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Dad and Son do the Twins Part 1

(Part 1 from 4)

Note : This story is complete fictional! Never try to do it in real live!

This is my very first erotic story hope you like it.

So there I was, left to raise my twin daughters and a young son all by myself. My wife Denise died giving birth to the twins 10 years ago. And haven’t had a date in 8 years. Haven’t even gotten laid.

I had a very healthy sex life with my wife. She just loved sex and like most guys so did I.

She had one rare thing that happened to her while making love, she had female ejaculations. I never ever even heard of that before I met Denise. And neither did she. I was her first.

I had experienced sex before when I was 16. My next door neighbor’s had a little 12 year old girl and we would try stuff on each other until it ended up with my taking about an hour and a half trying to feed my then 9 inch pole into her tiny little hairless snatch. But when me and Denise started to fool around she would always complain that she had to pee, right as she was starting to get off. But when she would go to the bathroom nothing would come out. 

So we went to the library to see if we could find some answers. We sure did. One book described the experiences of a lot of women when having (female ejaculation) and they all said they had an overwhelming need to pee just before they blew. The advice we took away from the library changed our lives. One girl in the book said if you really want the fluid to fly, stimulate or have a partner stimulate the Gspot and ignore the need to piss and to just trust yourself that you are not going to piss all over the bed but are going to ejaculate this type of female seminal fluid. 

My wife and I rushed home and ran to the bedroom. Denise was naked before she entered the bedroom and ripped of my shirt and tore down my jeans and undies. She reached for my now fully grown-up cock all 11and a half inches of it, and I told her never mind me I wanna see what you can shoot, we both know I can shoot a ton of cum. 

I pushed her back onto the bed and dove into her cunt. I jammed 2 fingers into her already soaking twat and curled them upward to her Gspot. I kept scratching the top of her canal until she said stop or I’m gonna piss all over the bed. I said to let loose, just go if your think you are gonna pee. 

She then started screaming, “Stop, stop, stop it!” Tears were running out yelling, “Oh yes oh shit yes.” 

She put one foot way up on the wall and the other one was spread at a 90 degree angle to herself. She was wide open, and her pussy was so stretched out I thought it was gonna start bleeding or something. That was it for me, I slammed my face into her pussy and started to suck on her clit. She had an unusually large love button, (about the size of a women’s little toe) and I pulled it with my lips while sucking it and swirling it with my tongue. All the while still rubbing up into her Gspot. 

She was ready to blow, I could tell. The insides of her pussy started to push out, like it was turning inside out or something. She was now screaming in orgasm, obviously never having one before. Always to afraid of pissing on me or herself or the bed she never went all the way to orgasm for herself. She started to leak cum onto my fingers, which never happened before. Yes she has been wet before but never to the point of leaking and dripping. 

So there she is yelling dripping spread wide open with her pussy’s insides pushing out. She was humping up and down and moving back and forth so much I had to take my mouth off of her pussy. 

I backed away to arms length, and kept rubbing her Gspot with my two fingers. That is when it happened. She screamed at the top of her lungs and blasted me in the face with a clear liquid. My face was instantly soaked. But I wanted more of it. 

I quickly reversed positions and jumped on top of her pinning her down with my body so I could actually get my mouth on her beautiful pussy. I clamped my mouth on her snatch and she let go with another giant squirt of her woman load. Filling my mouth up. I swallowed as much as I could, and it was definitely not piss. It was sweetly salty. She let loose with another load and then yet another, screeming, “Yes yes yes oh fuck yes!” the whole time.

I swallowed as much as I could but the bed was very wet with her juices. She was breathing so hard and sweating so much I was a little worried about her. But she just needed to take a little break. 

So I rolled off of her and laid beside her for a minute gently stroking her little tuft of hair on her tiny mound with one hand and stroking my big fat cock with the other. 

When she caught her breath she took my entire length into her throat which is no easy feat with my 11 ½ inch carrot. Never mind that it is also very wide. 

Once I put it into a Pringle can and there was just enough room for a finger, so that is how thick my dick is. 

But Denise had the whole thing in, all the way to my pubes. When she was deep throating me she really couldn’t get much tongue action going but the sensation was always unbelievable. I started pulling on her nipples, which were large in of themselves. About the size of the last joint of my little finger. I pulled her nipples like she liked it which was very hard. I pulled them until her size C breast would cone out, and be misshapen. 

But no matter how much I pulled on her nipples, her perky tits always remained nice and firm, way up high on her chest. And I’m not talking pulling gently either I’m talking a good 30 to 35 pounds pressure. And she always wanted more. God she was a good woman. 

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