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(Part 2 from 6)

There had been a time when Henry had been the most self-willed and difficult of all the legal problems that she had had. Now he was just a doll who submitted to her demands before they were even given voice. She had tricked him and bought him from her acquaintance, Valerie when they had both cheated him of his trust fund.

Crystal felt a surge of delicious dominance surge through her veins as she opened the small door to the cellar and descended the steps in a slow cadence of those little clicks as the heel touches the tile. She could feel a swelling in the lips of her pussy as she contemplated her menu for tonight.

Red before green?

Black or perhaps white last of all?

Each colour was a separate room in her little private hell. Each room had a different meaning. White, the colour of indoctrination, cleansing and mental anguish. Red the colour of pain, raw and deep. Green the colour of service and abasement. Black the hole where the slave waited without distraction. Immersed in his own fears.

Devoid of all stimulus.

As Crystal slid the wine rack aside she wondered how she had managed to put up with all that sexual molestation and unrequited passion in the days before she had met Valerie. Valueless husband, octopus handed boyfriends, leering men and self-willed males had all played their part in making the attractive Crystal allergic to sexual contact.

Then she had met Valerie. Rich and demanding. Bitch and owner.

The woman with a girlfriend who was not only unwilling, but a chattel. A woman who possessed people like others bought a car or a new television. She had promised Crystal nights of sensation, nights of gratification and a swelling thrill of owning another human being, fully, without compromise.

The metal door opened, a cell door, a prison door that led to a place where Crystal was a goddess, a queen, a mistress and a deity that administered pain and favour at her whim.

Slowly she walked down the tiled corridor.

As she went she could feel a sway come to her hips and a trickle of the juice of her passion trickle to her stocking tops. She faced the four doors and enjoyed their import…

Henry was behind Black.

Her slave was waiting in the dark. Surrounded by soft walls, chained to the ceiling, ready for her attention.

As always, when she released him from Black, he was grateful for the contact. The stimulus took the nightmare away and gave him a momentary contact that was almost treasured.

Tonight she looked so business-like. Heels, of course, but a long skirt that concealed thighs and knees. A jacket that covered a blouse that laced tight to hide those magic breasts. Hands covered in sparkling jewellery that had been bought from the trust fund that she had stolen from him.

He bowed his head and awaited the most important decision of the night!

Green or Red?

It was so rare that she pulled him from his slumber to go into the scratchy hell of White.

She led him to Red and his heart fell and the fear swelled in his breast. She was going to punish him, or rather torture him tonight. She always had her most violent climaxes when she made him suffer in Red. Green was more passionate and White was an almost detached orgasm that left her thighs trembling for hours.

Then her hand reached out and she led him to Green.

He breathed again, his mistress was in search of pleasure-pure tonight, and if he served as she willed he might get to sleep at the foot of, or even in her wide bed tonight. Or maybe in the tight cage at her feet…

The room was touched by romantic and boudoir atmosphere. Pictures of pre-Raphaelite women hung on the walls amidst lavish silken hangings. A huge bed, a field of sexual glory, filled the room and velvet concealed the cupboards where the toys that gave Crystal so much pleasure were housed. A dark green carpet so thick that toes sunk into its luxurious surface swept from one wall to the other. The only feature that was missing were any windows, the only indicator that the room was deep underground and was part of the prison in which Crystal kept her sexual slave.

Crystal turned to admire her creation, the man who served her lust unwillingly, the slave who cringed at her touch, but could not but serve her every debased and perverted need to dominate.

The collar that was the method, by which he was controlled, shone on his naked flesh, the cage that confined his prick. They were his only adornment. Crystal only allowed Henry to wear mechanisms of control and restriction.

“Wait,” she said.

The word hung in the quiet room like a symbol of her power as she decided what route she was going to take to find gratification tonight.

As Henry stood in anticipation and fear, Crystal noted that the dread that made her sex slut shake and tremble did not stop that prick of his straining in its cage. Despite the knowledge that he would be used he could not help but pant in hope that tonight she would allow him to garner some small pleasure.

The hood that she chose was black and tight. It covered his features with a shiny, creaseless surface that reduced him to a doll like anonymity. Satisfied that it looked perfect she admired the effect of the painted eyes that opened in startled shock and the red lips that now begged to be kissed, used or abused. Abused was best. As she chose more items from her collection she could feel the tension rise.

In many ways this was one of the times that she enjoyed the most. The preparation, the anticipation, the knowledge that it was she, Crystal who chose the pain to inflict and the pleasure to receive.

Tonight Henry would be fucking her; tonight he would be on the brink of a chasm as she fell into an abyss of gratification pure.

The dildo, hollow and covered with stipples and small holes allowed Henry to breathe as she fitted it over his gaping ruby red lips. It merged into the mask to become an obscene limb that poked from his smoothed features. As he breathed she could hear the breath whistle through those breathing holes, but she resisted the temptation to clasp her hand over them and make him suffer. Not yet. Not yet! Crystal even owned her slave’s breath!

That was to come, but it would not be her hand that would choke him, but the slick cunt that even now was yearning to be filled to the hilt. She led him to the bed, the field of play and pushed him to fall, face up. The man with two pricks lay and awaited his fate. One prick was caged and impotent the other sprang, lewd and permanently erect from his face.

Crystal sighed with lust and expectation.


Something was missing! A frisson of resistance from her slave. He was so passive, a tool for her use that had been broken and rendered less attractive by its very passivity.

As she mounted the man who had become nothing more than an object, she slipped aside her panties, slid up her skirt and lined up his black prick. Slowly she sucked it in and was gratified to hear him struggle for breath as she took her pleasure. The air shrilled through the holes as they were closed one by one by her flesh. His chest laboured and his other cock lost its struggle to become erect in its little cage.

As she felt the nubbin at the base of the dildo brush her clitoris she climaxed. Crystal slid up and down on Henry’s face enjoying the physical intrusion into her body. But, the mental joy of superiority over her sex toy was gone in a single moment of realisation.

The best had faded.

Henry was, at last fully destroyed. The last vestiges of independent thought had faded to be replaced by passive acceptance. Instinctively Crystal knew that by creating the perfect sexual pleasure slave she had defeated her own purpose and lost the excitement of all that fear that she had inspired in the young man that she had spent the last year victimising.

Crystal had discovered a truth…

That it was the fear and anguish, the pain and resistance, the agony and false hope that had given the high. Now, all that was left was a hollow shell of a slave.

Total compliance was no diversion for her.

Henry might as well have been made of plastic.

She needed fresh meat, a new start. Crystal went through the motions with passion. She sucked one climax after the other from her doll. But that’s all it was; going through the motions.


*** Lead Crystal.



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‘You can have all the money you like, but it is the exercise of power and domination that truly turns me on,’ thought Crystal as she sat at her desk and flicked idly through one of the venture capital brochures that were sent by investment funds that sought to get her to choose them. ‘That only works if my victim and lover is compelled to serve!’

Henry was burned out, that was the problem!

She had put him back into the Black Room and left him there. There was no point in using the White Room because he was no longer influenced by anything that she could do.

He was beyond her reach!

Of course she could try to reawaken the fear, but she sensed that he had retreated to a place where her power over him would never penetrate. In one sense he had won the battle, in another sense, Crystal had overachieved her aims.

She was bored.

It had been a week now since the revelation in the Green Room. Crystal had fed and watered Henry, but she no longer wanted to use him. Now he was nothing but a burden, a weight on her mind, a doubt in her heart.

With a sigh she laid down the glossy brochure and stared at the cover pictures of vast houses in Hollywood that she had the opportunity to invest in.

‘I need a new project. A new slave. Something that is challenging, stimulating and requires planning and cunning…’ she thought as her mind wandered over various possibilities. ‘Excitement!’

It was clear now that she needed to dispose of Henry first. Then would come the next step. The capture and enjoyment of new blood. Now there was an interesting thought. ‘Was it a male or a female slave that she would own next?’

There was no way that Crystal was going to admit that she was addicted to sex and dominance like a junkie on crack. She was just going to go to get her next fix after throwing away the last needle used.

She reached for the speakerphone and had a word with Millicent:

“Take the rest of the day off! I have a private meeting to attend to in New York. I will be flying back the day after tomorrow. So consider the time paid, but you will be alone tomorrow so you will able to tidy up the office properly ready for my return on Wednesday.”

Millicent popped her head around the door for a moment.

“Thanks Mrs Veryon, have a good trip.”

Crystal looked up and smiled.

Millicent so attractive!


*** Crystal Meth.


Millicent had her probation under her belt now and was proving to be a very efficient secretary and helper. Of course she was well paid. It would have been so beneath Crystal to have a cheap worker on the payroll!

As she drove home she wondered if tonight was the night to propose to Kenny that they get married? The job was stable, Kenny had beaten his meth addiction, the debts had been paid and the future looked rosy.

Crystal would have thought twice about giving Millicent the job had she known about the seedy private life of the beautiful young woman!

But, Millicent was very guarded and kept all her problems from her employer with great care. Never a word was allowed to slip about Kenny and his layabout friends. The debts that followed in the wake of an addict almost drowned Millicent, but the job from Crystal had saved her.

The car journey always took twenty five minutes and was a time when Millicent could relax and chill in the car. Then when she got home the small battles would begin with Kenny! Months ago it had been so much worse than now. Now, the arguments were over details; before, they had almost come to blows so often that Millicent had run away from Kenny.

As she pulled up at the small supermarket that they lived over, her heart fell to see the dilapidated pickup of Jimmy, one of Kenny’s old mates from years ago.

‘Shit, that’s all I need,’ she thought as she climbed the metal stairs to the apartment. ‘Fucking Jimmy in my flat!’

Sure enough Kenny and Jimmy were slouched on the sofa with the television blaring at full blast. Millicent took in the scene with disgust as she saw what was showing on the screen.


Of the very crudest kind.

A tattooed woman who was being fucked at both ends by a pair of older men who could barely maintain their hard-ons. She moaned in synthetic orgasm as a tumble of electronic music slurred from the television.

“See how a real slut fucks,” was Jimmy’s greeting as he lifted a hand in acknowledgement of her presence. “Skull fucking, always was my favourite, care to give it a try?”

“I wouldn’t touch you with her cunt,” said Millicent in clipped tones as she strode to the television and pulled the plug from the wall just as the ‘money shots’ commenced.

“I told you that Millie would get aggravated,” said Jimmy to Kenny. “Get rid of the slut for the night and we’ll go and fuck some real women!”

Kenny started to laugh at Jimmy’s comment as though it was the funniest thing he had heard.

“Millie is always angry and telling me what to do…” he said.

“You stupid cunt,” said Millicent in a high voice. “This wanker has got you all stoked up on vodka and meth; and you tell me where to get off? I have a good mind to leave you to rot here, you fucker!”

“So you don’t want a little fuck up the ass after all then?” said Jimmy.

Kenny was in tears of laughter.

“Millie does not fuck up the ass, she sucks and fucks, but I’m not allowed to go there!” said Kenny in between coughing and laughing. “Millie ‘makes love’ she never fucks…”

Millicent stood nonplussed. On the drive here she had been dreaming romantic dreams that now foundered on the rocks of reality. Kenny would never escape morons like Jimmy who would suck him in and spit him out like the fuckwad that he was. Vodka and angel dust…

She felt a single tear teeter in her eye before it broke free and trickled down her cheek.

Jimmy struggled to his feet and made as if to hug Millicent. She stepped back and pulled a face.

“The cute little bitch is crying, can I have her now?” he asked Kenny. “You promised that I could have the little ho tonight and now she is trying to escape!”

“Don’t you dare touch me Jimmy, I’d rather cut your cock off with a rusty knife than allow you to touch me!”

The phrase took far too long to say...

Kenny, high on meth, was behind her blocking her fast exit. His hand brushed her shoulder and then took a fist full of her thin dress.

Jimmy closed in and cupped her breasts in his palm as Kenny tore the dress off her back in one swift motion to leave her standing in bra and pants.

nice tits, fucking tasty cow with big udders,” said Jimmy. “Like!”

Kenny started to laugh again. Everything that Jimmy said was funny to him in the state that he was in. Suddenly he was Jimmy’s mate again. The world was set to rights and Millicent was available for both of them, whether she liked it or not.

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