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Daddy Issues

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Jen awoke from a deep sleep. She had been lost in a world of vivid dreams. Opening her eyes, she turned her head and looked across at the digital clock on her bedside locker – 3.34am. She calculated that she had been asleep for just over two hours. That was when she noticed it, the empty space beside her. Her best friend Kate was staying over for the night. The two of them had a wonderful evening – a beautiful three-course meal followed by drinks at a nearby wine bar. Kate was a great friend. She was outgoing, witty, and charming. Arriving home late, the pair hit the sack immediately, or so it seemed. Jen presumed Kate had gone to the toilet, but by now 10 minutes had elapsed, and no sound of movement from the toilet.

Something didn’t feel right. Jen didn’t know what was giving her this inclination. She decided to get out of bed and check if Kate was in the toilet. Just as she stepped outside her bedroom and into the hallway, she heard it - the muffled sounds, the low groaning, undeniable sounds of intimacy coming from her father’s bedroom. Jen and her divorced father lived together. Was this actually happening? She didn’t want to accept what was happening or believe what she was hearing, but there was only one possible explanation - her friend was having sex with her father!

Jen moved closer towards the bedroom. Trembling, she pressed her ear against the door. She heard the sheets ruffling, the headboard banging against the wall, passionate kissing, and the soft sopping of a young fresh pussy being fucked. Jen was freaking out. She was shaking uncontrollably, she could not process what was happening. Her most trusted friend, the girl she shared everything with was fucking her dad. Moreover, she was loving every second of it. She moaned and groaned as Jen’s father rammed his cock into her dripping wet cunt. Jen heard a careless giggle as her father presumably smacked her ass. How could she do this? How could her father do this? Jen felt betrayed by the two people she trusted most in the world. She knew Kate liked her father, she commented occasionally on his good looks, but to actually fuck him!

Jen tried to remain quiet. She landed her ass on the carpet, just next to the bedroom door. She was overwhelmed with a mixture of anger and hatred towards her ‘friend’. She was stealing the person she trusted most in the world. The pair were clearly oblivious to poor Jen’s grief – the fucking was increasing in intensity. She heard heavy breathing, Kate was about to come. It was obvious.

“Fuck me!”, she deliriously whispered, followed by a distinct and high pitched grunt – “Uhhhhhh yeah!”. Her fuck buddy, Jen’s father uttered a “shhhhh”, just in case they woke her. After Kate’s orgasm, the fucking continued.

Jen’s mind was racing. What position were they doing it in? Was she liking it? Well, she already knew the answer to that. She contemplated barging into the room and confronting them, but thought better of it. She was shaking from head to toe from the shock of what she was hearing. Her imagination was conjuring up images and positions, she didn’t want to see the two of them naked. Jen’s initial rage had however given way to something else. Something which she felt ashamed about. Jen realised that she was being aroused by hearing the two of them fucking.

“This is fucked up”, she thought. If they were going to fuck would they not have done it when she wasn’t in the house?

As the sex continued, Jen began to rub herself. She lowered her hand into her knickers and began to massage her pussy. Jen was getting wet. She had to come. She tiptoed back into her bedroom and undressed herself. Naked, she quietly made her way back to the bedroom door and sat down again. She spread her legs wide, licked her middle finger and began to rub her clitoris. Jen started to breathe deeply in order to relax. At this stage, she had resigned herself to the fact that her friend and her father were fucking, and decided to enjoy it. Secretly, Jen had always harbored a fantasy about her dad fucking one of her friend’s, and now it was happening. Jen dipped two fingers into her cunt. She was now quite moist, albeit not nearly as wet as Kate, only feet away, inside the bedroom.

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Jen lay back on the floor, and pleasured herself. She caressed her tits with her left hand, as her right hand worked her pussy. In the bedroom, the sex was going up a gear again. Jen was surprised by her father’s stamina. He clearly knew how to fuck a girl. A forty six year old man gets to fuck a twenty year old girl, Jen’s daddy had hit the jackpot.

She wondered how long they had been doing it. Was tonight the first time? Was it planned? When did the sneaky bitch leave the bedroom? While Jen pondered these questions, she enviously masturbated herself with her head tilted back and her eyes closed.

Her father grunted, he was reaching his own zenith.

“Come inside me!”, Jen heard Kate utter quietly but emphatically.

“It’s so hard!”.

As he reached his climax Kate whispered “fuck me daddy, come inside me!” into his ear, “give me the same cum that made her!” – those words did it. “Awww yeahhh!!”, Jen’s father enjoyed a mind-blowing orgasm, and so did Jen outside the door, as she heard her best friend's utterances.

Jen tried not to make herself be heard, but she was having a knee-trembling orgasm, which she felt right down to her tip-toes. Both Kate and Jen’s dad were writhing in orgasmic pleasure as Kate’s body was flooded with his hot spurts of semen.

After her own climax, Jen sat by the door for some time. She couldn’t move, paralyzed by a mixture of orgasmic ecstasy and shock at how perverse this situation was. Her she was finger-fucking herself while her best friend and her daddy screwed each other. Twenty minutes went by. Jen remained outside the door, with no intention of moving. Her father and Kate had seemingly finished having sex and were now talking. Kate laughed.

Jen lay outside the bedroom, alone and naked. Her cunt had dried up, but she still stroked it gently. Jen made her way back to her bedroom, slipped back on her t-shirt and panties and crawled into bed. She couldn’t fall asleep. Some time later, she heard the door of her father’s bedroom open. Kate went into the bathroom for some time. She emerged from the bathroom and tiptoed into Jen’s bedroom, and curled into the bed. Jen pretended to be asleep. She could smell sex off her. Jen was anxious and breathed deeply in an effort to feign sleep.

Kate gently kissed her on the head, and whispered in her ear “I’m your daddy’s little whore!”, she turned over, giggled, and fell into a deep sleep.

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