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Church Girl

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

It was spring break of my sophmore year in high school. I was going on a church college tour and we were leaving my home state of North Carolina and going into Tennessee to see some schools and thing so we could see some colleges that we might want to go to after we graduated. We were maily going to see HBCU's so i knew off gate that there were going to be some bad ass bitches up on the tour bus we were going to take. 

The foke that were in charge of it all were real smart and they knew that if when it gets dark outside and on the bus that the guy would be doing who knows what with the girls and besides its a church trip so we all knew that they were going to keep it clean. We also knew that there was going to be some stuff that went down on the bus and in the hotel cause everyone brought a bunch of condoms and all the weed we could find. Me I didn't get down with any of this stuff so i just going to get out the house and maybe meet up with some of my old freinds and stuff like that. 

Know when i got there it was like three maybe four o'clock in the morining so needless to say that everyone was lookin evil and rough ass hell. So no girl really sticked out to me and i actually fell asleep in the parkin lot before we left the parkin lot of the church. The first day nothin stuck out until we got to this all night dinner in Knoxville. I was chillin out with some of my boys when these three girls came over and sat down with us and there was this one girl that sat across from me. 

I was shocked as hell when i first layed my eyes on her. She was about 5'5 a good 130 maybe 140 lbs and she had a face like a angel with smooth butter pecan skin and light brown eyes and some nice ol' tig ol bitties with a ass that will make you slap your mama. Me and her went to another table so me and her could talk. Now at this point im thinking maybe i could get my dick sucked on the trip if nothing but in the back of my mind i didnt think it would happend. Me and here kept talkin and she braught up sex. At the time i was still a virgin but i had my dick sucked and busted over some girls. But i told her the truth and junk cause she was family to the people that were running the tour so i thought she might be a good little church girl and junk. 

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Little did i know. She had told me that she wasn't a virgin and that she had been gangbang and she take it the ass and all this other type of shit. Then she told me that main thing that i wanted to hear. She admitted to me that she sucks dick. She said that she cums when she suck dick and takes a big load in the mouth and swallows that shit with the dick in her mouth. She also told me that when she sucks someones dick and the call her a little church girl it makes her suck even harder. I was amazed that this girl that was a freshmen in high school had done all this and yet turned on at the same time. The more stories she told me the harder my dick got. The way she told me the stories and opend up to me made me feel that maybe she would do me by the end of the week.

Now that was the end of the first day and we were on our way to getting in the hotlel in Nashville were we going to be for the rest of the week. Me and the girl were always together and evey night she would call my room and by the end of the week everyone knew that me and her were a "couple". So everyone were asking us had we done anything and we both would tell the truth that we were haddint done nothing and junk. When we got to the hotel she gave a letter that said meet me on the other side of the hotel around one tonight. 

This was going to be hard cause i was in the wildest room and i was the life of the party so if anybodies room was going to be checked it was going to be mine. So i got the guys in my room to say that i was in the bathroom when i was out and everything and i got to the other side and she was there waiting for me when i got there. 

She took my hand and lead me to the vacant part of the hotel by the pool since it was so cold outside at the time we both knew that no one would be over there. She threw me against the wall and said "What do you want me to do to you" . I said "suck this dick" knowing that she loved to do that. She unziped my pants and pulled everything down only to be amazed at my big thick love rode. She looked at me and told me to hold on to something with this evil sexy looking smile witch made me even harder and nervous at the same time. 

She put it her mouth and started suckin' on the head of my shit and i went into heaven. She would lick the middle of my shit were i was going to cum out of like she was parting it so i could come. She then strated going faster and deeper with every stroke of her mouth. Then after about thirty minutes later she then stoped looked at me again and smilled with my dick in her mouth and she did something that i have i truly was not expecting. She put all of my thick long black dick in her as far as she could and she bout made me cum then but i kept it together. She took it out and said "so you dont want to cum yet, ok ill just have to make you cum" She started suckin my balls and jacking me off at the same time in went into a deeper blissfull feeling. After only four or five minutes of her sucking my dick like she was trying to suck my blood out i felt that tremble under my balls. My dick got harder then rocket science and she could tell that i was about to cum and i was trying to hang on but she wanted my nut in her mouth. Then that blast came through my dick right into her sweet warm mouth. She got so excited that she kept sucking even harder and harder and i just fell into to my orgasmic state all the way. She looked and me with her dick in my hand said "get readay". As soon as she said that i knew exactly what she was about to do. She then put my dick back in her mouth and sucked me off a little bit more and then as soon as i got hard again i felt there entire throat open all the way up and my dick slid in with no problem and get as tight as a virgin's pussy at the same time. 

I was in such a happy state that i couldnt say a damn thing. She looked at me and giggled and "im a church girl but i know to suck like a bad girl. I smilled and tried to say something but i was still in my orgasmic state of mind so she just looked at me and said "you ready for me to go again", and with no slowing down on my part i put that dick right back in her mouth and musterd enough strength to say "make me cum agian you church girl".

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