Concert sex sister!

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

This past weekend my older sister(50),and myself(47),went to a rock concert. Now my sister is a hot,5'1",100lbs,35b tits,long blonde hair,and has a fantastic,tight,bubble butt. She has been divorced for 11years,and dates occassionaly. I'm single, 6'4",225lbs,athletic build,and have an 8"inch cock. We have always been close,ever since our parents split up when we were young. Over the years,we have partied together,and had a few(close)moments . Nothing special,just some light kissing,and touching,which always made me want her more. I have some nude pics of her,and she even gave me a nude strip dance video of her,for one of my birthdays.

Many times I've jacked off to these,just wanting her so badly,but never told her. Well,tonight,she was dressed to kill. She was in a short,blue mini-skirt,that barely covered her great ass,and no bra,that clearly showed her ample tits. I was just in sweat pants,t-shirt,and sandals. When I first saw her,I said:"Wow!Your smoking!If you weren't my sister,I'd love to have some fun with you!" She laughed,and said:"Well,one way or another,I'm going to have fun tonight,lets go.We drank a couple beers before we got there,and by the time they started playing,we had drank 4 more each. My sis was totally into the music,dancing,singing,and enjoying herself,as was I. She had me stand right behind her,as it was so crowded,you couldn't move real easy. This gave me the chance to slowly,grind my cock,into those tight,butt cheeks. No one else even noticed,so I continued.

After a few songs,she told me to hold her tighter,which I did. I had my hands around her small waist,still grinding my growing cock,into her ass cheeks,when she turned her face to me,and said:"I like that,it feels good,but let me do something." She then casually,lifted her dress up from behind,no panties,showing me that perfect ass! With the music playing loud,and being dark,no one saw what we were doing. I about died. I slowly pulled my hard cock out,and put it in between her tight cheeks,as she bent over just enough,to let me do this. I then held her tight to me and began to pump that ass. Her cheeks were so tight,and my cock was a perfect fit,as it slid up and down between them. I was squeezing those big tits of hers,and loving it.

She would lean back,kiss me,and tell me she loves the feel of my cock. I said:"I'm going to shoot my load in a minute,keep going." She pumped my cock harder,and I exploded!It felt so good!! Still holding her tight,no one saw what we did. How cool was that! She reached behind her,wiped the come off her ass,licked it off her fingers,then grabbed my cock,and did the same. I couldn't believe it! She then said:"I love the taste of your come,and you have a great cock." I kissed her,and said:"After the concert,I'll show you how good I can eat your pussy too." She said:"I've been wanting you to do that and more for all these years,I just didn't know how to tell you."I said: "you don't know how bad I've always wanted you too. I jack off to you all the time,just dreaming of doing it!" We kissed some more,and by this time,we couldn't wait any longer.

We left the concert early(who cares!)and went straight to her house. Our clothes were off in minutes,and we attacked each other,like dogs in heat. We got into a 69 position,and went wild. Her pussy tasted so good,and she was sucking my cock,like no girl has done before. In minutes,I was rock hard,and she was beginning to scream. I turned around and spread her legs. She said:"Make me come!!It's been a long time!" I ate that pussy like it was the last one on earth. She was screaming,and grinding my face so hard,I loved it. In a few minutes,she started fucking my face with that pussy,and said:"I'm coming...I'm coming..!She blew like a bomb!I loved it. Pussy juice everywhere!I licked it all up,when she said:"Give me your cock." I stood up,my cock was rock hard.She kissed it and said:"Fuck me,fuck me!!I slammed it into her tight pussy. The moment I've been waiting for! It was great! We kissed,and licked each other.

I grabbed and sucked those big tits,when after about 10 minutes,she said:"I love your cock,and I really love you!" This made me about come,when she said:"Would you like to fuck my little butt?"I've only done it a few times,but I want your big cock in it,okay?"I almost blew then! I bent her over,and there was that perfect ass,I've dreamed of. I started to enter her,and it was so tight!! I grabbed on to those tits,and began fucking that ass I hard as I could. She was screaming:"It feels so good!,fuck me harder!" I did! Within minutes,I was ready to blow. She pushed her ass,all the way done on my cock,and I exploded!!Unbelievable!!,It was just what I thought it would be like.

She turned over,and said:"Would you always like to have sex with me?"I said:"As much as possible!!" We kissed some more,and she said:"I'm in love with you,so you can have me all the time,if you want." I said:"I love you to,and I'll be with you as long as you want." We went to clean up,which led to more great sex that night,and now I'm in sex heaven!!More next time!!

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