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Daddy's Girl gets wild

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

It had rained most of the month of April, just as it always seems to do that time of the year in south-central Michigan. The pitter-patter of the steadily falling rain reminded of the my earlier days when I was so younger than this older woman of twenty-one. Taking a deep breath, I returned to brushing my long, brown hair, happy that it was now the week-end and that my father wouldn't be outside working on some silly piece of farm stuff.

Walking out into the dark kitchen, I found my father sitting at the table sipping on another of far too many cups of coffee. As usual, the only light on was a tiny nightlight offering him the solitude he loved so much. Here, in this dark solitude, I knew he enjoyed be naked as often as he could be. Several times I had peeked from the door of my loft bedroom, spying on him when he was nude, him thinking I was fast asleep.

I smiled to him as I made my way to the cupboard for my own cup, fully aware that his eyes was taking in my body as I moved through the dim light. Far to the southwest, lightning brought an unearthly flash in though the windows. My eyes readjusted to the dark, then glanced at the clock on the stove as I let my cup fill with hot water. A little past nine in the evening.

"You look nice," my father offered as I turned around to witness both his words and the rumble of distant thunder.

"Thank you," I replied, knowing that the skimpy, red nightie showed off more than it hid.

"So what are you're not going out tonight?" He questioned as another flash entered the dark room.

"Nah, would rather keep you company, that is, if you don't mind.""

"Hope I don't bore ya. About all I plan on doing is make out a grocery list."

"I hope I don't bore you too much either," I offered, catching a glimpse of a grin curling up the right corner of his mouth.

"You won't," he chuckled back. Wantta go shopping with me in the morning?"

"Okay. Wantta have a big dinner tomorrow? You know, just you and me."

"Sure, sounds like fun. We can both help and. . . "

"And what?"

"I love you. Do you know that?"

His eyes took me in, stopping at the cleavage that I had arranged for his eyes. A flash of lightning danced over then, his eyes got big with the realization that about the only part of my boobs he couldn't see were my nipples. He looked into my eyes. "I love you too, Babe," he said, his eyes looking deeper into mine for a brief instant before turning to look out the window.

He was interested in more than looking. I could feel it in his stare. Maybe the fact that since my mother left us Dad had not ben with another woman was a part of it. Never-the-less, he had not balked at the skimpy nightgown nor the amount of titty I had shown him.

"What are you thinking?" I asked, letting the bottom of the short gown slide up so he could see enough of the hot, red thong to grab his attention

"Are you okay? I mean, you are acting pretty odd."

"In what way, Daddy?"

"Not like you'd think a daughter would act," he replied with a chuckle as his eyes took in my scantily clad crotch.

"I juts want you to be happy." I replied with my most teasing voice as, far in the distance, thunder rumbled.

"I think it's more like horny. My God, you sure show off enough."

"I'm sorry, I don't want to upset you." I said meekly, putting my legs together.

"Oh, it's no problem," He replied, looking into my eyes as a flash of lightening lit up the room. "I was wondering what you looked like. Guess I know now."

"You're such a naughty daddy," I laughed back, opening my legs again. "Wonder who will chicken out first."

"You sure have grown a lot since I seen you like this," he said, pulling a cigarette from the pack and lighting it.

"I remember it. You use to give me back rubs and like that. Remember?"

"How could I ever forget? Your mother pitched a bitch every time."

"Well, I don't care, I liked them."

It was silent for a few minutes as the storm gathered all around us. I could see Dad's eyes take in my crotch from time to time as the ember on the end of his Viceroy cigarette seemed to glow angrily.

"What you thinking?" I asked finally.

"Oh, nothing much," he replied, looking from me to the window. "Guess I'm not much company tonight."

His voice was different. I was getting to him.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, babe."

"I don't think you've been out with a woman since mom. Why is that? Are you. . . Ahh, are you not into women anymore?"

"No, honey, I'm not gay, if that's what you're wondering. Just been so hard keeping this farm going and all."

"Come on," I said taking his hand, "let's go in the front room and sit."

When I had guided dad to the love seat and sat him down, I quickly lit a candle on the fake fireplace before returning to my father. I sat down right beside him, letting my naked right thigh pay against his pant-covered left leg. "Isn't that better now?"

"Ahh, I guess," he replied, the tone of his voice telling me he was more attentive to my stage-setting than he showed.

"You like this?" I asked, pulling the bottom of my outfit up enough for him to get a good view of me.

"Honey, the one thing I ain't interested in right now, is that thing you have own. you need to stop this or. . ."

"Or what?" I teased, pulling the fabric up ever so slowly as lighting flashed outside. A couple appliances "beeped" and we were without electric.

"Now you went and done it," Dad teased.

"No. Not yet I haven't," I tried to tease back, my fear of storms now growing faster than my lust.

"Well, here, let me help you then," Dad said, taking the nightgown material and guiding it up off my body.

"I want you," I whispered in words sounding to be more a part of the gathering wind outside the house than my sinful needs of my own father inside this old farm house.

"I've wanted you a long time, Honey," Dad whispered back, tossing the material to the small, glass-topped coffee table, sitting back and pulling me back to him. "For a real long time."

"Really?" I asked, totally shocked with Dad's need mood.

"I think we need to talk. Don't you?"

"Ummm, yes, I guess. You really thought about this with me? Be honest."

"Honey, it runs in the family," he leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees and looking into the fake fire. "I didn't know if you had been bitten by it, but I sure was with you. Guess I should say I am sorry, but I am not."

"Daddy, I don't care about the family. I am like you, I wish they'd just stay away most of the time. Okay, if that is how it is, then all I want to do is enjoy you. Is that bad?"

"God, you're so beautiful," he moaned as the wind hit the side of the house with thundering force. "I have wanted to kiss these for a long time now." He said, bending to me and gently kissing each fully erect nipple.

"Oh, Daddy, I love you," I whispered down as his tongue now played over my nipples.

His hands found my hips, caressing in tune with both his lips and the storm. The storm deep beneath my breasts was now more powerful than the one outside lashing at the pastoral countryside. Ten minutes ago, I felt so in control and not knowing if Dad would even notice, but now I was totally confused as my own father started to prove just how much a man he was.

"God, touch me," I moaned, my right hand pulling his hot lips even closer to my now painfully erect nipples. "Please, never stop."

"I want you," he whispered up, his kisses moving downward over my aching nipples.

"God! Yes, Daddy, kiss me," I half-screamed as his tongue taunted the flesh of my chest in a million ways I could not have even dreamed of.

I never thought the feel of a tongue around my bellybutton would be so wild. He was not taunting me. Making me cry out for more with louder and louder moans.

"You feel so sweet," Daddy mumbled as he licked lower on me, his right hand now playing with the thin swath of thong material just above my trembling hips.

I couldn't think straight as lips, tongue and fingertips tore any inhibitions from me that I might have had. All I wanted now was for him to carry me to his room and, as the strom hid us from all to see, lay me on his bed and make mad, passionate love to me.

"Fuck me, Daddy," I moaned out as if in another world.

He got up, pushed the coffee table over closer to the fake fireplace, pulled a quilt from behind the couch that he used to cover up with in the mornings, and laid it out over the hardwood flooring. I took his hand as he helped me from the love seat. My arms instinctively wrapped around his neck, my firm breast pushed tight against his bare chest. I could hear his heavy breathing as his hands started pushing my thong down ever so slowly.

"I want you," Dad whispered into my ear just before his lips touched my neck.

I was speechless. Never before had any man taken the time to make me feel this way. With my thong around my knees, all I could do was stand thee, my arms wrapped around my father's neck, and moan out as he started to show me he was as much a man as he was my father.

I was dizzy with lust when he lowered me to the soft covering. I could see his eyes, lit from the candlelight, as he looked back into mine then, as I listened to the howling winds, he removed the thong, leaving me totally naked before his growing needs.

Standing up, Dad undid his pants, slowly lowering them as if some delicious strip show. Down the pants slide. I soon realized that he did not wear any underwear when his cock popped out from the lowering jeans. My God! For the first time in my life I realized that my father had a cock! Damn! Not only did he have a cock, it was hard. I had to giggle. In all the time I had been wanting him, I had not once put two-and-two together, seemingly fostering some idea that fathers did come equipped with such devises.

"Oh, my God," I moaned, unable to take my eyes off him as he disrobed. "You look good."

"Must be the lack of light in here," he chuckled back, tossing his pants to the love seat, and standing for me to take the sight of my fully naked father in for the first time.

No! No lack of light. My father's cock was the biggest I had ever seen. Far bigger than the boys I had went to bed with. Yet, even shocked by the size, I wanted him to lay claim to me in any way he wished. "Can I touch it?" I asked, sitting up.

"Get use to it," he said, stepping forward until my fingers wrapped around it.

"Nice," I moaned, feeling up and down the hard shaft.

"Honey, you need to stop that before it doesn't go any further than you getting me off."

"I'm sorry. It just is so big and hard. I never thought. . . "

"Shh," he chuckled, bending down to his knees and lowering my back to the floor.

I had figured he would mount me right then but, to my great surprise, he bent forward and started kissing from nipple to nipple as the fingers of his left hand played up and down my inner thighs, only moving close enough to my wet slit to start driving me crazy.

"Oh, God," I gasped out. "Please, fuck me. Please."

"Don't be in such a hurry," he laughed lightly as he kissed his way down.

My heart beat in my throat as I felt my first set of lips between my legs. Tauntingly he kissed up one side and down the other as his hands slowly moved under my hips.

"Daddy, I want you, please." Then, as he lifted my hips from the floor, and his tongue enter my slit, instantly finding my swollen clit I cried out in total disbelief.

I would tell you that no one had ever done this to me, and they hadn't. Nothing in my life had ever prepared me for the ungodly feeling of a hot, demanding tongue playing over and around my clit. The boys I had been with had either said it was "gross" or something men didn't do, and they were the ones who had no problems demanding I give them "head".

"Oh, Daddy," I gasped out, my fingertips clawing at the rug. "Oh, God, that feels so good."

Faster and faster his tongue worked at my budding need. Deeper and deeper his fingers squeezed into my yielding ass. For the first time I was enjoying sex, and the man I was enjoying it with was my father.

My hands slapped against the rug as my mind exploded. I arched my hips up, pushing my pussy even deeper into his face. Now I couldn't contain myself. Now I was coming unlike I had ever dreamed was possible. I couldn't get enough. I only wanted more and more. No longer was I his daughter, I was now a young woman being taught to let go and enjoy.

I could hear my screams of ecstasy as if the sounds were from far off. I knew the grunts and shouts were from my lips but my mind refused to concentrate on anything other than what I was feeling.

"Wow," Dad said with a whisper when my mind and body had settled down. "You sure cum hard."

"Fuck me," I grunted out, not wanting to talk but to feel that gigantic cock slip into my wet depths.

I quickly found out that he was in no hurry to end our first time. I felt fingers entering my hot pussy. Deeper, and deeper they moved then, unlike the fingers before him, he started so wild massage-like movement deep inside me. Instantly my mind was off and running as fingertips made love to my wet needs.

Daddy is so gentle with his fingers. I can never get enough of them. That first time was an eye-opener for me to say the least. But, this first time was so unreal with how fantastic it felt. He did not hammer in and out of me one time. His fingers simply played against areas I never thought existed. Fingertips are amazing and, this first time, they brought a demented, little girl feeling over me.

"Daddy, please, don't stop. God, I want to be you little girl so bad."

"You are, honey," he replied softly, the fingertips of his other hand touching my erect left nipple as I gasped out to the feeling of being touched in two places.

From nipple to nipple, Daddy played with his little girl's tits as I gasped and moaned, climbing upwards to my next climax. He had no intentions of moving along too fast, making it even wilder as he kept me building towards my next climax. His fingers taunted and teased inside me, his other fingers on my nipples fulfilling any lusty feelings my pussy was giving me. Slowly he brought me up to an even greater explosion of wet feelings and hot, wet juices.

"Fuck me, Daddy!" I screamed as the storms lightning seemed to invade both the room and my mind. "God, please, Daddy, I'm yours."

This climax didn't feel like the first one, it kept building and building as I moaned and thrashed about. His fingers moved more demandingly now, keeping pace with my growing lusty needs. Higher and higher I went, my hips now thrusting out against his hand. Deeper and deeper he seemed to enter me until, with a loud screeching, I exploded in a blinding cascade of my own emotions.

I was still wrapped up in my emotions when I looked up to see Daddy posed over me, our faces not more than a foot or two apart. "You want it all?" He questioned, rubbing his hard cock up and down over my slit, making sure it played over my aching clit as well.

"Please, I want you."

"You put it where you want it, hon," he replied with a knowing smile.

My fingers shook as I grasped onto his swollen cock. It still felt huge as I guided it into my pussy. "Oh, that feels so good," I moaned as he started entering me deeper.

I was surprised to feel a tinge of pain at his entry, but the pain only made me want him more and more. Inch by inch he inserted himself as I felt his shaft as long as I could. Suddenly, as I pulled my hand back, he was fully in me.

"Yes," I moaned, lifting my hips a little to get all of him in me that I could.

"Who's little girl are you?" Dad questioned down to me as he slowly slid back.

"Yours," I whimpered, feeling every bit his little girl that he seemed to want.


"Oh, yes Daddy. Always."

"Honey, its been a long time, and you sure are tight. I don't think I'll last too long. Sorry."

"Fuck me," I replied as waves of heat seemed to emanate from my pussy.

Daddy was soon into fucking me. He had tried to keep it even-paced but, before we knew it, he was fucking me hard and deep. I was totally shocked at the sounds he made. From deep moans he progressed to animal-like grunts then, as he pushed himself back up he looked down at me. "Watch this," he moaned, pulling his now throbbing cock from in me.

I looked down between his legs, watching his hand moved up and down the taunt cock until, with a loud grunt, his semen shot out onto the hot flesh of my chest. Once. Twice. Three or more times, the hot liquid spewed from him. I had wanted to feel him let go deep inside me, but this was well worth the wait.

My fingers ran through his cum as he put a hand on either side of me, his face only inches from mine as he held his eyes closed.

My fingers played in his juices as I looked up to this most forbidden of men. Around over my chest, especially my still erect nipples, I played in love juices as he looked down to me.

"You okay?" he whispered down hoarsely.

"God, yes," I whispered back, running my cum-covered fingertips down the side of his face. "You okay?"

"I've wanted you for a long time. You know that?" He said, moving over onto his left side, and kissing my on the forehead.

"It doesn't stop here. Okay?" I moaned out, looking down at his rapidly fading erection.

"No, I sure hope not, he said, rolling onto his back.

One of the last discoveries I made that night was the delightful feeling of a cock wore out by sex.

"Oh, look," I giggled, holding the limp member in my hand, "isn't he so cute?"

Daddy turned his head and gave me a mock serious look. "You women! You want it hard then, after you are done, think it is cute."

"Oh, hush," I giggled, playing with his cock. "You love it and you know it."

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