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Cheerleader Gets Noticed

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Sandy was the instructor for the cheerleading squad. She was twenty-nine, with shoulder-length black hair. Her shadowy amber eyes were always shifting from one senior cheerleader to the next, seeking. The instructor was five-five, with muscular--but feminine--legs that were the color of rolling fields of wheat. Her tits were B-cups, and they filled out the light sweater she was wearing now as she watched her girls doing high leg kicks. She's been with plenty of men, but always wanted a juicy pussy in her mouth.

Laura was the head cheerleader, and she was practicing splits right in front of Sandy on the sweet-smelling lawn. Laura didn't notice that the teacher was paying close attention to her long legs as they formed an "I" on the grass. The grass was tickling her cunt as she started to get up; she let her pom-poms drop to the ground.
Laura was eighteen, and had the body of it. Blonde hair grew long out of the top of her head (now it was back in a pony-tail). Her breasts were bouncy and large as she jumped up and down, all the while Sandy was checking her out. The school cheerleading uniform consisted of the short, red- and white-striped skirt, a matching top with "Tigers" printed across the chest, and knee-high socks. 

"Okay, that's it for today. Hit the showers girls," Sandy shouted over the girls' screaming. She watched as Laura picked up her pom-poms, and went to join her friends. Laura loved to wet down her body as she watched the water drip over her team-mates' shaved pussies. She would then go home, and use her ten-inch dildo on herself.

Sandy walked over to Laura, and put her hand on the younger girl's shoulder. "Hold it a minute. Can I see you in my office?"
"Sure Ms. Christin," the cheerleader bubbled with a smile on her face.

They entered the office, and Sandy locked the door behind them. Laura was wondering why, as Sandy sat in front of her on a small chair. She was wearing very skimpy shorts, and sometimes you could get a view of her panties, or, if she wasn't wearing any, her sweet mound of vagina. Laura took a chair opposite her instructor, and didn't cross her legs as she sat down; they were glistening with perspiration, running in rivulets down into the tops of her socks. 
"I wanted to talk to you about your cheering. I saw something today that I couldn't stop thinking about since."
"Whatever it is, I'll try harder! I don't want to be kicked off the squad."

"No,no,no, it's not that," Sandy uncrossed her legs without haste, to show her bald pussy to her student--if she looked. And Laura did, briefly. The sweat-shorts shifted, and one end caught a slick lip. It got stuck for a second, and Sandy said, "Oh, excuse me, I'm so embarrassed." She reached down, and pulled the fabric back over her exposed twat.

"Anyway. I noticed, while you were doing your high kicks, that your tights were stuck inside you. You were all puffed out, and I could see the line that your, um, pussy made."
"Whu-what's the problem? Is there something wrong with me?" the innocent young girl asked.
"No, darling girl! There's absolutely nothing wrong with you. It just looks like you need some relief's all. Tell me, when was the last time you had sex?"

Laura's mind was almost in a vertigo state at what was happening. She felt a little uncomfortable, but sick thoughts bounced around her head like basketballs. "A month ago. It was excellent!" She felt her inhabitions relinquish the choke-hold on her throat. "His dick was so big, I bled a little. But I came like I never did before."

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Sandy felt her snatch pulse between her legs, and a drop of slippery juice escaped its confines. "That's good, dear, good. But, if you wouldn't mind, can you rest your legs on the arm of the chair, and show me your plump pussy? I think you need a different kind of love."

Laura figured "why not?", and spread her legs open. Her skirt was settled around her waist, and her knee-high socks were pulled almost half-way up her shimmering thighs. "Do you like what you see, Ms. Christin?" Sandy couldn't shift her gaze from what she saw. The fabric from the tights was swallowed up between this young girl's huge, juicy pussy. A slight line of moisture was clearly visible along the folds.

Sandy caressed her upper lip, and responded, "Yes Laura, I love it. Can you pull those aside and give me a full view of your in-need cunt?"
Laura waisted no time, and brought her hand down, and drew the cloth over. The labia and clit were red, and there was no hair to be found on Laura's hot-box. Sandy gasped, "WOW! I've never in my life saw a pussy that was so plump! You definitely need my kind of cure. But first, I wanna show off my snatch. You'll like it."

Sandy ripped the leg part of her shorts over, exposing herself to her cheerleader. Laura brought her eyes down, and focused on the soaked skin. She was bare as well; her clit wagged back and forth from the force that Sandy pulled her shorts over. Sandy rubbed a finger along the slit, collecting all of the cum she could muster, and inserted it into her mouth. "Mmmmmm, that's good. You'll love the taste of my drippig cunt, so why don't we get together in a 69. I'll lick you, and you'll lick me, and we'll both be happy at the same time." 

Sandy layed down on the thick rug of her office. She removed her top, and her breasts didn't even flatten out as she rested on her back. She kept her shorts on; she always thought sex was better with some clothes on. Laura rose from her chair, and positioned her cunt over Sandy's face. She lowered herself down onto her instructor. As Laura layed her cheek on Sandy's pubic region, they both inhaled the fragrance of each other. 
Sandy pulled the fabric that was covering the cheerleader's cunt to the side, and sighed again as she stared at the enormous heap of vaginal flesh. She licked up, and up, and up the swell of cunt. She sucked in every bit of skin as she could, as some liquid was dribbling out of the hot pussy. "Ooooh, yeah," she moaned. "I like that, bitch. Keep sucking my slit. Yeeaaahhh, that's it. Stick a few fingers in me; whatever's left, jam in my ass." Sandy sucked the pussy that was so in need of a female-given orgasm, as Laura "hmmmmmd" into her pink folds of womaness.

Sandy and Laura, both, used their hands to pry open each others crevasses, as they indulged in forbidden delight. The first cunt to spurt juice was Laura's; jets of semen sprayed into the instructor's open mouth. She digested every drop. That was too much to handle, and Sandy told Laura that her gates were about to divulge themselves of her own flood. Laura was game, and she planted her full lips--with mouth stretched wide--over the pulsing cunt. Sandy screamed "Ohhhhh Yeeeaaahhhh, eat the cum, whore" as beige female-cream shot out from her beating snatch. Laura held her mouth against the gyrating pussy, and loved how the pussy-wine felt as it hit the inside of her mouth. 

They both fell onto the floor, spent. Their faces were shining with cum, and they both were letting their breaths die down. Sandy looked at Laura, who started fingering her cunt ('This whore is never satisfied,is she! Laura thought), and said, "I'll bet your swollen pussy caved in a little, dear."
"Yes. Can we do this again, Ms. Christin? There's so much more I want to do to you."

Sandy swiped her hand across the open folds of her pussy flesh, and fed her new lover. "Don't worry. I have another idea for next week."
They both laughed as Laura slid her tongue all around the finges that were shimmering with cum.

To be cunt-inued....

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