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Cum for the first time

(Part 1 from 1)

Well I was just 18 when I met them I was waiting for my bus to take me to meet my mate and they was waiting at the same stop one of them ask me the time and we got talking from there we got on the same bus and the girls told me they was Tracy and Kay Tracy had short blonde hair was one that did all the talking she was a nice looking girl and her breast was standing out from under her jumper she told me she was 18 Kay had black hair smaller breast and she also said she was 18 soon to be 19 we swap phone numbers just before I got to my stop.

That night just after dinner I was in my room when I got a text it was the girls they was at Kay's house the girls ask me what I was doing and where was I well I sent them back that I was in my room and was watching the TV what are you two upto ? then I get a text back we are talking about you Tracy wants to kiss you and then Tracy text me Kay wants to know if you want to go out with her we spent the night sending text as the night went on they got more rude well I say rude it was all new to me I had talked the my mates in School knew what to do but never done anything not had a wank as mum and dad would of gone mad I had been told its bad dirty don't play with yourself for as long as I could remember.

Next day we all met after school went for a walk over the park and then the next day we all met up again went to Tracy's house her mum was at work so it was fine for us to go in there we was the best of friends all 3 of us went everywhere together but every now and then I would have bad thoughts about the girls looking at there breast and trying to sneak a quick look down there tops or up there skirts as we sat on the bed or as we was sitting around talking.

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One day we was sitting in Tracy's house and her mum and dad was out again we had been to School and someone had come down to give us a talk on what we would like to do when we leave School Tracy said she wanted to work in some kind of office I said I was not sure but my brother works as a plumber and he gets great money he has a big house a new car and he has most weekends off Key said she wanted to be a nurse a nurse Tracy said I bet Mick would love to see you dressed as a nurse I went a little red and give the girls a big smile Tracy said to Kay how do you know you will like it its hard work and you have to work nights but Kay said that's what she wanted to do.

3 days later after School again we was around Tracy's house and Tracy said to Kay I got something for you it only cost me 2 but its something I know you wanted she reached under the bed and got out a little doctors sex a little kids toy one we all had a good giggle thought it was so funny ok said Tracy lay down and we will make you better I layer on the bed it was just some joke the girls took my top off and was playing around trying to hear my heart take my temperature they was touching me around my chest and tummy and then my cock went hard it was sticking up the girls could not miss it well said Tracy I see we are making you feel better I went to get up but the girls told me it was fine and told me to lay back down again Tracy said if Kay was going to be a nurse one day she would have to get used to seeing something like that and then she teased Kay and said I bet you did not think of that did you bet you don't want to be a nurse now.

Kay said it was fine and she would not mind if that happened when she was a nurse she said it would be a good feeling to know the guys like her and like what she was doing to make them better let me show you she said with that she undid my trousers and then my zip and my hard cock popped out from my boxers this was all new to me and the girls wow said Tracy you did it you got it out Tracy then pulled my trousers and boxer shorts all the way off they put the toys on my cock saying does it have a heart beat I just lay there was so excited remember I have never played with myself and there was two girls touching my cock I know how to make you feel better said Kay she took old of my cock and put her fingers around it she was rubbing it and shacking it I want to have a go said Tracy I want to know what it feels like to she then put her hand around my hard cock and started to feel and play around with it to the tip was getting wet look said Kay its getting wet they had a good look and it made them both giggle lets make it wetter said Kay as the girls took turns to touch and play with me just then I cum my first time ever the girls jumped my legs went weak I had never had any feeling like this all my life I got up and run to the toilet sat there for a while to get my head back together.

When I come back into the room Tracy was on the bed and she said Kay will have to get girls better to don't you think we took Tracy's top off and then her bra I touched her tits my first ever feel it was soft and felt good I touched her nipple it was getting hard as I was doing this I see Kay was doing the same to her other one we did this for a while and then Kay said lets see if we have made Tracy wet to Kay took trays skirt right off and then her knickers she had a little hairy pussy hay said Kay I don't have hairs like that I only have a couple I wanted to touch I put my hands down there and as I did so I could feel myself get hard again I looked touched and played with trays pussy and yes it was getting wet she took my hand and put 2 of my fingers inside her that was the best feeling I was scared but wanted to all at the same time Tracy said to Kay have you ever you know played with yourself Kay said yes but I don't think she had show Mick what to do she said Kay said no you show him and she took my hands and started to use my hands to rub her pussy with she then took hold of keys hand and showed her what to do she was getting so wet but then the door went and her mum was home we all got dressed real quick and put the TV on.

Later that night I wanted to feel that feeling again I layed on my bed and started playing with my cock I was trying to remember what the girls did to me I played with myself and got faster and faster I was soon starting to feel the same feelings again I cum all over my hands it was a great feeling after that there was no stopping me I was now a winker

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