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Co-Worker Sex

(Part 1 from 1)

My name is Kevin, I'm 21 years old, I have brown hair with blonde highlights, brown eyes and I'm 6"2. Ever since I turned 16 girls have always noticed me, but I was never really interested in girls. I once dated a girl named Marlinda. Our first month we had sex and well what always got me off during it was imagining her hot brother cumming all over my chest. I could actually feel the warmth of the cum and thats when I came.

About a year ago I got a job at a call center. I went through three weeks of training, it was a nightmare. Of course on our first day was when I saw him. His name was Tate. Short brown hair, green eyes and a fucking hot body. That day he was wearing a tight black shirt, a silver necklace around his neck, and tight vintage blue jeans. I immediately thought he was gay, those pants were obviously from the GAP. He sat down next to me and I almost lost control from the whiff of his cologne, it too was probably from the GAP, it was too queer to come from somewhere else.

Our trainer told us we needed to pair off into groups. So I took the first chance, but before I could ask the hot guy named Tate to fuck me...uh I mean to partner up with me...some bitch named Sharon got to him first. I ended up with some nerdy guy, kinda cute in a nerdy way, but no where near the hotness that was Tate. Later on that day, after training was over, I headed outside for a cigarette. I found myself digging through my pockets for a lighter. Then like a hero from a comic book, out comes Tate with a lighter in his hands, the flame already lit and ready for my cigrette's touch. I lit the cigarette and inhaled the smoke, all the while thinking of inhaling his thick cock.

I thanked him and he smiled up at me, his smile was so amazingly cute I almost melted there. Then like some eruption inside of me I spoke, "Would you mind having dinner with me?" I was shocked! I actually asked a guy out, a guy I didn't even know if he was gay or not. I began to get nervous, I felt like running away and hidding in a corner, but then an amazing thing happened.

"Sure," he responded. "Are you busy now?"

I was too in shock to speak at first, of course my horny Jiminy Cricket kicked me in the crotch and I spoke, "Nothing."

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"I'm parked on the east side, follow me," he said.

I followed him, checking out his tight ass the whole time. There is car was, just as hot as he was. A Dodge Viper. He opened his door and unlocked the passenger door. I got in and we introduced each other. We drove over downtown to a small resteraunt called Mamasitas. He bought me dinner, like a gentlemen, and I bought him a drink. We had an amazing time. We talked about our sexual orientation, apparently he was gay, of course I knew this when he accpeted my offer.

After dinner he asked me to come home with him and well I wasn't going to say no. He drove me to his apartment, a nice quaint place uptown. We entered the place, it was nice, but I didn't get a good look at it immediatly for he placed his soft lips against mine. I felt his tounge slide slowly in, caressing my tongue. His arms wrapped around my waist and he pulled me closer to him. Our cocks, still inside our pants but hard nonetheless, touching one another. I began to lick his neck, softly bitting it. He moaned with pleasure. I took off his tight black shirt and threw it across the room.

I looked down at his hard body, my cock throbbing so bad it hurt. I licked his chest, sucked his erect nipples and bit softly on his belly button. We moved in his bedroom where I threw him on his bed, he smiled up at me, his smile made me melt. I took off his shoes and then his socks. I'm not really a feet guy, but his feet were so masculine it was hot. I kissed his left foot once and made my way up to his waist. I undid his leather belt slowly, I love the feeling of horny anticipation. The button of his pants snapped as I undid it and then I slowly unzipped his pants. I slid his vintage pants off and tossed them down. He was wearing loose boxers with stripped colored lines, defenitly a symbol of homosexuality.

I stood up, took my shirt off and my pants and then I stood there down in my blue boxers, my erection throbbing and slightly wet. I bent down to his crotch, pulled the boxers off revealing his uncut dick. I slid it into my mouth, playing with his foreskin with my tongue. His orgasmic moans made me so wet. I took him all in, all 6 inches, my lips touching his beautiful pubic hair, his big balls against my chin. I went up and down so fast he exploded in my mouth. His cum was so sweet and warm as it slid down my throat, some even slid down my chin.

I pulled off my boxers, revealing my hard cock. He got on his knees putting his ass in my view. I took some of his cum and put it on my throbbing dick, using it as a lubricant, and slid it inside his ass. I pounded him so hard he screamed in pure pleasure and came all over his sheets around the same time I exploded inside his ass. I screamed in erotic pleasure.

After we fucked we held each other all night. The next morning we fucked again in the shower...but thats another story. I will say this, that was four years ago and we're still fucking on a regular basis.

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