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Daddy Caught Me

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I thought Daddy wouldn't be home for hours. Still, I guess it was
pretty stupid, what I did.

My boyfriend, salman, was fucking me in my room. I was stark na-
ked, straddling him as he sat in my chair with his pants around his
ankles. He was kissing the back of my neck and feeling my bare tits
as he fucked me. I had my back to him; we were both facing the
full-length mirror on the back of my door so we could watch all the
action. His big, stiff dick looked so wet and luscious as I slid my
pussy up and down on it, and it felt even better.

thought I heard something in the hall, but before I could think
about it, salman groaned that he was going to come. I started work-
my cunt muscles on his dick and felt my own orgasm rising -
feel of his big dick getting ready to shoot off inside my pussy
always got me really hot!

And then, at the worst possible moment - salman was just starting
to shoot, and I was on the ragged edge of my own orgasm -
Daddy opened the door.

There I was, bare-assed naked and impaled on a big, bare dick,
rotating my ass and fucking on it like a Chinatown whore - right
front of my own father! It was horrible!

I couldn't stop! I was actually coming as he watched. Poor Dad-
dy just stood there and gaped, and I could see the hurt expression
his eyes as I shudddered uncontrollably in waves of blistering
orgasm. salman was shooting inside me, his hands grasping my bare
ass, his eyes tightly shut as he drove his spurting dick as deep up
my exposed pussy as he could.
I was still pumping my cunt automatically. I saw Daddy's eyes
fall to my cunt just as salman's big load began to drool out of my hole
- he was continuing to pump me, and his big dick was pushing his
jism out of me and making it ooze down over his balls.
Then I saw the bulge in Daddy's pants. I stared and came again he watched me.
Daddy closed the door quietly before salman opened his eyes, and
just sat there with my boyfriend's softening cock still in my pussy,
wondering what to do. I heard Daddy's car starting in the drive-
way; he drove off, kind of fast, I thought.
I'm sure salman was confused when I ran him out afterward - we
usually cuddled for a while - but I made him leave right away. I
was waiting in the living room, dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt,
when Daddy came home again. I was pretty scared.
"Daddy, I-"
He held up a hand and stopped me. "noorie, you're sixteen and
old enough to run your own life," he said. "I'm sorry I walked in
on you. It's none of my business."
Then he smiled, went into the kitchen, and started dinner.
I just sat there, stunned. I had expected an argument, a lecture,
yelling , or something, but Daddy just let it go! It was weird, I can tell you .
We ate dinner in front of the TV, and we were a little uncom-
fortable - at least I was. We watched the tube for a while, then I
went to bed. I was beginning to relax about what had happened
earlier, but I stilllay awake for a while, thinking about it.
And getting kind of horny, to tell the truth. Daddy had actually
seen me bare naked and fucking - and not just fucking, but with a
boy's dick shooting in my pussy!
And it had given him a hard-on . . .
I couldn't sleep, so I decided to go back downstairs and see if
daddy was still up. And if he was, I was going to try to talk to him
about it. Ever since Mom left, Daddy and I have always been very
close, and I knew I could talk to him about anything. I crept down
the stairs very quietly; I didn't want to wake him up if he had
fallen asleep in front of the TV like he sometimes did.
He was still up, all right. The TV was off, and the living room
was dark, but I could just see Daddy sitting on the couch by the
light from the hallway on the other side of the ruom.
He still had his T-shirt on, but he was naked from the waist
down and was doing something in his lap with his hand . At first I
thought he was scratching or something, but then it hit me like a
freight train: My daddy was jacking off!
I just stood there in the darkened doorway and watched, totally
fascinated. He was grunting and hissing like he was in pain, and his
fist was flying up and down his dick about five times a second. His
dick was big, much bigger than salman's, and it looked thick, too. I
found myself licking my lips while I stared at it. It was gleaming
and flecked with foam, and I longed to lick it off.
Daddy is a big, muscular, good-looking man, and I admit that I'd
had fantasies about him before. I always felt guilty, so I tried not
to think about it. I even dated salman partly because he reminded me of my father.
I didn't want to embarrass Daddy, so I was just about to turn
around and go back to bed when I heard his voice, grunting out words, low and intense.
"Oh, baby . . . Oh, noorie, baby . . . Oh, you looked so good, so
hot, with that dick in you . . . Oh, baby girl . . . You were dripping
cum . . . " He was sweating; I could see the shine on his forehead.
"Oh, noorie . . ."
Suddenly, he stopped, and I saw his head droop. He was breath-
ing hard, and I heard him curse. "Damn! Why can't I come?"
Then he started again, his fist flying up and down his big, stiff dick.
He was whimpering in frustration, desperate to shoot his wad.
But he couldn't. Poor Daddy jacked off and jacked off, but it just wouldn't shoot.
I knew I had to help him, and I had to do it somehow without
scaring him half to death or making him feel bad.
Suddenly, I knew just what to do. Now it seems crazy, but at
the time it just felt right - and it was the right thing to do, as it turned out.
I walked around through the dining room to the other door,
dropping my babydolls and panties on the way, and stood just out
of sight by the doorway. I knew the light would fall on me just
right when I made my move. I was totally naked.
When I heard Daddy's dick-slapping again, I stepped out into
the light and squatted, thrusting my pelvis forward lewdly. I pulled
my pussy open with my fingers and posed, sticking my wet hole
out right in front of him. "Squirt it for me, Daddy," I said, very
clearly. "Squirt your big wad of cum all over the floor-"
I had more words prepared, but that did it. He cried, `Oh, God,'
and shuddered. Then I saw Daddy's white drops flying, heard him
moaning wildly, and saw him jerking uncontrollably on the couch.
I hunched at him, rolling my hips sensuously, and he hissed and
shot me some more.
When he finally subsided and leaned back against the sofa
cushions, I went in and sat next to him in the semi-darkness.
"l'm sorry, Princess," he began, a hitch in his voice. "But you looked so-"
"Daddy." I stopped him with my hand over his. It was his right
hand, still sticky with Sperrn dribbling over his fingers. "Daddy, it's
all right. It-" I hesitated. "It makes me feel good to know that
you think l'm . . . sexy,
He sighed a long, deep breath that caught in his throat more
than once. "I do," he said simply. He looked at my tits. (I was shil
naked.) "I think you're the prettiest, sexiest girl - or woman - l've ever seen."
I hugged him, and then he kissed me. It was so natural; there
was nothing but a T-shirt between us. My mouth opened, and so did his.
His big hands stroked and caressed my body while we French-
kissed and tongve-wrestled, both of us lost in the wet contact be-
tween our mouths. I pulled his T-shirt off over his head and felt his
body, too. He was hard and muscular, hairy and big. The familiar
smell of my father's body made me feel safe and sexy, aU at once.
I took his big dick in my hand; it was stiff again, sticky with his
last load, and I rubbed the slippery spunk into his swelling dick-
head with my fingers. In a moment, I felt his fingers gendy touch my pussy.
I opened my legs wide, and his middle fnger sank all the way in
ny sopping hole. He gasped. "You're so wet," he whispered.
I squeezed his big dick. "You want to fuck me, Daddy? Do it.
Please do it," I breathed into his ear. I felt his dick twitch, and I
squeezed it again. "Oh, noorie . . . It wouldn't be . . . "
"Please," I said again. Then I squeezed my pussy muscles on his
finger. "Fuck me," I whispered.
I slid down on the couch and took his big, sticky dick in my
mouth and started to nurse on it lovingly. Daddy shivered a little.
I looked up at him with his dick in my mouth. He looked back
lown at me, and his dick started to get even harder. I could al-
nost feel the pain he must have felt; his dick was so hard it was about to burst.
I sucked on the head, rolling my tongue around and around on
t. I licked up and down the length of his big, thick shaft. I licked
all over his balls while I slid my slippery fingers around on the tip.
Then I sucked on the head some more. It was big and fat and hot,
and it tasted salty and tangy. I closed my eyes and sucked off my daddy forever.
He finally pulled my head from his dick and lowered me onto
he cushions. I lay back on the couch with my legs spread as wide
as they would go, and he followed me down. I guided his dick into
my pussy with my own hand, and he slowly, smoothly, slid it all the
way in . "Oh, Daddy. It's so big!"
He fucked me for half an hour, sliding that big, thick dick in and
out of my grasping pussy, slow and smooth. He fucked me till I
came all over his dick, over and over and over again. He held me
close, and I opened my mouth to him again as he fucked me and
fucked me and fucked me. The rocking rhythm of his dick sliding
in and out, in and out, moved me to my soul. Before long, I was
crying, it was so good. "Oh, Daddy, you're fucking me so nice!"
Daddy kissed my tears away and kept on fucking me.
He was finally starting to breathe heavily, and I started to roll
my hips under him and milk his dick with my cunt muscles. When
I felt him shudder and start to tense, I stuck my tongue in his ear
and my finger in his asshole and wiggled them both around.
He came like a train wreck, driving his dick into me like he was
drilling for oil, moaning and gibbering and drooling onto my shoul-
der as he crushed me in his arms and shot my pussy full of the
juice that rnade me. I held him in my arms and legs and held on
for the ride catching every drop of his ball juice in my squeezing pussy.
When he was done, I wouldn't let him pull away. I held him
close and whispered things in his ear - things like how much I'd
wanted him, and for how long. Soon he was whispering to me, too.
He held me all night and called in sick the next morning. He
fucked me thirteen times in the next two days.
We fuck and suck all the time now, and Daddy keeps me naked
and dripping with his juice almost all the time. Daddy is a great
pussylicker. He eats my pussy like it's made of sugar, especiaily
when he comes home from work and fnds me stretching it wide
open for him, stark naked on the dining room table. I like to shock
Daddy now!
And he likes it, too. Like the time he came home to find me
kneeling on the living room floor with my ass up in the air, holding
my cheeks apart with a jar of petroleum jelly next to me. "Get my
asshole cherry, Daddy," I begged, just like that.
He did, too. I had rug burns on my knees and nipples that lasted
for days, and my poor little asshole was so tender the next time he
fucked it (about three hours later).
Another time, we were out at the mall and I flashed him my
pussy between the racks in a bookstore; I had shaved it for him
that afternoon, and I showed it to him hairless for the first time in
a public place! It almost drove him crazy to sit through that movie
with me next to him, knowing I had no panties on my smooth
pussy. When we got home, he ate me for forty-five minutes just to
punish me for being so naughty.
I sleep in Daddy's bed every night now. We like to fuck in my
room, though. Guess how? That's right - with me straddling him
naked in front of the mirror so we can watch his big dick sliding in
and out of my wet pussy, just like the way he caught me that day.
I guess salman's still wondering why I dumped him so suddenly.

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