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Confession of an exhibitionist (Part 4)

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Angela can't get out of her mind, having sex with Jim's mates yesterday night. It was 4 different dick pumping into her, one by one. It was the first time that she has sex with others, other than her husband, Jim that is. And all was with approval by Jim. She never thought that Jim was so wild, he was normally the sensible down to earth husband. She like the new Jim.

She was now wondering what Jim will ask her to do next.

Jim wanted more from his wife, after the night before...he wanted her to do something exciting to strangers and get paid for it. He wants her to be a whore for the night. I wonder whether Angela will go with the idea.

Angela, Jim asked, "I would like you to have sex with a stranger, for a price'. Angela responded, you mean be a prostitute?

Without blinking his eyes, he said, Yes.

Angela kept quiet. But...where will we go to have sex? Well, we will go to a high end of town...and you will try to pick up somebody that you would like and give him the proposal...go to a 5 star hotel to do your bid. Just make sure you get paid as a high class prostitute you have the looks that no man can refuse to turn mates told me you are the greatest and wanted more. I turned them down...only once. If they want a second round, then they will have to offer their wives.

Jim started kissing Angela, her neck...her lips...down her breasts...sucking one nipple after the other. She just gave in...and whispered Yes, Darling, I will do would be kinda exciting.

The next night, she shaved her pussy, put on a sexy number, with garter belt, stocking, g string, shelf bra exposing her nipples and a cute dress that barely covers her breasts. She looks so delicious.
Jim saw her, and could not resist her. Angela, why don't we have one for the road.

Angela, said NO! I want to keep myself for the stranger...after all he will be paying me to perform...

Jim got excited. I want you to tell me all about it once it is over.
I want to have sex with you immediately after that.

Angela was in the corner of a 5 star hotel bar drinking margarita. Jim was observing her from the other corner of the bar. A man was at the bar, bald pudgy, but wears an expensive suit. The man approached Angela and offered to buy her a drink! Suddenly, another man interrupted, 'She is with me'.

The other man was tall, mid 40s, look very fit and muscular for his age...married (ring on his finger). He sat next to Angela. Angela, said Thanks to him. My name is Bob..please to meet you...would you like another drink.
Margarita please, and my name is Angela...please to meet you too.

Are you here on business, Angela asked. Yes, I will be here overnight, Bob replied. What about you? Well, I am the lady in the night...Angela said. You look simply delicious, Bob responded. What is your desired rate? he asked. $1000 per hour, Angela responded. That seems reasonable... I may need you for three hours, would that be ok for you?

Angela said, if you are good, I might give you a discount.

Make yourself at home...when they arrived in his hotel room. It was a penthouse suite...he must be rich.

Come to me! Angela said, let's settle the cash first. Bob paid in cash. Now come to me, baby! I want you to strip off your dress, Bob requested. She was in her shelf bra, her sexy g string and stockings...she look so delicious...high heels and garter belt too.

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Play with your nipples. She caress herself, pinching her own nipples..licking her own lips seductively. What do you want me to do master..

Go on all four and crawl to me he unzipped his pants exposing his 10 inch erected dick.

Suck it. Angela couldn't take all in...but she tried her best. He pushed her head further making her choke slightly.

You can do better, after all I paid you $3,000. Suck it harder...Angela started licking his dick all over...sucking it hard...tasting his pre-come...he was clean shaven too..making her work easier. You have a big cock...Angela remarked. This make his cock even stiffer...Ya baby suck it, he said.

Now I want you to go out in the verandah naked and exposed yourself, while I make a phone call. He walked into the attached room, with his dick still very much erected, while Angela went out in the Verandah to sun her naked body. She was getting really horny and wet.

When she got in about 10 minutes later, Bob was with another man. Bob probably rang him and he is probably staying in the same hotel.

This is Wayne, he is my business partner. He is staying next suite to me. Can Wayne join us? Angela was suprised but regain her composure...It will cost you more...$2000 extra. Bob gave her the money. Both men are now naked ready to fuck the hell out of Angela.

Wayne took Angela and leaned her against the table. He started playing with her clit, while Bob was sucking her nipple. Without any warning, Wayne inserted his dick into her anus. was tight but it was great. Wayne was pumping hard...making Angela have an orgasm...more baby, Angela shouted. She wants more, Wayne quipped to Bob. Yes! Yes! Angela shouted. As Wayne shoved his dick in and out of Angela without mercy. Bob shoved his dick into Angela mouth again, almost chocking her. She was pumped very hard from both ends. She had two more immediate orgasm as a result of Wayne's penetration.

Then Wayne took Angela to the bed next to the table without removing his dick from her anus. Bob was on top of them, shoving his huge dick into Angela's pussy. He had to use a bit of force to get his dick all in, only could see his droopy balls, and his entire 10 inch cock disappearing into her bald pussy. They were at it from both her orifices...she has never been pumped like that. She was in seven heaven...god it is good, she said. Bob keeps licking her everywhere, while not losing the pumping action. It was fast paced till the end, with Bob and Wayne withdrawing and coming all over her.

Bob then told Wayne...Money well spent. It was fantastic.

Angela was lying there, fulfiled. She never thought she is paid so well and get satisfaction on top of that. She felt sleepy and somehow felt asleep.

When she woke up. There were six men, mostly middle aged. Two were bald, the other two were fat, final two were fit. But they seemed to be very rich...with gold chains, rings and all were staring at her naked body. Bob said, Angela these are my business clients, how would you like to earn more money?

$2,000 per person and that will be $12,000 all together, if you let them have their way with you. I will be paying for their pleasure, and you will be the centre of their pleasure.

Angela was in the right frame of mind and she said yes. After all I am a whore for the night. I might as well be one.

One after another, they took turns screwing Angela...First the fat man...followed by the bald guy...all having their ways with her. The other guy prefers to do anal and he got his way. Another loves to come in her mouth...she got a full load of come in her mouth. The fat men came back for seconds, filling her pussy with more come. They all managed to use all her orifice that night. She was well spent by the end of the night, walking away with $17,000. Walking away slowly, as her pussy and anus were pretty sore from her night job. But...she also walked away with at least ten orgasm..she lost count.

She was glad she is taking the pill, or else she wouldn't know who the father was...she has become a tart, having 8 men in 1 night...a whore..and loves it. She would have gladly do it for free...but the cash is pretty good too..

She told her adventure to Jim, and that got him excited. By then, she was so exhausted, but had to give in to Jim. Jim continued pumping her used pussy for over an hour, licking her pussy and could still taste leftover come of strange men. Jim came twice in her while she was lying in bed hardly an ounce of strength left.

It was a fulfilled day for her.

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