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Daddy And Rashmi

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Rashmi opened her eyes and groaned in pleasure. Her cunt tingled. It 
oozed fuck juices. Two fingers swirled and pumped inside the tight 
pussy hole. Wide open, her pussy was red and swollen as it was stroked inside out
A thumb pressed against her clit and chills of lust rushed 
up and down her spine.

Rashmi liked the idea of a grown man fucking her. She assumed that
because they were older then college boys, they were bigger, could last
longer, and were more experienced. The only problem was that she didn't want
some stranger fucking her; there were a lot of wackos out there. Rashmi had
solved this problem a couple weeks ago: she was going to fuck her Daddy.

He seemed the logical choice. He would never do anything to hurt
her, he was obviously experienced, they would be able to do it anytime they
wanted to, and she already knew he was bigger . 
A couple times she had caught him stroking his cock in the shower. She would
wait and watch, mesmerized, as her Daddy stroked himself until he shot loads
and loads of his cum all over the shower wall. She would then run to her
room and finger herself until she also came.

She started to fuck herself
with two fingers, moaning loudly when she heard the front door open and
close. Rashmi knew her father would wonder what the strange noises were coming
from her room and would investigate. Sure enough she soon heard his steps in
the hall to their rooms. She arched her back and closed her eyes, screaming
now in pleasure as her pussy contracted around her fingers and she felt her
sweet juices flood over her hand. When she had finished cumming, she removed
her fingers and started to slowly suck on them, still not opening her eyes.
When she finally did and the stars of pleasure left her vision, she saw her
father standing in her doorway with eyes wide.

"Rashmi, sweetie, I think we need to have a talk." Rashmi did not try to
cover up as her father walked into her room and sat down on the bed, she
only continued to suck on her finger.

"Daddy, please don't ground me, I can explain everything." Rashmi used
her most innocent voice. 

"Its ok, sweetie." Her Daddy said, "I completely understand. Its
natural for girls your age to do this. Boys also. Everyone does it." Rashmi
noticed her Daddy's eyes had not left her body since coming in the room. He
had looked at every part of her-her face, tits, legs, and pussy-at least 5

"Daddy...I. I have a question. No never mind..." Rashmi was about to
close the door on her plan.

"No sweetie, what is it? You can ask me anything." Rashmi couldn't
believe how easy this would be.

"You have to fuck me, and you have to fuck me now!!"

"But you're my daughter!" 

"Daddy," she said as she reached behind her and unzipped the
zipper on her skirt. "I'm 18 years old now. I'm old enough
that you don't have to feel guilty about what were doing."

"We're not doing anything!" her father insisted.

Her breasts were perfect, her father had to admit that to
himself. She was well tanned without a single tan line on her
breasts. He wondered were she sun bathed. Rashmi cupped her
breasts in her hands and pinched her hard little nipples.

"Rashmi," he said blushing. "I can't"

"Don't tell me you don't think I'm attractive daddy" she said

"Of course I do honey, but..."

"Look at me!" she demanded. "Look at my face, look at my body,
look at this ass." Rashmi turned around, bent over slightly .

She rubbed her ass gently with her
hand, her long red fingernails digging in to the soft flesh of
her cheek. "Tell me you don't like my ass. Tell me you don't
want to know what it feels like to stick your cock in my hot
little pussy."

"Look at my little cunt, daddy" she said as she stuck her hand
between her legs and parted her tight vaginal lips. "Tell me
you don't want to lick my pussy. Tell me you aren't hard as a
rock thinking about fucking your girl."

"I won't do it Rashmi," he said.

"Why?" she asked. "you're afraid you'll like it aren't you?"

"Yes," he began, "I mean no. I mean it's just not right."

"Just feel my ass daddy." she said, still bending over at the

"Sure," she said coyly. "Feel my ass and if you don't want to
fuck me, I'll leave"

Her father reluctantly reached out and put his hand on his
daughter's rear end for the first time in over . It was
hot to the touch and soft but yet firm.

Rashmi pushed against her fathers hand and moved her ass up and
down. "Go on," she said, "give it a good feel. Squeeze it."

"Tell me that you find me sexy and want to fuck me," she said.

"Like I said," her father rejected. "It's wrong."

"Tell me you want to fuck me," she insisted.

"Ok," her father gave in shamefully. "A part of me wants to
know what it would be like, but just a part.

"Daddy," she said getting on her knees by the bed and putting on
her pouty face. "Do you know how tight my pussy is?"

"Rashmi, stop this," was all he could say.

I swear!! Please
daddy. You'll never get the chance again to be the first man to
open my cunt wide like a whore. I want to be you're loose
little bitch, but I want you to make me that way. Fuck me
goddamn it!!! FUCK ME!!!!"

"Goddamn it Rashmi!" her father yelled as he ripped off his
covered and exposed his naked body to his daughter. His cock
was huge and swollen. "Get on your knees you little slut!"

Rashmi panted and cried out, "Oh god, daddy. I've needed this
for so long!"

Rashmi crawled up on the bed like an eager whore and grabbed
the headboard as she assumed the doggie position. Her father
climbed up behind her like a cat and grabbed her ass tightly.

"Oh god!" she yelled quite loudly as she reached underneath her
and between her legs. Quickly, eagerly, she spread her tight
little cunt with her fingers. Her father grabbed the base of
his cock and pressed the head into her tight opening. One hand
on his cock and the other on her shoulder, he pushed himself
into her as he pulled her on to him.

" fucking !!!!!!!" Rashmi screamed. "Oh my god!! 
Oh my god!!!"

Her father felt her vaginal muscles spasming around his cock
like a vice grip. He had never felt anything so tight, so hot,
so wet.

"God, I'm cumming!!! One fucking thrust and I'm cuming like a
cheap slut!!!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs.

Surely the neighbors would hear and have him arrested her father
thought. But it was too late. He was in her and he was not
going to quit until he had pumped her so full of cum that she
couldn't move. Quickly her father pulled out and pushed in
again. Forcefully he slammed her ass with his thighs and the
headboard banged loudly against the wall. She was screaming at
the top of her lungs now and he could feel her tight pussy
stretching and conforming to the invasion of his cock.

"Oh god!!!" Rashmi screamed. "fuck me daddy! Oh god, yes. 
Fuck me. I'm you're little bitch daddy. I'll love you forever.
Uh.... Love you for...uh...ever. God!!!!!!"

He had only been in her maybe 60 seconds when he felt his balls
unload. His cock jerked inside his daughter as his cum shot
inside her. He could feel the warmth of his cum inside her.
Could feel her cunt constricting like a glove around him.

"Ohhhh godd!!!!!!" Rashmi screamed in ecstasy. "yes, cum in me
daddy. Cum in your girl!"

Her father was still extremely excited by the fact that he was
fucking his own daughter. He looked down at her ass, his thick
cock protruding from her tight slit and went crazy with lust. 
Pushing harder then before he crammed his cock to the balls in
his daughters snatch. Pumping like a madman the headboard
banged the wall knocking a hole in the wall, but he didn't care.
His cum flowed out of his daughters pussy in small rivers,
running down her leg and dripping off his balls.

"Daddy!" she screamed. "Good god, daddy, you're making me cum
again!!!!! Oh God! Oh god.. OH GOD!!!!!!" 

"Oh yes daddy!!!" She screamed. "Make me pregnant!! Make your
little girl fucking pregnant!!!"
He pumped her hard, banging the headboard against the wall with
each thrust. 

"YES!!!" Rashmi screamed. "I want your baby!!! Make your little
daughter pregnant with your baby!"

Rashmi was making noises like a wild animal. Growling and
hissing she bit herself on the shoulder and tried grabbing her
jerking tits in animal passion, but her fathers pounding was too
great, knocking her against the wall so that she had to steady
herself again with both hands.

Then her father came again. A force equal if not greater than
the first. Spilling inside her like a torrent. Rashmi bucked
and moaned as her father slowed his pace down. Soon her father
stopped moving but his cock remained inside her as she panted
quietly, her cunt still spasming from orgasm.

Rashmi pushed herself against the wall, letting her fathers
cock slide out of her. When it fell out she sighed, almost
cried and then rolled over and lay on her back.

"Quick," she whispered. "Put it back inside me."

"I can't, baby" he whispered back. "I'm destroyed.

"Just put it in me and hold me." she pleaded. "no more
fucking." Then she corrected herself "at least not right now."

Her father smiled and cringed as he pushed his semi-soft cock
inside her. Rashmi moaned and grabbed her father, pulling him
down on top of her.

"Just leave it in me," she whispered in his ear. "I want to
remember this. Our first fuck."

With that Rashmi scratched his back lightly as her cunt spasmed
a few more times then subsided. "It was perfect."

"Oh daddy," Rashmi cooed. "you know just how to please a

Her father forced his finger carefully up her hot ass and worked
it in and out as her pussy wiggled and clamped on his cock with
every finger movement.

"We have all day together," she whispered. "I want you to fuck
my ass later. No one has ever fucked my ass daddy. Do you want
to be the first?"

"Yes sweety," he panted as he squeezed her ass and forced his
finger deeper. "Yes I want to be the first man to have his cock
in this little tight ass."

"you will daddy," she whispered as she ground her pussy hard and
slow on his throbbing cock. "You will be the first and the
last. Only you will get to fuck my ass, daddy. Only you."

Her father smiled and squeezed her ass tightly. He was cuming. 
It shot up in his daughter hard and hot. Rashmi moaned and
pressed herself down harder on his cock, leaving herself impaled
on him.

"It feels to good to have my daddy's cum dripping down my
thigh," she said as she passionately stuck her tongue in his
mouth again. "I wish the whole world could see how my daddy
fucks me. He fucks me soooo good!"

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