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Daddy Is Perfect

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Sonia was a gorgeous girl, 18 years old, 5'10", 128lbs, long wavy brown hair that cascaded all the way down to her firm, little ass, big brown eyes, hourglass waist and perfect breasts. She was the envy of every girl in college and the fantasy of every male that drawed a breath within a 50 mile radius. 

Sonia's dad was in pretty good shape for 42 years old, very athletic. He ran alot and went to the gym 4 days a week. Her mom was no slouch either, she loved working out and staying in shape, so it's no wonder Sonia had a body to die for. 

A few minutes later Daddy came back down the steps. 

"How was your day at college Soni?" he asked. 

"Oh the norm, you know" she answered. how was your day?" 

"Pretty good, so what should we do about dinner?" he asked, rubbing his stomach. 

"Pizza definitely" Sonia piped up, smiling. 

"Pizza it is then" he agreed. 

"Yeah, I need to get my homework done" Sonia said. 

Later that night Sonia and Daddy sat watching TV as they ate dinner, the living room lit only by a small lamp in the corner of the room. 

"Well that's it for me" said Sonia, pushing her plate away. 

As she stood up to go to the kitchen, Daddy couldn't resist watching her. He noticed he had been watching her quite a bit lately, but wasn't sure why. This was his daughter

"Daddy, do you want anything from the kitchen?" Sonia hollered. 

"No baby, I'm fine, thanks" he answered. 

"Ok, I'm gonna go take a shower then" she said. 

As he listened to her walk up the stairs he began imagining how her body looked in the shower, the water running down her body, her wet, gorgeous hair pressed to her back, her nipples rock hard as little droplets of water cascaded from them to the bathtub below. His cock throbbed unmercifully with these thoughts. 

Sonia went back to her room and threw the robe on her bed. If anyone caught her right now, she'd tell them exactly what she was going to do, and no one would dare to stop her. The thought of her own incestual beginnings had bothered her all night. But with the thought of going down and fucking her father, the idea no longer worried her.

With each dainty step she took, her tits and asscheeks jiggled slightly. Her muscles were too well toned for them to sag and bob for long. But her big tits were already becoming flushed slightly, and the nipples were stiff and hard. They stood out like tiny spears of brown flesh on her tits.

The flanges of her pussy had flared out slightly, and bits of her spunky fluids were dripping from her aching cunt. The sexual fever gripping her made her legs tremble slightly. The sight of the beautiful, young girl walking gently, carefully down the stairs was one of the first things Daddy saw as he turned over on the bed.

His mouth dropped open in surprise, and his eyes riveted upon the naked, lustful sight of his daughter. 

The searing sight of her nudity shoved all thoughts from his mind. His prick sprang to instant attention, and he knew what she was coming down to the living room for. He threw back the covers and merely waited for his daughter. The look of understanding had already passed between them.

She walked slowly to the bed and Daddy smiled up at her. Sonia gasped at the size of her father's big cock. It jutted out from his loins like some sort of fleshy spear. Its purplish head flared out and her mouth watered for a moment. She got onto the bed and Daddy kissed her.

"Ummm," Sonia moaned.

Daddy opened his mouth wide and accepted his daughter's invading tongue. It explored his teeth, and he met it with his own tongue. They entwined tongues and his hand reached out to cup one of her big tits. He ran his thumb over the blood-engorged nipple, and it tingled with lustful excitement.

Sonia arched her back to pour more of her tit into her father's hand. His hot grasp sent shivers of delight through her young body. Goosebumps of lust were on her arms and legs, and she crooned softly into her father's mouth.

Daddy pulled back his head. "Oh, honey, you're beautiful."

"Oh, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" she whimpered in his arms.

She reached out tenderly and gripped his massive cock. It throbbed in her hand and sent pulses of lust up through her palm and into her loins. The thick veins on the underside of the prick were standing out sharply. The entire nine-inch dong was stiff and ready to be sent into the very depths of her cunt.

She gasped when his other hand found the furrow of her pussy. His expert fingers parted the lips of her aching snatch, exploring the hot, scalding depths of her cunt. The pink folds of her inner pussy gripped his fingers. His thumb played over the already hard and aching clit. Electric jolts of pleasure spasmed into her trembling brain with each touch.

"Mmmm, Dadddyyyy!" she crooned loudly. "Oh, you finger me good!"

"My sexy baby!" he gasped. "You're so hot and wet inside!"

His fingers were being coated with all the delicious juices pouring out from her hole. It matted her cunt hair and signaled to him she was ready to take all the long length of his cock. And his balls ached for release. There was nothing he wanted more at the moment than to shove his cock into the very depths of his daughter's cunt.

He pushed her onto her back, and smiled down at her as he began to maneuver himself over her. He placed his knees between her spread legs and guided the head of his massive cock to the entrance to her cunt.

With a thrust of his hips, he sent his cock halfway into Sonia's snatch, bringing a groan of fulfillment from her lips. He smiled broadly and closed his own eyes. The tight sheath of her pussy had gripped his nine inches of prick meat hard! With another hard thrust he sent the final bit of his cock into her pussy!

"Ohhh! Dadddyyyy!" Sonia gasped. "It feels soooo goood!"

"Shit, your pussy is so fucking great!" he groaned.

She had her legs spread wide, almost to the point of causing her pain. But it wasn't. The way her father's dick exciting. Her clit was really rubbed hard by the long shaft of her father's cock.

She placed her hands on her father's back, and rubbed softly, tenderly, on his back muscles. She felt fulfilled and happy. There was nothing like it at all. It was similiar to the fuck she had had with George, but different. She lolled her head back on the pillow and absorbed the delicious feelings spiraling up from her plundered pulsing pussy.

"Move it daddy!" she shrieked. "Shove your cock in me!"

"You bet, honey!" he screamed.

The warm, wet squishy sound of fucking filled the living room as father fucked daughter. The beautiful girl had her legs wrapped around his body, giving him easy access to her pussy. She was meeting each of his deep, shuddering strokes with a shove of her loins up to meet his. Their pubic hairs meshed and tangled against each other with each move.

Daddy slammed down with his hips, jarring Sonia. Her soft loins bounced against his crotch, sending shivers of delight through both of them.

He was gasping with passion as he forced his hands between their heaving, bucking bodies to get a firm grip on her big tits. The bouncing breasts rubbed against his rough hands. His eyes rolled up in his head. His lips pulled back to reveal a strange, lusty grin.

He pulled and kneaded on the doughy soft tits, bringing wilder moans of lust from his daughter's throat. There was no stopping them now! He screwed his hips down on her body, driving into her pussy at different angles with his big cock. Each different stroke sent her to soaring heights of pleasure.

"DADDY! she screeched. "You fuck me so good!"

"My girl!" he gasped.

She didn't really care what he thought of her after this, as long as she could feel the thick wads of his cum splatter against the walls of her milking pussy. She was drumming her heels on the back of his hairy thighs as jolts of lust and pleasure spasmed into her mind. She trembled on the brink of her own shattering orgasm. She held off, however, waiting and praying her father would come first. It would be all she needed to trigger her own climax.

With his hot hands on her fiery tits, pinching her nipples, it was heaven! Her body bucked and heaved under her father's. Her mind was going wild, and there was no stopping her! She was gasping and moaning loudly, striving to get more and more of his cock in her.

"Shit! I'm gettin' close!" Daddy whooped. "Close!"

"Come, Daddy! Come deep in my cunt!" she begged him.

Daddy's breath was rasping in and out of his lungs like a bellows stoking a fire. The electric tingle began at the base of his prick, and caused his balls to tremble. His cock gave a deep throb in her sucking pussy, and with a sigh and a groan, he slammed his hips hard against her snatch.

"I'mmm cummiiinnnnggg!" he screamed.

"OHHHHHH MYYYYYY GODDDDDDD!!!!!"she yelled, "I'm cummingggggggggg".

His prick jerked and throbbed in her body. His cock spasmed and convulsed, spewing its heady load of hot, scalding cum into his daughter's pussy. His cock seemed swollen even larger as he ground his pelvic bone hard against her spooning loins.

"Dadddyyyy! Oh, Daddddyyy! I'mm commmiiinnnggg, toooo!" Sonia screeched.

With the first wad of hot sperm into her cunt, she jerked out of control. Her mind was on fire, and she drummed her heels hard on her father's thighs. She shook, shuddered, and shivered. Finally, her body calmed down.

Daddy rolled off the top of his daughter. He glanced at her snatch, and smiled at the sight of the cum-matted pubic hairs covering her pussy.

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