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College Party

(Part 1 from 1)

Based on a true event in my life.

My name is Joey, I was in college when this all took place. Being a freshman in college, I was extremely small compared to everyone else. I was only 5'10 and 110lbs. I was extremely boney all the way to my woman like hips that I wished every girl I met had. I had a good life of a kid, drinking alchol here and there, chilling with my good friends. My two best friends were Eric and Jimmy. Eric was your average Justin Bieber looking kid, long hair and all that. He went to a all guys school, yet he got with girls so he's straight...right? Jimmy went to my school, he was about the same height but of pure muscle. He was big and had long hair, He had a girlfriend.

One day the three of us were going to my parents house to spend the night after a few drinks. I wasnt that wasted, Eric and Jimmy had way more then me. The plan was to just go to my house, go to my room, play some video games, and maybe even go to sleep. We arrived late at night at my parents house, my parents were gone for the night I guess. We went straight to my room, stumbling oh so slowly. I jumped right on my bed backwards, landing so the back of my head hung off the edge of the bed. Eric and Jimmy went straight to the floor, sitting down. I remember Eric talking about girls, he was depressed he hadnt had sex with a girl yet and was still a virgin. He was whispering to Jimmy in a way I could'nt hear, yet I didnt really mind it. I just remember him saying, "I think we should watch some porn later."

"Im down I guess." Laughed Jimmy.
"I have the Porn channels on my TV here, wanna do that?" I asked. I didnt think it would be bad if we just watched some porn... I turned the TV on to the only channel I had. As soon as I did so, bam, I see a nice shaved white cock being sucked by a guy. It was my first time seeing anything like that.

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"Woah! Looks like theres no movie tonight boys!" Yelled Jimmy.
"No dude, just keep it on... Its okay." Suggested Eric.

Suddenly, I guess the alchol got to me. I just fell asleep in the middle of a freakin porno that was on. My head was hanging off the bed somewhat. About a hour had passed when I was slowly and silently waking up. I only opened one eye, to the sight that changed everything. Eric and Jimmy were completely naked, facing me. They thought I was still asleep, Jimmy was walking right towards me. My mouth was wide open when suddenly Jimmy tried to place his cock in my mouth. I didnt know what to do, so I just acted asleep and let it happen. He started to mouth fuck me slowly, his dick went as far as it could in my mouth.

I suddenly just grabbed hold of his waist with my hands, letting him continue. I loved it. His hard dick kept pulsing in my mouth, he was going so hard. Suddenly I felt Erics hands on my hips, he pulled me away and flipped me into a Doggy Style Position, Jimmy following through with pushing his dick into my face, I latched on with my lips and gave the best head I knew how.

Eric strugged a bit at first to get his hard dick into my ass, but he managed to finally get it in. It felt, amazing. Words cant explain the joy I was feeling. Before I knew it, I had a three some and I was getting fucked, in my room.
"Your my bitch with these little girl hips Joey!" Moaned Eric.

Jimmy was in far to much extasy to say anything I suppose. He cummed all over my face twice. Eric pulled out, unloading on my back with his hott cum, then licking it off. We all then dropped in select spots, going to sleep drunk as ever. We had our three somes here and there through out college. We still are good friends today.

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