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Daddy Seeds

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

"fuck me daddy! I love your big cock inside me!" panted eighteen year old Menka.

"Your pussy is so tight baby! I'm gonna have to nut soon!" moaned daddy!. Menka was spread-eagled on her bed, her flimsy powder blue nightie bunched up around her waist. The top had been pulled down roughly to expose her perky little titties which at the moment were being mauled by daddy! as he fucked his huge prick into Menka's tight hairless pussy.

daddy!'s cock was fucking huge. The big rod pistoned in and out of Menka's cunt at breakneck speed, burying itself to the hilt every time daddy! plunged into his daughter. The wet sound of his balls slapping her ass combined with the sucking sound of Menka's wet pussy resounded throughout the room as they fucked.

"AAAAH DADDY! I Uh Uh UH UH! YESS! FUCK ME!" Menka was screaming now, lunging up to meet each thrust of her daddy's big prick. She was oblivious to anything but the horny feelings in her pussy.

"Oh baby I love you! Daddy loves to fuck your teen pussy!" daddy! panted. Leaning down to his daughter's pretty, sweaty face he kissed her savagely on the lips, snaking his tongue into her mouth. Menka kissed back passionately, fighting his tongue with her own and devouring his saliva.

"You got lots of baby juice in your balls for me daddy? I want you to cum in my teeny cunt and knock me up with your baby! Will you do it daddy? Will you shoot your spoof in me and get me pregnant?" Menka whispered sexily in daddy!'s ear.

"Oh yes baby, daddy's got lots of baby batter for you!" Max moaned. The thought of knocking her up always got him horny as hell. Since she wasn't on any birth control it would only be a matter of time before her tummy was swelling with his child.

"How many babies can you give me daddy? Just nail me to the bed and spunk off inside me! Get me fucking pregnant!" Menka panted as he thrust into her baby passage.

Menka was fast approaching orgasm. She reached between them and rubbed her clit furiously as her father slammed her cunt hard. As part of a deal she had struck with daddy! to prevent her from fucking boys, they had been fucking for some time now and she knew how to get herself off good while he rooted her. As daddy! lunged savagely, his cockhead popped through her cervix and burst into her womb. In a matter of seconds she was cumming hard.

"AAAAAHHH! CUMMING DADDY!!!!!!!DON'T STOP FUCKING!!!!!!!YEAHHHAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" Menka came with a shout, her tight pussy clamping down hard on daddy!'s pumping cock. The tight ring of her cervix clamped around the head of his cock and sent him over the edge too.

"SHIT HONEY HERE IT CUMMMMSSS!" daddy! sobbed his release into his daughter's silky blonde hair.


daddy!'s cockhead swelled and began to spew forth it's hot load of tadpoles directly into Menka's uterus. Heavy streams of fatherly semen spurted forcefully against the back of her baby oven and seeped into her tubes. There was so much sperm that it was forced back out of her womb and out of her pussy where it leaked over daddy!'s cock and balls.

Soon the pressure became too much for daddy! and he hauled his pecker out of Menka's tight cunt and jacked the last few spurts of cum onto her bald pussy mound. Spent, he rubbed his cockhead in her spoof coated slit a few times before falling onto the bed beside her.

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