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Daddys Girls Part 2

(Part 1 from 1)

*This is in no way, shape or form real*

As Carlie and I went down on each other, Dad and Uncle Bruce watched in a drugged stupor. Climaxing almost at the same time, I gave Carlie a french kiss, and turned to Dad and Bruce.

"Daddy, Uncle Bruce. You guys want to have some real fun?" 

Nodding to us, we led them upstairs to our room. Pushing the queen beds together, and having them lay down, we got out our "play toys" and started on their semi-hardons. 

I 69ed Uncle Bruce, now that it was my turn with him, and Carlie, got on Dad, riding him, like the hung bull he is. 

I turned my attention back to Uncle Bruce, because he really knew what to do with his tounge. I shoved my wet pussy further onto his face, and deep-throated almost all of his cock. Before he shot his load in my mouth, I stopped sucking him off.

"Brucy, I want you to stick your meat in my pussy." So he rolled over, with me under him, and in one long thrust, buried his cock into my snatch. It was pure heaven. His long thrusts, in and out, made me moan in pleasure. He would pull out about 9 inches and push all of it back into me. He grabbed my breasts and sucked on each nipple, making them harder than stone. I rubbed my clit, to his thrusting so by the time he shot his streaming cum into my womb, I'd gotten off four times, to his one. 

Collapsing on top of me, his cock buried deep inside me, I turned and watched Carlie get Dad's cum all on her boobs. I reached over, and grabbed some with my fingers so I could feed it to Carlie. "Yummy, Dad's cum, is the best ever."

"So, Carlie, you think that? How bout I shoot some of mine in your mouth?"

"Uncle Bruce, I'd love it! Come here, to the edge of the bed." He sat and she kneeled in between his legs. I went over and made out with him and Daddy, with Carlie, sucking my uncle off into bliss. 

When she got tired, Bruce stood up, grabbed her head and fucked her mouth until it spewed into her waiting mouth. Some dribbled out of the corner, and I licked it off, and cleaned Bruces depleted cock, too.

After, Carlie and I used our strap-on one last time before going to "sleep". But Daddy, decided he wanted to join in on our fun, because he got behind me, when I was banging the hell out of Carlie, and pushed his way into my pussy. We had a rythem going, and when Daddy went faster, I went off on Carlie, plugging her pussy up with the plastic toy. She rubbed her clit like crazy, and we all managed to climax at the same time. Daddy shot his jism deep into my pussy, and Carlie and I shuddered on top of one another. 

Before getting into our bed, all four of us, got into the shower in the master bathroom, and scrubbed each other down. needless to say, we didn't say clean for very long...

*Next episode, to come later... more join in on the family fun*

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