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Daddy's Blind Daughter reviews

Posted by LucOuarm (email:
Really, quite fine. Good development of an original situation. Very entertaining.
Posted by alex (email:
wow, good detail and many other things. i enjoyed it very much.
Posted by jamie (email:
this is the first time thath i've ever read a incest story and it has made me watn to read it all the time now. i've always wondered about it and now i know. my boyfriend and i got so turned on that we had to fuck before we even finished the story!! thank you and please put more on.
Posted by W (email:
awesome story,great idea and wonderful development.i look foreward to reading more.
Posted by teppo (email:
fuck.... i shot my own globs of goop...
Posted by D (email:
Awsome Great Story this was much more diffrent then others. Write more Please..
Posted by max_pepper (email:
Wonderful...I wished my daddy would have done me like that.More please...I came with Kelly.....

Huggs & Kisses....Shelly
Posted by venison (email:
Good Story! Good details! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Maxi (email:
It was good but i agree with kathy O i enjoy incest stories and me and my girlfriend play roles it turns me on aswell as her and we both enjoy it but if we ever decided to have kids we would never ever do something soo horrible to our children but please keep up the good work. you are very good what you do.
Posted by tony (email:
it was great i was hard the whole time damn you are the man dude great detail i read other incest stories but your bye far was the best now i gonna go AND jerk off later keep up the good work
Posted by kevin (email:
Great story,though having sex with my daughter is something I have never considered.I can't think of her in sexual way.Never will. But I have to rate your story a 9.It is about the writing and the effect on the reader,I was very aroused reading this.
Posted by Nora (email:
Great story, probably the best incest tale 've ever read. Good developement, great plot, wonderful language, and an incredible erotic fantasy. I'm going to check out your other works.
Posted by yosh (email:
I couldn't agree more with nora. Realy avery good story, excelent style, andWOW is it sexy!
Posted by Eva (email:
I liked this story very much. My panties were wet the whole time.
Posted by Raven (email:
This was a very good work of art. I enjoyed reading it very much. I was hard the whole time
Posted by jon (email:
Wow! that was the best incest story i have ever read in my life. please keep writting sories that great. i aplaud ur talent of writting stories like that one.
Posted by meilssa (email:
I liked it so much i would like to add more to the story
Posted by william (email:
I loved this story. would love to see another part 2
Posted by mart1492m (email:
you make the sex between father and daughter sound like a love story
Posted by Mike (email:
I want to fuck her
Posted by James (email:
I really love the story you should do a continuous where she learns about anal or even becomes pregnant and her mom needs to be added to the relationship
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