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Daddy, Daddy Fantasy, fantasy

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I've been so horny today. I've been wanting to masturbate sooo much, but I can't seem to choose the proper it a "daddy" day, or a "school teacher" day....ohhhh, or maybe a "three some" day.
Nah, it's a "daddy" day. 

He comes home from lunch and takes me to my room. He needs a nooner, but he needs it quick before mom get's home. But he likes his shows....he always needs his shows; so, as always he makes me lay on the bed with my legs spread as I rub my clit for him. He slides his dick out of his business suit, and starts rubbing his shaft...begging me to continue. "Yeah know that's what daddy likes. I've been waiting all morning for this. Moan for daddy, tell me that you want me baby. I know you do."

"Mmmmmm, yes daddy. I want you soooo much. You like me rubbing my clit for you daddy?" "Oooohhhh, yessssss...gets so wet."
I take this time and I rub my pussy the way I love to... Teasing the clit and putting a finger in and out...varying speeds..varying number of fingers, but ALWAYS rubbing the clit. I get myself good and horny that way, and it's quite a show for daddy. 

"OOoohhh baby, your getting rough for daddy. I love when my baby pinches her nipples like that.....mmm yess....all for me." 
He's rubbing his cock faster now, and harder....getting so turned on by the sound of my moans and the sounds of my juices. The sight of him watching me turns me on too, knowing that he wants me soo bad.
"Mmmm time for daddy to have a piece"...he growls.
With that, he drops his pants and lays on top of me. In his horniness, he starts sucking my nipples and biting them....all while he's shoving his cock in my pussy. It slides in with ease.
"You like that baby? You like my cock in there? You're so wet, don't try to deny it." 
"Yes, daddy, I LOVE your cock in me. I've been such a bad girl. I need a good fucking." 
"Yess, you ARE my bad, bad girl!" With that he rolls me on his side and spanks my ass. *Slap*
"OOOHH Yesss Dadddy!!!!! I'm YOUR naughty girl!"
"OOohhhhh God Yes, Daddy! I need a good spanking!"
I reach down in between us and continue to rub my clit. 
"Mmm let daddy watch, baby."
We lean apart a bit and we watch as I rub my clit and his cock slides in and out. We start moving faster and deeper. I rub my clit faster. 
"That's it, rub that clit, bitch. Rub that pussy for daddy!"
I reach down with my fingers and feel his cocks sliding in and out. I wet my fingers with the juices and continue on my clit. I rub even harder and faster. I feel my pussy contracting around his cock.
"Ooohh daddy, I'm gonna cum soon."
"Yes baby, just go with it.....rub her somemore. Feel my cock in you" *Slap*
"OH Daddy!"
He's moving faster and deeper with me. Getting off watching me play with myself. I pinch my nipples hard for him.
"God baby, I love when you do this for me....OOoohhhh Yessssssss"
As I say this my pussy starts pulsating around his cock and I'm in convulsions of my own. He pulls out quickly and streams his load over my breasts.
"MMMmmmmmm Yes"
"Oh, baby, that was so good."
Just as he utters those words, we hear a van pull up. It's mom!
Like a flash I get a towel and start cleaning up, as dad fixes himself and flies out of my room. 
And life as we know it is back to...normal.....for now.

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