body orgasm! She was really getting into it. I smiled as I saw her hips begin to rotate to the touch of my hands and fingers. So I speeded my movements. Had 2 fingers pumping in and out of her body now. I would bring her close to climax and then move my hands up her body to squeeze her breasts and nipples. I licked the inside of her thighs and all around her pussy, w/o actually licking on it directly. I had her going and we were both enjoying it. I asked her: "Having fun baby? Do you want me to stop?" She would tell me: "Make me cum baby! NO I don't want to stop it feels to good! I love it! When are you going to eat me into climax?" I smiled and told her: "Soon baby! Soon!" I went back to work. Now I would bring my face to within an inch or so of her pussy and blow warm air on her wetness.

She shuttered! She wiggled trying to have her pussy touch my mouth but I stayed just out of reach. When I put my two fingers back into her pussy hole, she arched her body up at them. She told me: "Oh yes! Oh yes baby! Finger me! Make me cum! I have such a need now! I need to cum I need to get off! Make me cum a bunch of times like you promised!" I smiled and told her: "In just a few minutes. You're not quiet ready. Not quiet ready yet. But very soon!" I moved my fingers now so they opened her pussy wide. I moved in and put the tip of my tongue directly into her pink and flicked it around. She arched her body again! I inserted it deeper into her pussy and began to lick! She pumped into me as she felt the heat of my tongue and my breath on her cunt. She was ready now and I pulled back and told her: "OK baby! You're ready now so here we go. I sucked her pussy into my mouth and she cried out in pure passion. Her legs tried to close around my head but the rope held. She could feel my tongue and mouth working hard now to get her off. I sucked the corners of her pussy pulling her cunt lips softly with my teeth. My fingers held her hole open as my tongue licked all over it. My lips and tongue slid around her pink insides giving her so much pleasure.

 Now I could feel her body pumping with a steady rhyming movement that drove her over the edge! She cried out again and began to pump up hard now as my fingers worked over her pussy lips and my mouth and tongue sucked and licked and penetrated deep into her body! Her body reacted in joy and she climaxed against my face as I pushed hard into her pussy with my mouth! Again and again I stimulated her pussy with my mouth! Again and again she body reacted by cuming. Her orgasms were hard and fast and I never gave her any time to recover before the next climax hit her. She had her nice hard ass pumping up into my face fucking it hard. When my mouth and tongue got tired from sucking and licking her pussy, I used my two fingers to finger fuck her into another orgasm. I sat there one time and watched as she fucked on my fingers hard with that tight pussy as her "G' spot was stimulated with the fingers! I watched her face change into a look of pure desire as she fuck on them. I watched her nipples harden and stick out long. They became redder as her body moved towards climax. Her cunt was dripping wet and now her pussy lips stayed open, needing no help from my fingers. Her cunt lips hung open showing me her pink insides and that tight little hole I filled on and off with my fingers and tongue. I could see her pussy spazing when I touched it with the tip of my finger. She was really into it and her body worked like a machine fucking everything that touched her pussy hole. I really wanted to stick my hard thick cock into her and fuck her until I shoot my load. But I wanted her to achieve as many orgasms as she could handle before I put my cock into her!

(I wanted her to want me all the time. I wanted her to come to me whenever I called her. I wanted her to think I was the best she will ever have and since she was learning about oral sex and other sexual practices I figured I'd work on her mind as well as her body. I wanted her to want me so bad she couldn't stay away!)

So here we were the teacher and the student working on the student's body to please it over and over again. Teaching this beautiful young woman all about oral sex and she was loving ever minute of it! Her body never stopped moving as her hips pumped up into either my face or fingers. Her climaxes came fast and hard and there were many of them. She just kept getting off. I had her entire lower body from her lower stomach to way down each thigh completely wet from my tongue and her cum. In fact, her cum which lubricated her pussy was now actually beginning to drip out her pussy on to the chair, there was so much of it! My face was covered with it as well as both of my hands. She had climaxed that many times.

Time had no meaning and during this time I had her tied up and was eating her making her cum the there were telephone calls and knocks at the door of her place. We paid no attention to any of these distractions. I had her positioned the way I wanted her. She was still sitting on the chair with her legs hung over each arm and they were tied at the feel with the rope going under the chair. Her arms were also tied that way. She was secured and could not resist! Her ass sat on the very edge of the seat my mouth was working on her and she was orgasmming again and again! She was in heaven as I worked on her sweetness. There were sounds like moaning, crying and even a scream once in awhile when a climax was especially good. But she kept telling me: I want to hold your head and wrap my legs around it baby! Untie me now! OK?"

My mouth worked very hard to please her. Over and over I brought her to the peek of passion and cum! Her body reacted as if she was having a seizer. It would thrust and pump into me. It lifted her body off the chair using her legs over the arms of the chair as support. She would throw her head back and I could hear animal sounds coming out of her mouth! She would climax again and again. There were drops of water running down her face now and her entire body was wet now from the perspiration produced from her sexual workout! Her hair was all wet and I had to wipe her face off and give her a drink every once in a while. I used ice on her pussy and them went back to lick her. God she never stopped. She would say: "Oh yes baby! More I want more Oh god it's so good! Oh I love this! Oh eat me !! Make me cum! Oh yes here I go again! Oh god I LOVE IT!!

She was panting like a wild animal now and I couldn't stand it any longer. I had to cum! I hurt too! Seeing her beautiful young clean body in front of me, ask, no, begging for my cock made me want to cum so bad my cock and nuts actually hurt! I removed my mouth from her pussy and put 2 fingers in her pussy as I moved up her body and stuck my tongue into her mouth. I could hear how fast she was breathing. She sucked hard on my tongue and moan as she sucked. When I broke away she hissed at me: "Fuck me ! I want your cock all the way in my pussy! I hurt so fucking bad and it's your fault! You better fuck me now or I will go crazy! I need a cock I need to be fucked! Do me!! NOW DAM IT!!!!

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