Chinese wife has sex with 2 friends

(Part 1 from 1)

We had been talking about having my wife have sex with several men whilst we have pillow talk to arouse us before having sex at night

During one of these chats Suchu said that such a session was sounding more apealing as she had seen a group sex video and it realkly turned her on and at a swing club we saw 1 lady with 4 men

Suchu wanted a private area not a swing club etc

We had 2 friends arriving from overseas and Suchu said if we could arrange a session she would take part on the basis that she started with them in another room and I joined later

The friends arrived and we had dinner and some drinks and the plan was that I pretended to go out for some more drinks and she would make it happen

I left the house with my heart pounding
Suchu had gone upstairs and returned to our 2 friends only wearing a black lace chamis, and with her sexy body and pointed nipples it would turn these guys on quickly

Suchu is 40 yeras old and weighs 45kilos and has a tremendously fit body and good breasts, dark nipples and a shaved pussy

The room lights were low and music playing and the drink effect kicking in!

Before they could focus on her nude body she had sat down between them

I crept back into the house and went into the spare bedroom

Suchu had got their attention and Peter and Mike felt Suchu's hand on their crotches

They were led to the super kingsize bed and all stripped off quickly

I looked through the slightly open door and saw both Peter and Mike at both ends, Peter was licking Suchu's tight pussy while Mike was fondling her breasts

I stripped and could not believe how hard I was and how turned on I was

Both then swapped positions and Peter then was ready for some oral on his thick black cock and Mike was rubbing his long cock against her pussy

Suchu asked to have a blindfold to see if she could guess which cock was inside her
Suchu went onto a doggy position and waited for the first cock which was Peter's thick black cock, which she guessed right. I came in slowly and winked to the guys and slid in and she said Mike and Mike said yes as we knew the secret

Peter re-entered and started pumping away, I slid underneath to get the taste of Suchu's cunt and Peter's pulsating cock
Mikew placed his dock into Suchu's hungry mouth

Suchu could now guess that I had arrived as my tongue licked her pussy while it was being fucked by a black cock that was very wide

This turned her on more as she knew 3 men were giving her attention

Peter shot gallons of cum into her pussy and some dripped down on my mouth as I was still under her pussy licking
Mike swapped places quickly and with long strokes pushed all the way in I could see the cum all over his cock left by Peter, this was wild

I slipped away from underneath and waited my turn
Mike the tensed up as he shot his load and pulled out slowy as Suchu's pussy was twitching
I slammed straight in and could feel all the warm cum and enjoyed the feeling and what I had just seen. I pumped all my cum into the well of cum already there and as i pulled out I could see all the juices flowing out

Suchu lay on her back well satisfied and awaited the next session...

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