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I can't explain it. I have always wanted to watch my husband fuck friend or another female. The thought of it turns me on to the point that I get very wet and can nearly cum without even touching myself.

My husband Mark and I have been married 18 years. We have an excellent marriage. We are totally comfortable around each other and our sex life is great. Mark is a great wife lover. I definitely appreciate that he takes his time to give me pleasure, and the fact that his cock is huge doesn't hurt either.

One night I told Mark what I wanted. He wasn't convinced. He thought it would be a mistake, that I would be jealous, hurt, etc. if he fucked another woman. After a few months, I convinced him that it wouldn't cause any of those feelings, that it would turn me on like never before.

The discussions that followed were about who he should fuck. I wanted someone that we didn't know that well, and Mark agreed. He mentioned that when he went to the gym, there was a college aged bikini girl that was always there, and she had been very flirty with him in the past. He said she was very cute, and had a tight, firm body. We decided that he should ask her out for a date the next time he saw her.

The opportunity came the next day. Mark saw her at the gym and struck up a conversation. Her name was Sophie, and she agreed to have coffee with Mark. Mark arranged to meet her at a nearby coffee shop the next afternoon.

Mark came home from his date with Sophie with a huge smile on his face. Over several hours of talking, Mark was so comfortable with Sophie that he confessed he was married and what we had in mind. Sophie at first was hesitant, but she apparently really liked Mark and agreed to come over soon.

That Friday night, Sophie called Mark and told him she wanted to come over and see how things went. She arrived at our house and I must say that my husband has excellent taste! Sophie had shoulder length dark, curly hair and dark eyes. Her body was definitely tight. She was in great shape.

The three of us made ourselves comfortable in the living room. The talk at first was awkward, but it turned from small talk to the subject at hand fairly quickly. Sophie said she had seen Mark many times at the gym and had admired his muscular body and handsome looks. She was just 19 but had always wanted to be with an older man. She was not a virgin but was not all that experienced either. She was anxious to have an older man to take his time and teach her things the couple of younger guys she had been with wouldn't teach her.

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So Sophie would be as comfortable as possible and be able to let herself go, we were careful to let her know that she was in charge. She said she wanted to kiss and touch Mark and have him do the same so she could become comfortable with being with him. They sat on couch and Mark gently kissed her. Gradually, their kisses became deeper and more intense. I could see Mark was excited, and his clearly visible erection got me excited. Mark carefully removed Sophie's shirt and pants and she told him she was ready to do whatever he wanted. Mark then gave me a thrill! He told me I was in charge, and I should give the directions as to what should happen next.

I was fascinated by Mark's hands and lips on Sophie's perfect body and skin. I told him I would like them to go into the bedroom and continue. I told Mark to finish undressing Sophie and to get undressed himself, which he did. His erection was enormous! I could see the excitement in his eyes as he undressed Sophie. Sophie kept her eyes closed until he had all of her clothes removed and then took in Mark's body. Her eyes widened when she saw Mark's cock. "Wow, I've never had a cock that big", she said and Mark grinned. This was going to be hot. I told Sophie I wanted to see her suck Mark's cock. She slid down to his crotch and begin carefully licking the head. I told her I wanted to see her take as much of it in her mouth as she could, and she shyly began sliding Mark's throbbing cock into her mouth. Mark was groaning and had put his hands on Sophie's head to push it down further. Sophie did a good job. My pussy was wet from Mark's urgent groaning.

I could tell he wanted to ram his cock into Sophie's latin pussy. But that would have to wait for now. I wanted to see Sophie's pussy. I told Mark that he needed to taste her pussy, and told Sophie to lay back. She did, and I told Mark to spread her legs wide, that I wanted to see if she was wet. Mark obliged, opening Sophie's legs as far as they would go. She had shaved her pussy bare, and I could see she was wet. I told Mark to finger her and spread her lips so I could see her tight, wet pussy. He put one finger in her and with his other hand spread wide her lips. I could see her pink clit and how glistening with juice she was.

Mark moved one finger in and out and Sophie groaned and pushed herself down onto him as much as she could. I told Sophie to get ready, because Mark was going to eat her pussy, and that his tongue was very skilled. Mark put his head between her legs and began circling her clit with this tongue. Sophie made excited, little noises. He slurped up her juice and I played with myself. It was so exciting to see my husband with someone else! Mark teased Sophie with his tongue for a long time, when she would start to pant and moan and beg him to let her cum, he would ease off and start all over. I told him to make her cum and told her to scream when she came. Mark lay down beside Sophie and began circling her clit with two fingers. It was a short time later that Sophie screamed she was coming and her body shook and shuddered. As my husband was pleasuring her, I was pleasuring myself and Sophie and I came at nearly the same time.

Mark's cock was dripping. I knew he wanted to be inside of her. I wanted him to be inside of her. After Sophie's massive xxx orgasm, I instructed Mark to slowly enter her. I stood beside the bed so I could get a better look. Sophie lay on her back, nipples hard and legs spread. Mark bent her knees and kneeled between her legs. Between Sophie's juices and Mark dripping drops of cum off his cock, no lube would be needed. I watched as Mark slowly eased his throbbing cock inside Sophie. Sophie was sighing and making little noises. "Fuck me, Mark, please! I want it all and I want it hard!" Sophie said urgently. Mark thrusted the last couple of inches into Sophie and began moving in and out. I had a great view.

I could see Mark's cock going in and out of Sophie, and it was covered in her pussy juice. I told Mark I wanted to see him give it to her harder. Mark increased his thrusting and Sophie just said "Yes, oh yes!" over and over again. I told Mark I wanted to see him fuck her doggystyle, and he pulled out of her and positioned her kneeling, on the edge of the bed. He again thrust his rock hard cock inside, and held on to her hips as he pushed in and out of Sophie. Sophie was clearly liking it. She was on her hands and knees and yelled "Harder, faster, Mark! Please!" Mark was all too happy to oblige and slammed into her. I could tell he wouldn't last much longer. I told him to cum, to fill her up with his seed.

A few minutes later, with me standing beside him watching him ram his cock in and out of Sophie, Mark came. Sophie yelled "Give me every last drop of that hot cum!" and Mark did. Mark pulled out of her and collapsed onto the bed. Sophie was still on her hands and knees, with her eyes closed, breathing hard. I stood behind her and watched as my husband's cum poured out of her. I got a towel and Mark cleaned the cum which was now dripping down her legs. I suggested they go take a shower and get cleaned up and recover so they could fuck again. While they were in the shower, I played with myself and made myself cum again. My pussy had never been wetter.

Mark and Sophie came out of the shower and Mark toweled her off. I could see Mark was already getting hard again, and I could see Sophie wanted him again. They fucked again several times, with Sophie begging for more each time. Sophie left early in the morning, and I gave Mark a break, letting him sleep close to me. When he woke several hours later, he thanked me for letting him fuck Sophie by shoving his big cock in me.

Mark and I regularly meet women and Mark takes them on a date and explains what we want. We have never had anyone turn us down and I get to live my fantasy out all the time!

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