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Christy's Birthday Surprise

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

The fact that I am a nymph is not my fault; the blame should be laid squarely at the feet on my father, my three brothers and my grandfather. I grew up in a house with my father, my grandpa and my three brothers, who were all white. My mother or that black bitch as my father would always call her, had run out on us when I was just four months old. My three older brother came from my father's first marriage.

Growing up I had always assumed the duties of a wife, I learned how to cook and clean by the time I kid. By the time I was ten I was running our house better than any woman ever could. However, on the night of my eighteenth birthday I assumed the full duties of my father's wife and more.

It was a beautiful December morning despite the fact that it was one of the coldest days of the year. I had come down to the kitchen expecting to go about my normal day, when I got to the end of the stairs I heard voices coming from the kitchen, when I walked in much to my surprise the boys had gotten up and made me a surprise birthday breakfast. My father and brothers usually forgot my birthday until it was almost over, and then they would go buy me some cheap ass present at the local five and dime. However, this time they seemed quite please with themselves as I walked to the table.

"Wow what's going on?"

"Happy birthday sugar. My dad yelled out.

I must say that I wad pretty blown away by all the attention that I was getting. My dad, my three brothers Jason, Jack and Jake, along with my Grandpa Al and I sat around the table that morning talking about the good times that we've had. Despite the fact that my mom had abandoned our family, my father worked very hard to keep his family together.

After my mom left him, dad tried seeing other women, but for some reason none of them ever worked out. As far back as I can remember it has always been just the six of us trying to get through life.

My dad was close to all us kids, but I think that my dad and I have always had a special bound between is; I think that it was more than just that daddy/daughter thing. Because I assumed so muck responsibility at an early age, dad had always looked to me for comfort and support.

After breakfast when we were all about to our separated ways for the day, dad said that he would like us all to be home tonight, that he had a special surprise planned for us all.

After the boys and grandpa left, dad told me that he wanted me home by six o'clock, and that he did not want me hanging out with my friends and lose track of time.

After daddy left for work, I cleaned up the kitchen and ran up stairs to get ready for school. It was after all my eighteenth birthday and I really wanted to look my best. After a quick shower I stood nude looking into my full-length mirror, as I stood there I began to explore my body

I am eighteen I thought to myself. It seemed like it was only yesterday that I was playing with my dolls, but now it seem like that I had become a woman overnight. However, my womanhood was only apparent to me, because in the eyes of my family I was still their little girl, or their baby sister. I had not been allowed to date, my father was adamant on the subject.

However, my mirror told a different story. At five foot six and one hundred-five pounds my brown eyes and long brown hair came from my mom's side, along with my soft brown honey tone skin. My soft thirty-six inch tits with their hard firm nipples was something that I was always proud of. My little kitty was covered with thick dark hair. To top it all off I have a nice heart shaped ass that I would catch Grandpa staring at every now and then. Before I finish getting dressed, I treated myself to a routine that began when I was thirteen.

There was no doubt that I love to masturbate, the feelings of my fingers inside my pussy was always a delight. The feelings of watching my nipples grow hard with every single stroke. I love the taste and smell of my own love juice. I love the feelings of arousal when I was about to reach climaxes. When I was done, I got dressed and it was off to school.

It was a normal day, school until tree o'clock, and then I went to my best friend Mary's house for a while. Mary and I got to talking about school and boys, and this and that when I notice the time it was five fifteen. I told Mary that I had to be home by six. It was a good twenty-minute bus ride from Mary's house to mine; I was able to catch the bus in time to make it home by six.

When I walked into the house it was completely dark, I thought no one was home until I saw the light on in my bedroom. Walking down the hall, I called out to see of anyone was home, as I got closer I heard dad call ont my name.

When I walked into my room I found my father sitting on my bed, I saw a vase of red roses sitting on the nightstand, beside the roses sat a bottle of wine with two wineglasses. My dad stood up and poured two glass of wine, walking towards me he was dressed in a dark velvet robe. Handing me a glass of wine he said that he wanted to make a toast.

"Here is to a night that our family will never forget." Dad took a ship of wine, he noticed that I had not taken a ship of the wine.

"Go ahead baby, it's alright." I took a ship of the wine. As dad took me by my hand and led me over to my bed.

We sat on the bed and I knew that there was something different about dad, the way he looked at me as if he were seeing me for the very first time. Daddy could see that I was confused, as he began to explain why I had found him in my bedroom, and why this would be a night that our family would never forget.

"Christy your brothers, grandfather and I have been looking forward to this day for quite some time." Dad said as he moved in on me.

"Dad I don't understand, why have you been looking forward to today?"

"Well today you turn eighteen and this is the day that you will become a woman, a real woman. Dad said as he began to unbutton my blouse.

"Christy you are ready sweetie, I know you are. I have been watching you and I know that you are ready to be with a man. Now it's up to you, but I sure would love to be you first teacher." Daddy said as he nearly had my blouse undone.

I could not believe my ears, could it be true, my father wanted to be my first lover. It had been something that I had fantasized about, however I would have never dared say.
"Oh daddy yes I do so want to please."

Before I could finish, dad griped me pulling me close. Our eyes locked in a passionate embrace. The look in my dad's eyes said it all. He wanted me now, and it did not matter if I was willing to give it up freely or not.

Our lips met while daddy removed my white blouse. Our tongues rolled around in each other's mouth, while daddy worked his hands slowly down my neck and letting rest on my breast. Reaching around and undoing my black bra daddy watched as my breast came tumbling out.

Taking them in his large hands, he began to play with my hard erect black nipples, kissing the, taking each one of them in his mouth one at a time. The sensation of my daddy's hands running all over my body was such a turn on as I felt my pussy grow wetter and wetter.

Breaking our kiss, daddy stood me up beside the bed, he unzipped my jeans slipping his hand inside my panties, and he froze as he felt my pussy for the first time. Daddy ordered me to completely get undressed, I did as I was told however, I noticed that daddy' mood had suddenly changed; he seemed to be upset about something.

When I removed my panties I could see the disgust on his face as he gripped me by my hand and lead my down the hall into the bathroom, daddy order me to lie down on the floor while he grabbed his shaven cream and razor.

Dad knelt down spreading my legs open; he spread cold shaving cream all over my cunt, shaving every inch of hair from my virgin pussy.

"I have never gone down on a woman with hair all over her pussy, that's just nasty." Daddy explained.

Once dad finished shaving me, he continued to explore my young body. Lying there on the bathroom floor, I was completely exposed to my father's wishes. Daddy knelt in front of my open gate, he began by kissing my inter thighs, first one and then the other.
Kissing his way down my flat tummy daddy soon found the top of my cunt, kissing my freshly shaved kitty daddy worked his way down to the opening of my love hole. Daddy's fingers began to fondle my pussy lips spreading them apart, my passion was aroused as his tongue gets its first taste of my sweet love juice. I lay in the bathroom floor while my father's tongue began to manipulate my clit, the sensation of my daddy being the first to eat my pussy was so delightful that I lost sense of all time.

Daddy pulled out of my pussy long enough to remove his robe. The sight of my daddy standing nude in front of me was the greatest thing that I had ever seen. Daddy was about six foot tell with broad shoulders and rippling muscles. A man in his early fifties daddy had deep pearl blue eyes, with slightly graying blond hair. His god like body was more then I could have hoped for as I got my first look at his six inch pleasure tool.

"I want to take you sweet cherry, is that ok with you sweetheart?' Daddy said

With out a word I shook my head to let him know that I was indeed ready. Daddy got on top of me while taking one of my tits in his mouth, as he guides the head of fully erect cock inside my young pussy. The minute daddy's dick was inside me he did not hold back. He started plowing all six inches of his manhood into my tiny little fuck hole.

I screamed not so much out of pain, but out of the pure pleasure that I was feeling, as daddy pumped my pussy with all the pinned up rage that he felt every since my mother left. Daddy fucked me for nearly an hour as the first wave of pure joy hit my body, sending me close to the edge ecstasy. When dad had finished he pulled his bloody penis out of me and told me to take a shower and to meet him in his room when I finished.

Standing under the warm water, I tried to gather my thoughts about what had just happened. I had just had sex with my father. I knew that I could never tell anyone about dad and me, no one would understand about our special relationship. Not even my brothers could know, they would just say dad had raped me, they would never understand how much I had yearned for daddy's love. When I finished my shower I did as I was told, I wrapped myself in a towel and headed straight for daddy's room.

I knocked softly and I heard my dad's voice "come in sweetheart." I opened the door and walked in, dad was already in bed when he told me to come closer. I walked to the foot of the king sized bed that daddy had not shared with anyone in years. Standing in front of him with only a bedside table lamp for light, I knew that he no longer saw as his little girl, but he now saw me as a woman, because that is what had happened on the bathroom floor, he had made me his woman.

"How do you feel?" Dad asked me as he sat up in bed,

"I feel, I feel, I feel wonderful dad, I could not have imagined a better birthday present."

"That's great Christy, you see I told you that you were ready, but you know your birthday isn't over." dad said with a smile.
"You mean there's more?"

"Why don't you come over here?" Dad said as he pulled back the covers inviting me into his bed.

I walked over to my father as my towel tumbled to the floor. Daddy took my hand and warmly welcomed me into his bed. Daddy and I made love again, only this time the rage was gone. My father was a wonderful lover, he was very gently with me the second time we were together.

After dad took me a third time, he said that he had another surprise for me. He got up an walked over to the door, he opened it, he whispered to someone; however I could not see whom dad was talking to, until he stepped back and my older brother Jason walked into the room.

The look on Jason's face when he walked in and saw me in our dad's bed was not what I had expected. Jason walked over to my side of the bed, while dad hung out by the door and watched the interaction between my brother and myself. Leaning over Jason engaged me in a long slow very sensual kiss. I was shocked but at the same time very turned on.

"I understand that you give dad some of that sweet pussy you been saving, how about giving me some of your sweetness?"

Before I could answer, Jason pulled down the sheet that was covering me, I was lying flat on my back and I could only see dad in the dark shadows of the room.

"My god look at that, damn dad is that as good as it looks?" Jason asked as he held the sheet that once covered my nude body.

"Son I have had some good pussy in my time, but your sister has got the sweetest piece of black pussy I have ever had." I heard daddy say as he took a seat in his old easy chair.

I saw Jason lick his lips as he began to undress, taking off his shirt and undoing his pants, but not removing them. Jason joins me in our father's bed. Jason gets on top of me and starts kissing me, his hand was between my legs slowly massaging my pussy. I could feel my brother's hard on through his pants.

"Son before you stick your hard prick into your sister, let's see how well our girl can suck cock." Daddy said

Jason complied with my dad's request by getting on his knees and unzipping pants and letting his nine inch cock break free. When I first saw it I was somewhat afraid, it was not due to the fact that Jason was bigger then dad, but it was that I had never done anything like this is I was a bit nervous. However, dad and Jason assured me that I had nothing to fear.

I opened my mouth as my brother traced the outer edges of my mouth with his huge cock. It was not only long but it was round and meaty. At first, I only took a small portion a little bit past the head ; I could feel Jason's growing excitement as he slowly guided his hard prick in and out of my mouth.

"Yes that's it sis, oh you dirty little slut, that's it suck my dick." I heard Jason say as he held the back of my head in place.

It did not take long for me to have al nine inches in my mouth; before I realized that I was actually enjoying the feeling of my brother's long delicious cock on my mouth; the feel of Jason fucking my face was as delightful as it comes. Jason had to struggle hard not to cum in my mouth, but somehow he managed to hold himself back.

"It's time." Dad told Jason as he pulled out of my mouth, pushing back down on the bed Jason spreads my legs and mounted me, he shoved his white meaty cock into my juicy black pussy.

" Oh yes Jason fuck me, that's it big brother fuck me hard, oh yes harder, harder, harder." I yelled.

Jason granted my request; fucking me it a state of erotica joy. First daddy and Jason, never in my wildest dreams could I ever have imaged my eighteenth birthday going like this.

Once Jason left the room daddy sat on the side of the bed, I felt him watching me as I lay there basking in the memory of my father and brother's love. About fifteen minutes had passed when I heard another knock on the door.
""Come in." Dad said as the door swung open, standing there was my twenty-year old brother Jack.

Jack walked into the room with his entire swagger intact. Jack was a tall lanky red head kid who was always so cock sure of himself. Of all three of my brothers it seemed that Jack and I never really seemed to hit it off. I think it because our father left his mom for my mom. Jack was completely naked as he walked towards me, while jacking off.
Jack walked over to me and pulled me up to my feet Jack turned me around, his hands roamed up and down my back until they came to rest on my tight firm ass.

"We'll I hear you are beginning to earn your keep around here." He said as he pushed his hard cock up against my ass.

"I know what you're thinking son and the answer is no." My dad said firmly

"Dad come on just this one time?" Jack pleaded.

"I said no boy, now we agreed, so if you want some pussy you had better get it right now.""

Jack pulled me over to a chair sitting down he planted me on top of his erect penis. Jack began to bounce me up and down on his rock hard rod, going deeper and deeper onto my pussy with every stroke. Daddy watched for a while and then he walked over to us

"Oh baby your so beautiful, ye baby ride that big dick." Dad said as he leaned over and licked my hard brown nipples, while I continued to ride Jack's rock hard cock.
Jack reached around my waist to stroke my clit, making me howl with pleasure. Between dad and Jack I felt my body was about erupt as I reached climaxes. Daddy pulled me off of Jack and shoved me back on the bed, spreading my legs dad entered my body again while Jack forced his hard throbbing cock into my mouth.

While daddy fucked the shit out of me for the fourth time that night; Jack pumped his six inch dick in and out of my mouth. Thee feel of having both my mouth and my pussy fucked at the same time was nothing short of fantastic. Both dad and Jack came almost at the same time, daddy shot the first load into my hungry pussy while Jack shot his sweet creamy stuff into my mouth.

After Jack left I went to clean up, the thought of having my father and two of my brothers was so unbelievable. It was as if I were outside of my body looking down on a family that I didn't know but at the same time this was my family and I was so glad to be a part of

When I walked back I to dad's room I found my eighteen-year old brother Jake waiting. I looked around for dad but he was nowhere to be found.

"Come on in sis I'm not going to bite you."

I walked over too my youngest brother knowing that I would have to give him the same amount of pleasure that I have giving to my father and two brothers. Jake reached out taking my hand and pulling me close, he took me in his arms and begins to caress my brown skin.

"Oh baby you feel so good." He said as his hands began to explore soft caramel body.
Jake started kissing me while his hand found my smooth bare pussy so inviting. Jake backed me up against the wall and started finger fucking my pussy, while at the same time his tongue found its way to my golden brown nipples.

Jake and I crawl into our father's bed where Jake gave me every inch of his divine sexy body. Jake seven inch dick seemed to be perfect for me, as he glides his cock in and out of my sweet young pussy.

"Oh my fucking god Jake fuck me, fuck me harder, harder!" I yelled.

Jake comply with my every wish as we rocked my dad's bed, Jake was fucking me so good that we did not notice when dad and Grandpa Al had come into the room. The two were standing at the end of the bed enjoying the show that my brother and I were putting on for them, when Jake saw dad and grandpa he stopped before either one us came.

"No please don't stop, my god the way that you two were going at, it was amazing." Dad said as he and grandpa stood looking down and smiling.

"Ye she's got an amazing pussy." Jake said as he climbed back on top of me.

Jake and I started going at it again; Jake fucked me for nearly twenty minutes when he said that he wanted me to suck his dick, while he ate my pussy. Jake and I got into the sixty-nine position in order to give each other the maximum amount of pleasure.

The feel of Jake's young strong dick in my mouth was so enjoyable; it was just the right sizes and textures. At one point I took in all six inches, the fullness of his cock was great that I nearly forgot that Jake was about fto go down on me.

I felt Jake's tongue swirl around my clit as he licked the walls of my sweet expanding pussy. Jake's excitement seem to grow as he drove his tongue deeper and deeper into my pussy hole. Jake then started to eat my pussy, actually biting, licking and chewing on my kitty.

When Jake and I were finished we got around of applause from dad and grandpa. When Jake left the room grandpa came over to where I was sitting on the side of the bed; He begin the smooth my soft brown hair with one hand while he started playing with my nipples with the other,

"My sweet little granddaughter is now a woman." He said as his hand began to roam my body.

"But you know that your birthday would not be complete until I give you my present." Grandpa said as he looked at dad and winked.

Grandpa was the only male in the house that had not fucked me so I knew what was coming. Grandpa stood me up reaching down grabbed a hand full of ass. I knew that grandpa always liked looking at my ass when ever I would walk by wearing a tight fitting pair of jeans I would always catch him taking an extra look.

"MMMM, son I can't tell you just how long I've waited for this, dam you got a nice ass." Grandpa said as he bent me over.

"How would you like it if I just fucked your pretty little ass right here and now?"
I saw grandpa unzip his pants and out popped the longest cock I had ever seen. Grandpa was nearly seventy years old, however he still had all his tools and from what I could see, everything still worked and worked well. Grandpa started rubbing his dick across my round tight ass.

Grandpa bent me over rubbing and squeezing my ass he pulled out a tube of lube cream, dabbing a little on his finger spreading my ass wide and sticking his finger up my ass, it was cold but I realized that the cream would help grandpa get his nine inch rod into my tight little hole.

Once grandpa lubricated my ass hole, it was time for the main event. Grandpa started slowly shoving his huge manhood deeper and deeper into my tight black ass. Once he was in, he started to pump his big dick in and out faster and faster.

It felt as if grandpa was going to rip my insides out. I screamed out in pain. However the louder I screamed the more excited grandpa got, he pumped my ass hole harder and harder with ever stroke. I noticed the look on daddy's face, I could tell that he was more the just a little excited at the sight if his old man banging the shit out of his daughter.
Daddy decided to join in when he walked over and shoved his hard erect dick into my mouth.

The feelings of sucking dad's cock on one hand while at the same time having my ass fucked by my grandpa gave me a great feeling of joy and power. It took grandpa a full thirty minutes to cum, and when he did, it gushed out and all over my round black ass.
"MMMMM, there is nothing like a good piece of black ass to get a man's juices going." Grandpa said as he kissed my forehead and left the room.

I collapsed across the bed while dad sat down beside me on the bed. He looked so pleased with the way my birthday surprise had turned out. After that night, there would be many nights that I would spend in my father's bed, and with my brothers and grandpa joining in in the fun it always seemed to b a great time of great family fun.

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