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Class pet

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

As I walked into class I sat down in my seat. The classroom was packed, my hot blonde teacher with her sexy curves and big ass in her high heels and medium sized tits was at the front of the class talking about science. I wasn't paying attention instead I was staring at her huge tight round ass, I would give anything to tap that.

Suddenly my hot teacher goes would you mind getting in front of the classroom and show the class how the male body works? Sure. So I got up from my desk and walked up to the front of the classroom and sat on the teachers desk. Then my sexy teacher goes now class you must know some white males aren't as well hung as others for example will you show us how large your penis is? Ummm sure I guess.

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So I pull down my pants and boxers to my ankles. My 4 inch dick flopped out I was kinda embarrassed but hard at the same time with my 4 inch dick hard as a rock.

Okay so Now class even though his penis is small the male body can produce lots of sperm even more when aroused my teacher says in a sexy tone. So please start masturbating for us if you don't mind. Really? Yes. Okay, for motivation my teacher took off her clothes completely and told all the girls in the class to strip naked as well.

Instantly i saw triple and double d's and camel toes and large asses. Even my hot teacher had a nice juicy camel toe with nice puffy pink lips. So start masturbating for the class. So my teacher spit on my dick and I started masturbating yessss........ Her warm spit dripping all over my dick my warm hand gently going back and forth over my hard small 4 inch dick. So I started masturbating harder and harder oh god yes yes yes!!!! I got this tingly

sensation going through my penis suddenly sperm gushed out my dick onto the floor I kept jacking off harder and harder..... There was a huge white puddle of sperm on the floor. Then all the girls and even the teacher got on the floor and started licking up the cum. I love science....

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